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Tomorrow, Cadance will turn six hundred and forty eight. It's been a tough few years, but who doesn't look forward to their own birthday?

Cadance certainly will be, but first she's eager to share a dream with somepony close to her.

One thing is for certain: it will be an unforgettable night.

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Unless you decided to have Flurry Heart have siblings, Skyla shoudn't exist. With Luna being the p.o.v. caharcter, I couldn't make heads or tails of this history up till now.

Just that Twilight is still around, and that's about all I got that isn't Love butt related.

Twilight is still around, yes. The alicorns drifted apart somewhat over the centuries, which was made clear, and tend to have their own family units. As for Flurry? I've never written her or used her in writing. It's kinda apparent in the story. And yes, lots and lots of Lovebutt.

Thanks for reading!

aight, finna read this when I get home from dinner in a bit

I mean, this is true.

This is the best thing I've ever read from you. It honestly hurt my heart. Why'd you write me something so sad for my birthday, what the fuck?
I cannot wait for you to write more of this. Thank you.

Well, this was what I had to release. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm already working on the third chapter, so updates will flow. The second is just waiting to be released when I so choose.

If you think that this is the best thing I've written, oh boy~

My words have much in store for you.

It's the thing that has made me feel the most, honestly, and on top of that the way it's written is... pure perfection. There might be spelling errors or something at some point, but the emotion that it conveys in such little space, and how much time elapses in what is clearly just a few minutes, is honestly astonishing. Pls write more of this.

There will most certainly be more of this. I'm glad it made you feel feelings more than most feels.

And there's no spelling errors. I checked. > : (

I’m liking this so far! The first few paragraphs in particular were really good--the story had hardly started, and yet the identity of the narrator was established very concretely. And while I’ve always been a bit ambivalent towards the characters here, I think the moments that were meant to tug on the heartstrings did their job fairly nicely just the same :fluttercry:

Hoping to see more of this soon :twilightsmile:

There will be more soon! I'm glad that the writing was so effective too!

Hrm? Oh, there's nothing else.

Also, I've added the sad tag. Shit's gonna get sad, in case it wasn't obvious.

Don't you dare you fucker

Also, I really enjoyed this little chapter. It was so different than the last, in both tone and content. I can't wait to see where this thing goes. Or... maybe I can, if you do what I think you'll do.

S’added already yo.

For all that they drifted apart, I can't help but think these four still do love each other. Though I'm wondering what's going on between Cadance and Twilight that was mentioned last chapter.

I do have one question that doesn't go to the story. How did you get to use the cover art? I've asked the artist if I could, and they haven't given me an answer.


For all that they drifted apart, I can't help but think these four still do love each other. Though I'm wondering what's going on between Cadance and Twilight that was mentioned last chapter.

Yes and no, because it depends on the pair. Some still get along, others have long since broken away from one another, with nothing to be rekindled. Cadance still loves Twilight as a sister, and Twilight still loves Cadance as a sister. Luna does not regard Twilight as much beyond a naive child any longer, and hasn't for a long, long time. Cadance and Luna clearly still get along. Celestia's relationship with all of them is not touched upon in this one, nor is the conflict between Twilight and Cadance, though another story, Remember When, does have that. But it also takes place much later than this one.

As for the art? The artist isn't one that gives any kind of warning against using their art, or a request not to. You don't really need to ask so long as you credit them.

For a time, we share this tranquility... until the alarming moment when all the dreamscape fell away before I even had the chance to call her name.

Don't fucking do it. Don't you do it, Ice.


i like the fact that the chapter title in the url is agp

pan/polyam cadence is my hc u can't change my min d

also also
i s2g don'T DO THI S


pan/polyam cadence is my hc u can't change my min d

straight monogamous cady is mine~


Naht my Cadance.

i'll read this at some point, no bulli

What a nice planet.

Man..... You made an amazing thing..... God this reminds of this one story comic where Twilight passes away in her sleep at the canterlot library. Spike being the one finding her as he's older, and..... just this scene here that I know is spoilers but I don't care, it makes me cry everytime. (I struggled to answer, my throat seizing up as I rubbed her mane, my tears dripping on her neck. “I don’t know if I can,” I gasped between snotty sniffs as the light and colors dwindled away. “Life... it just seems so... worthless!” I clutched her as if my life depended upon it. “How can I live when everyone I love has been taken from me? Over and over. Again and again. It’s just too damn much!”

“Shhhh,” she said, her cheek against my chest. “It’ll be okay. Life can be hard, and painful, and lonely... but it can also be... wonderful… if given the chance...” she said, her voice becoming more and more indistinct as the light passed away. “Live, Blackjack. Live... and make it better...”

The last shreds of light vanished from the sky, till nothing remained. Nothing at all.


I held her tightly in my embrace, even though she was gone. My magic killed the alarm sounding from the bedside equipment. Still I held her limp, bandaged form. It didn’t quiver in pain. Her pain was over. She was gone. I don’t know how long it was before I could finally release her. I kissed her bandaged brow and whispered softly, “I love you.” Only then could I bear to pull away from her. Glory was... don’t think about it...

Don’t think. Don’t feel. Do what you have to do. Dignity. Poise. Be a Princess. Cool. Stand upright. Don’t slouch. Don’t weep. Chin up. Lip stiff. Remember what your sister told you: when all others have lost their self-control, you must retain yours.)

Oough, fuck me, that hurt. Tbh I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
Man, fuck you, I knew this was gonna happen.

You son of a bitch, you killed her!

In the Crystal Palace, the form of my dear friend slept alone in her bed too, sheets bunched up on the other side. I knew they would be white or blue. They always were. Cady always hugged them close, too.

This chapter does a great job of conveying subtle emotion and detail. These passages are one of the best examples of it.

Our roots were all tangled, and we were better off divided and forming our own families as time went on. I certainly was; they are my respite.

Stepping out of Celestia's shadow seems to be a theme in your 'verse for the other alicorns. Also, I see what you did there.

Great worldbuilding here, albeit in an unconventional way. Cadance not being fully immortal and thus declining mentally and physically makes sense. There's a almost wistful yet beautiful sadness here during the figure-creation sequence. It made for a soothing read.

So much vivid description in this one. Whereas the last chapter had a sad, yet wistful air to it, this one was very colorful and playful. Cadance being truly free and still full of wonder in her dreams is such a cute sight to see. Flying scenes can be difficult, but the one you've painted here is absolutely beautiful. :heart:

One of the coolest things about reading your stories is seeing how the characters grow over time. Luna being so open about her asexuality, and talking so freely and openly with Cadance about love, is such a stark contrast between their dynamic in things like Love<3Less. (I think that's how you'd write it out? You know what I mean.) And, as always, you sprinkle in such delicious headcanon/worldbuilding (like the bits about alicorns usually mating for life, with other alicorns) that it makes reading your work even more of a delight. :twilightsmile:

I guess I needed to cry today.

This was beautiful. :heart:

Sorry, that's all I got. Good job.


Also, I see what you did there.

I don't believe your conspiracies.

One of the coolest things about reading your stories is seeing how the characters grow over time.

This is basically my favorite thing too. It's just that the stories where the vast majority of this growth takes place still haven't been revised and I await the day they're all done and print-ready. I can't believe you were able to get so much from this and the other short stories w/o having read the main stuff. Especially because you've essentially skipped out on experiencing Sombra (so far).

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