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There are two lives: the life you live before you see a unicorn, and the life you live after.


After being blacklisted by the CIA, what's a group of freelance intelligence operatives to do? Why, sell sentient pony holograms of course.

A Crossover with FX's Archer, taking place immediately after season six for both shows.

Chapters (3)
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I certainly didn't see the crossover coming, but I love what you're doing with it, especially Pinkie. Looking forward to more.

I've only ever read two other incomplete Archer crossovers on this site. I'm glad you're one of the select few to take initiative :moustache:

So much fun to read in their respective voices, too :rainbowlaugh:

Oh my, this in an unexspected but delightful crossover and i could so see Archer being fan of the show.

I also liked the existential dread. Watching the Mane Six plus Spike, as their lifes crumble around them that was absolutely hilarious!

Will this story have lots of sex in it, as Archer does?

Thank you for making this. I did not know I wanted it but now I can not live without it.

Finally! The prophecy has come to pass! I love this :pinkiehappy:


You've certainly got my attention. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the MLP and Archer characters interact with each other.

It’s alive!

great job archer you just killed rainbow

Goodness, I just enjoy reading this in the character's respective voices. It also reminds me that Season 9 of Archer starts next week. So stoked :rainbowdetermined2:

Wait, it does?! Sweet!

Huh. Well.

Let's call this a mixed bag in terms of human-AI interaction thus far.

8872918 Yeah, check out this trailer.

I had a feeling Barry was gonna be involved the moment that 'familiar voice' popped up.

Poor Ray. This was a definite 'roll credits' closer :rainbowlaugh:

"Thank you. And actually, the show has a surprisingly active fanbase in Russia," said Barry. "The same guys who built my body got me into it. They've been working on a Sweetie Bot in their spare time for a while."

Excellent reference.

So finding this in the hole, was a really good find. I’m certainly up for more with this.. and the fact that the main cast just broke the ice to them ponies. Seeing how I watched 8 SEASONS of Archer, their voices are easily slotted in to this story.

Just a question though, is this a different version of Archer? I’m sure in-fact, that the show is set somewhere in the late 90’s because the computers in the show look like Commodore 64’s and the fact that technology is less abundant in that time, I mean seriously, their phones are like Nokia ES1’s and the closest smartphone they have is a SAT Phone.

"Her family's huge for a reason," quipped Rainbow. "And I'm gay, obviously."

Huge. And Rainbow Dash’s preference is a smart? One?

"Thank you. And actually, the show has a surprisingly active fanbase in Russia," said Barry. "The same guys who built my body got me into it. They've been working on a Sweetie Bot in their spare time for a while."

We’re doomed! Russia has an active unicorn cyborg!

But uh, good job on this story. I agree that the last chapter isn’t as more effortive as the others, but it’s still half-humorous to read.

As it wound to a close, the ponies talked amongst themselves, still processing how much love and support they'd gotten without knowing until now. Malory, Pam, Krieger, and Cyril counted their earnings, bouncing plans for their future endeavors back and forth. Lana, however, stared off into space. She couldn't help but feel like they were forgetting something important...

~ Meanwhile, many miles away ~

Outside a hospital, a man sat in a wheelchair, glaring angrily into the distance. The overcast sky and loitering elderly people perfectly captured his current mood.

"Dammit, where the hell is everyone?" exclaimed Ray.


Well, that largely went better than expected.

Also, since this chapter involved discharging a firearm, would that make it the... danger zone? :trollestia:

In any case, wonderfully insane crossover. Thank you for it.

Now noticing Applejack was no longer visible, Pam peeked under the table to check on her. "Uh, are you ok?"


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