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The world as we know it was on the brink of war fifteen years ago. Tensions were high, government officials had been assassinated, and Equestria, Griffonia, and essentially the rest of the entire Earth was teetering on the edge of global conflict. At the last second, however, an armistice was set forth, and peace showed up just in time. This consequently led to the now troublesome presence of the new wartime inventions, ranging from the deadly machine guns, to—as countless as they were—the battle-ready tanks.

The research and time spent working on such vehicles would be a waste ending up simply scrapped... so the leaders of the world all thought up one thing. A sport, you could call it, waged every year across the globe, with no boundaries, no real rules, and lots and lots of explosions.

Duck Bill never liked being born into a family of Tank Warudo warriors, and, honestly, she didn't really like the idea of Tank Warudo in the first place, but if her entrance into this year's competition meant a long overdue victory for the Ponyville Horsepowers, she could handle a crew of boneheads for awhile.

Thanks to my good pal Phoenix of Aurelius for being a consultant on all things tank! Thanks buddy! Panzer vor!

Those cute little tanks in the cover art are also shamefully lifted from the Tanks Encyclopedia! Please go and show them some love. They work really hard, and have unknowingly helped me immensely!

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Comments ( 61 )

I was wondering about that random tank post. This sounds like fun, specifically the idiots and explosions.

Hoo boy, She just can't escape her past....

I'm really loving how you're blending the Girls und Panzer story with the characters you made! Keep it up!

I fully intend to! I've got a BUNCH of stuff planned for this one! :heart:

I've got the biggest grin on my face. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much! :heart:

I'm loving this story more and more, I'm really wishing that I could keep smashing that upvote button!

Wouldn’t be fillys und panzer?


Well, I think it's more Mares because it's not just teenagers that can join Tank Warudo like it is in the show. Plus Fillies has two syllables and Mares has one, so it sounds better at least in my dumb opinion.


I wish you could too! It would really help it in the long run!

Ah makes sense. I’m assuming that they won’t be using any panzers, unlike GUP?

Oh there are Panzers all right. I've already laid out all the gimmicks each team has, like how Saunders is America and St. Gloriana is Britain. So tanks won't be region locked.

Thank you so much!

I think I made some good choices with the leading tanks!

Hmm... So the tank Duck Bill will be commanding is that tank that can drive without its tracks, right? Because I remember that bit from the movie.

So, Christie Suspension is a British-made method of suspension that they pioneered. It was meant to be able to have the tank it was attached to have the ability to go near a battlefield on its wheels alone so as to not uselessly wear its tracks, and THEN they'd put the tracks back on. Christie is a great invention, but the axles and extra parts that go with it are why the Comet is so cramped up.

The Finnish BT-42 in the movie, which is what you're referring to, was actually a TERRIBLE hybrid of nations. American engine, the British Christie suspension, a Russian chassis, British gun, and German ammo.

Duck will be commanding one of these.

Correction: Christie suspension, named after J. Walter Christie, the person who designed it, was originally made by an American. When the US Army refused to use his tank designs, he sold them to the USSR and the UK, where the design would be modified and improved, leading to the T-34 and the cruiser series of tanks. Interestingly, Poland also wanted to buy a license to produce tanks with Christie suspension, but the deal fell through before it could be finalised.

Ouch, I just got screwed.

Thanks though! I didn't know that!

Eh. It's not an overly big deal. I mostly know about it because I've got a book, originally published in 1933 containing rather detailed information on the various Christie designs. Out of curiosity, though. Are you planning on changing the team compositions for all the teams in this story?


Confused what you mean by composition though. Elaborate?

What I mean is which tanks will be used by a given team, like how in the first battle against, Gloriana used 4 Matilda II Mk II tanks and one Churchill Mk VII.

Oh yeah, all of those are totally changed. I actually made sure there weren't any shared tanks, or, at LEAST no shared lead tanks.

In fact, there are a lot of tanks not even SEEN in the show on the different teams, looking at my notepad now.

Okay, suddenly my interest in this particular story is increased. In case you're wondering, the main reason I asked was because I figured sending Matildas against a Tiger would not end particularly well.

I think it's less the tanks involved than the individuals USING it.


Well, the people using the tanks are always interesting, but I do also enjoy seeing somewhat obscure tank designs being brought up.

Honestly, if this is any indication of how you'll be writing future combat scenes in this story, consider me even more excited. However, I do have one problem, although I'm not certain if it's just me being idiotic. What does this:

apparently Graham-moaning

On another note, if you want to go for obscure tanks, might I recommend the initial prototype for the AC 4 Thunderbolt? This was an australian design to test if the chassis could handle the recoil of a QF 17-pdr. They did this by mounting two Short QF 25-pdr gun/howitzers in the turret.

That might supposed to be "Graham-moan-inciting" or something rather.

I remember looking at that tank earlier this week. Looks promising. I'll do some research!

Geez, Duck Bill's having it rough....

But you did that tank battle perfectly! Although that field repair bit came as a surprise for me, nice bit of improvising there!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I worked myself DEAD TIRED writing it all the way through in one sitting.

I don't know whether to punch or outright send Duck Bill's mother flying....

I was honestly shaking the whole time I was writing it myself.

Sorry this one took such a while!

I'd personally go for 'shoot with a tank gun, ideally the largest damn gun mounted onto a tank'

I genuinely reaaaaaally love writing her character. I'd actually planned for Graham to be more of the cute one (which I guess is more an opinion thing) but I can't help but d'awwww at Duck every time.

Love all these little horses.

I honestly like Duck's character myself, as some of her feelings I can sympathize with. I never enjoy seeing people getting bullied, which makes me glad she has friends like Flurry to help her.

Was genuinely worried the outcome would be negative, but I'm glad to see it slightly wrong!

We return to our regularly scheduled panzers next time. :twilightsmile:

Awesome work as always! And now we know who they're going up against (Gloriana's proxy for this story), so this should be interesting!

(Btw, do you play World of Tanks or World of Tanks Blitz? If so,what tier?)

I actually brave the bias and exclusively grind in War Thunder. Got a Tiger E for Germany and the Centurion for Britain.

Nice! I actually recently hit Tier VII on Blitz with the American branch (T29)


First, this anime ruined my favorite old song (Katusha), and now it ruins tanks and ponies.

No. This is where I put my foot down!

I really oughta play the newer Wolfensteins just to bask in German engineering. You've picked a good side to back, mein Kommandant.

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