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Dragons are large. Dragons are mighty. Dragons are powerful.

And yet.

Written in like an hour and a half on 3 1/2 hours of sleep.

You're welcome, PresentPerfect.

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Do I want to know where Rainbow came from and what she was doing here?

This is going straight up my "to read" list.

Man what wasn't she doing there

Who is PresentPerfect, and why are you thanking him?

Goddamnit Twinkle.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Author Interviewer

This is everything I could have wanted. XD

I am me! >:V And because it is polite!


Princess Luna is having some fun with them?

Darn it, you took the joke I was going to make and stuck it in as the stinger. Now what am I supposed to say?

Oh yeah. Hilarious work in taking a throwaway line in a wonderfully absurd direction. Thank you for it.

This was astounding for being a quick write under near sleepless conditions! The tension built so well and Ember's inner logic was certainly on-spot. I'd honestly never guess you would've done such a work under the conditions you noted. You should be quite proud of this piece.

What I enjoyed the most was the finale. Where Ember wakes up to find out she is, more than likely, still in Ponyville. Perhaps giving a "Slumber Party" a try to see how they build friendships? Dash adding her two cents in at the very end put the cherry on top of a well done one shot.

Random Rainbow Dash is random. I am largely okay with this. :rainbowlaugh:

I think the answer to both your questions would be "Ember"

What! No flute? (:rainbowderp:)

Very good!

:moustache: Should I tell Ember ?
:duck: No my Spikey Wikey I'm sure it shall reach them by the proper channels
:trollestia: In deed it shall
:facehoof: No No no no no no no no

:derpytongue2: yes!

:trollestia: Who authorized this arranged marriage?

:moustache: duh...

At least it wasn't a nightmare about sheep.

All sheep are evil...

The last time there was a flute, it played Mask Off to a crowd of bronies in Baltimare...

Must be one of those nightmares where you wake up to a second, weirder nightmare. The next step would be Ember waking up to find a giant talking flower in her bed.

I think that would be a wet dream

Admittedly, Ember did seem a tad obsessed with getting deflowered. :moustache:

So many things to like about this one. :rainbowlaugh:

This was hilarious! thanks!

If you are trying to make sense of anything here, you are reading it wrong.

Ember awoke with a bloodcurdling, ear-piercing shout.

"That's it! No more gems and hard cider before bed."

... I'd ship it.

Dunno what I read, but I ship it! :raritystarry:

I hope I get a thousand followers one day. I'd love to write something in an hour, then still have it hit the feature list instead of fading into obscurity.

Hey, Ember, not every pony name is lights and glimmers and sparkles. (aside) Oh, hey, Twinkleshine. But seriously...

I guess she wouldn't have met Wild Fire yet, would she...

Ember: I know, right, it was... wait a minute, what are you doing here?
Rainbow: *shrugs* sometimes I like to sneak into your cave and sleep next to you.
Ember: ...whyyyyy?
Rainbow: Well, Tank's hibernating right now and a dragon's the only other thing awesome enough for me to sleep next to.
Ember: Damn straight!

this... just, what? :pinkiecrazy:

Damn right Dragons are cool Rainbow! Tell em like it is!:rainbowlaugh:

I just...what did I just read? What was up with that mysterious ending?! SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

Comedy, Random & Slice of Life... You're missing the "Horror" tag.


Rainbow:Tch...too young squirt
*Ember whispers something into rainbows ear*


*Zooms off*

Ember:That'll teach ponies to dispel the age magic after casting. Heh..wonder If I should tell Rarity about a certain issue the elders have been trying to levy against me...hmmm...

:rainbowlaugh: I love it!

She is being sprouted! Grim Fandango was great.

8402755 Clearly, Rainbow Dash was using her Pegasus mind-trick on Ember.

Because... I made that a thing now... :rainbowhuh:

Actually, we don't know from the story where Ember woke up, so I assumed Ember was visiting Ponyville. Perhaps this nightmare resulted from being exposed to the overly cute traditions of a sleepover? :trollestia:

That was quite funny. It never quite felt real, so I think the implication of a dream were implemented well enough, and, well, it was funny.

Overall, I really like the story.

I found myself listening to the theme of the Hallow from Terraria while reading this.

The early parts made me think of The Gift II: The Giftening from Wander Over Yonder. This was such a good read.

Torch's lines, though :rainbowlaugh:

Also thought of this...

You know...that actually makes a lot of sense! O.O

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now Reviews #110.

My review can be found here.

Not that Ember liked to do math. There wasn't enough shouting and roaring in math to pique her interest. She felt annoyed by math, and then felt annoyed that she had just expressed her feelings, even if they were only to herself.

True, but that would lead back to shouting and roaring, right?
So it's technically a good thing.

How was one supposed to discern the difference between a sparkle and a glimmer anyway?

Just wait till the shimmer joins the party!

:rainbowlaugh:That last line!:rainbowlaugh:
And she is totally right!

This was hilarious. Honestly I didn't realize that it's a dream until the dragons started turning into giant flowers. And I definitely laughed at the reveal at the end. Ember and Rainbow Dash, OTP. :rainbowlaugh:

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