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Rarity has always prided herself as being a generous mare, but ever since the debacle with the Friendship Journal's publication, she has felt the need to send gifts or help to ponies she wronged in the past. The degree to which she acts generously may be excessive, but Rarity knows that it'll be for the greater good. Maybe she can rebuild her damaged reputation, but like most situations, generosity comes first.

When she tasks herself with helping the Wonderbolts, Rarity has no other choice but to perform one of her least favorite activities. It's the worst possible thing, but it's also the best opportunity to show the world how much she truly cares for other ponies, even if that means subjecting herself to something genuinely awful in the process.

It just won't be a clean process.

An entry for the Barcast's Make Rarity Not Garbage contest.

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Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I liked reading this. Rarity’s voice shone through the prose and everyone appeared to be in character to me. I also really like how the story played out.

Good luck in the contest!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for checking out the story and for the compliment. I highly appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

Not enough Granny Smith or Twicane.

No matter the story, there's never enough Granny Smith and Twicane. :raritywink:

Okay, this story was so totally Rarity I imagined myself reading her lines in Tabitha's actual voice. That's how good it was with nailing her character!:twilightsmile::raritystarry:

Recently, I've tried imagining how the characters would sound if their voice actors read the dialogue, so I'm glad to see it has worked out. Rarity was so much fun to write. Anyway, thank you for checking out the story and for the compliment! :twilightsmile:

Hehe, naughty Rarity, you liiiike her. Ogling Spitfire's flank like that!

That's definitely one way of looking at the situation. Anyway, thank you for checking out the story. :pinkiesmile:

Oh! Congrats on the feature box!

Thank you! It was fun thinking of different responses to the prompt. :twilightsmile:

hey where did you get that image of rarity? it's really nice, is it fan art or from the movie or something?

It's cropped concept art for the movie that I found on Derpibooru, and since Rarity was covered in filth, I thought it was fitting given the story's content. However, the artwork is from a deleted scene, so it's not exactly a spoiler. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :twilightsmile:

I can not deal with the concept art for the movie. It's SO GOOD. UGH.

:twilightoops: Spike! Stop that this instant!
:moustache: I'm just doing what she asked me to do
:twilightangry2: Stop it now!
:pinkiehappy: But he said it was yummy!
:ajsmug: He is doing a bang up job there...too...
:duck: It's only garbage darling
:twilightangry2: Spike stop licking her!
:moustache: Aw come on Twi....
:facehoof: I'm not going to say it...

and she prepared for another round of melodrama. But given that she wasn't home, 

You have been known to summon that fainting couch thing out of thin air - I seem to remember you 'fainting' on it out at the park during Lesson Zero.
So no - don't even go there, Rarity; you have access to hammercouchspace.
Just like :pinkiehappy: and :moustache: (melting a giant block of ice, then pulling an umbrella from somewhere in front of him, yet when the camera pans out there's absolutely nothing there?) have their own spaces.

Oh, and don't forget human Rarity, able to pull a full clothes rack or two from nowhere, despite living in a world only now being introduced (or reintroduced, maybe) to magic.
The heroines fall down a trapdoor into a locked room? No biggie - outfits here for everyone!

Yeah, the show's use of hammerspace can be humorous, though I prefer avoiding that trope in written stories unless we're dealing with a character like Pinkie or Discord. It's best as a visual gag in my opinion. Anyway, thank you for checking out the story. I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

Straightforward, short and simple. Nicely written piece, I can easily imagine this being made into an episode :raritywink: However, I think that if that happened, it'd be a pity. You do really great on writing detailed descriptions and turning this into an animation would take most of that details away :ajsmug:

Anyhow, you do really great on writing both Rarity and Rainbow, watching the former do such a dirty job was almost like reading a funny thriller. Furthermore, you proposed a solution for the Friendship Journal affair, something the show more or less failed to do. That's one plus point for you!

Thank you for this amusing read! :twilightsmile:

When I first read the prompt, having a story that called back to "Fame and Misfortune" seemed like a natural fit, and I could totally see Rarity using her generosity in response to what happened in that episode. Anyway, thank you for looking at the story and for the compliments. I highly appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

Yeah, she seems indeed like the best fit. You are welcome! :twilightsmile:

This was so nice! Rarity's characterization was on point and it's just so fun to read a story from her pov, keep it up!

Thank you for the compliment and for checking out the story! I highly appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

8426031 Next episode, Pinkie Pie figures out how to use Hammertime...


Well-written Rarity, smooth pacing, and a touch of humor for a short, very SoL piece made this nice light reading. Not bad!

I enjoyed reading the story. The way your writing portrayed Rarity and Sweetie Belle throughout the story made me feel like I was watching them on TV. It was perfect! :)

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