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Alaska-based lover of all things Britain. Proud owner of a Soviet tanker helmet. Author of both "Mares und Panzer" and "Stroll", which I'd more than love you for if you checked out! Panzer vor!


The world as we know it was on the brink of war fifteen years ago. Tensions were high, government officials had been assassinated, and Equestria, Griffonia, Zebrica, and many other countries were teetering on the edge of global conflict. At the last second, however, an armistice was set forth, and peace showed up just in time. This consequently led to the now troublesome presence of the new wartime inventions, ranging from the deadly machine guns, to, as countless as they were, the battle-ready tanks.

The research and time spent working on such vehicles would be a waste ending up simply scrapped... so the rulers of the world all thought up one thing. A sport, you could call it, waged every year across the globe, with no boundaries, no real rules, and lots and lots of explosions.

Duck Bill never liked being born into a family of Tank Warudo warriors, and, honestly, she didn't really like the idea of Tank Warudo in the first place, but if her entrance into this year's competition meant a long overdue victory for the Ponyville Horsepowers, she could handle a crew of boneheads for awhile.

Thanks to my good pal jeramiahsental_2 for being a consultant on all things tank! Thanks buddy! Panzer vor!

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I was wondering about that random tank post. This sounds like fun, specifically the idiots and explosions.

Big deadly panzers!:pinkiecrazy: Panzer vor!

Hoo boy, She just can't escape her past....

I'm really loving how you're blending the Girls und Panzer story with the characters you made! Keep it up!

I fully intend to! I've got a BUNCH of stuff planned for this one! :heart:

I've got the biggest grin on my face. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much! :heart:

I'm loving this story more and more, I'm really wishing that I could keep smashing that upvote button!

Wouldn’t be fillys und panzer?


Well, I think it's more Mares because it's not just teenagers that can join Tank Warudo like it is in the show. Plus Fillies has two syllables and Mares has one, so it sounds better at least in my dumb opinion.


I wish you could too! It would really help it in the long run!

Ah makes sense. I’m assuming that they won’t be using any panzers, unlike GUP?

Oh there are Panzers all right. I've already laid out all the gimmicks each team has, like how Saunders is America and St. Gloriana is Britain. So tanks won't be region locked.

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