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Another side story to Starlight over Detrot: A noir tale by Chessie

Hearts and Hooves day: A period for the celebration of love, romance, a time to appreciate those most special to you. From the modest passing of heart-shaped cards between foals in a small town schoolhouse, to the flamboyant parades and revelry in the heart of the Crystal Empire. The city of Detrot is no different when love is in the air. Couples going off for a walk in the park, a picnic under the stars, a time of wordy cards, poetry, chocolate dipped roses going for exorbitant prices. A regular holiday in the city.

For the officers of the Detrot Police Department, it's a little bit different. Sure, there's the occasional shop theft, perhaps a drunken assault to file, accidental love poisonings between immature teens, but it seems even criminals have their loved ones. And for Equicide, the period is just plain boring.

For Hard Boiled and Juniper Shores, that means catching up on paperwork. So when news of a possible passion-fueled murder comes through so close to the holiday itself, well, even an open-and-shut case beats making sure your signature doesn't touch the line for 50 pages. But things are rarely ever so straightforward in the city, and on Hearts and Hooves the word "Love" can have many meanings.

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Comments ( 2 )

The rest of me sniggered at Quickie Cuddles’ use of the word “coming”. Or maybe that was just the literal foal in me.

Beneath that gruff exterior, Hardy has the playful heart of a a young colt. Literally.

I am curious as to what Scarlet's "surprise" is now. Should Hardy be worried? Knowing Scarlett, it could very well be the sort of thing that begins with "Make sure you have sufficient quantity of aloe vera on hoof" and end with "Avoid strenuous activity for at least 8 hours afterwards for recovery and to prevent chafing"

I very much appreciate what you’re doing with Hardy and Scarlet.

That being said, I’m also excited that you mentioned Hardy and Juniper working together in the (long) description. I look forward to whatever you have in store.

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