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The Crystal Mirror brought Sunset Shimmer not to the steps of Canterlot High, but to another world all together. She meets Roseluck, a prisoner in her own home trapped beneath the authoritarian rule of her father, and the two embark on a journey of love and bank robbing as they search for somewhere they can truly be free.

Written for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons
Set in an alternate Equestria Girls universe based on the early 1930's.

The word limit for the contest was 10,000, but after checking with Oroboro, I was told that it was a loose limit and not to go overboard. Hopefully this is not overboard.

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Whatever else this story may or may not have going for it, I love that cover art. :pinkiehappy:


Thanks so much! I nearly gave up on it a dozen times, so I can't tell you how much that means to me. I hope, when you get around to reading it, you like the story, too.

If we could see tomorrow, what of your plans?
No one can live in sorrow, ask all of your friends
Times that you took in stride, they're back in demand
I was the one who was washing blood off your hands...

While sad, it was a wonderfully made story. I know I enjoyed it!


Thank you very much! It means everything to me to hear someone enjoyed something I've written :twilightsmile:

R5h #6 · Sep 4th, 2017 · · ·

From a very archetypal story you've made an effective heartstrings tugger. Well done!


Thank you for saying so! I had a lot of fun writing it.

No problem. If someone writes a good story, I complement it. Plus, Roseluck stories are hard to come by, and you are one of the few who didn't write a Roseluck story trashily. :moustache:

L-istorja kienet kbira! Iħobb l-iżvilupp tal-karattru u l-mod li għamilt tranżizzjoni bejn xeni! Id-deskrizzjoni tiegħek għamlitha kuntenta u nispera li tagħmel tajjeb! Kun żgur li tpoġġi l-zalza fil-londri!

Such a beautiful story, it had me from the beginning all the way to the end. I hope to read more of your stories in the future.

Nice poem there, it suites the story, especially it's ending perfectly.

I hope ya'll have a wonderful day.

Sar Meister

It's G'n'R's "Don't Cry" (Alternate lyrics)

Hi Cyrano I'm just a curious lil bugger today, but I was wondering if you'd ever think of doing a alternate version of this story, maybe a longer version to see how things would play out with the mane cast. Or maybe like one of those epilogues to show what happens to Sunset, well if Sunset isn't dead that, or perhaps Twilight. If not thats alright just curious

Ahhh I see thank you :Twilightsmile: hope you have a wonderful day :pinkiesmile:

hope ya'll have a wonderful day

Sar Meister


I've been considering writing the "long" version of this for a while. I've got a couple other things I want to finish up first, but it's entirely possible that I'll give it a shot. There's so much more of this story I want to tell!

YAY!!!!!! Awesome, how are you today? And thank you for answering my curious question

I'm good, thanks for asking! And no worries!

Huzzah wonderful, I can't wait to see more of your works as I continue to delve deeper and deeper into the dark tabs and Sunset Shimmer lols

Very interesting. A clever pairing of Rose and Sunset. I suppose the ending was inevitable. I'll give them this, though, put up a more brazen fight than Bonnie and Clyde.

Hello. Loved the story as I said below. I just have a few questions about the story that have been bugging me if you have the time to answer them.


I'd be happy to answer them

I was just curious about this so called police officers that were hired to guard the bank. I know the story was done for a contest and they were certainly not meant to be the focus. It just felt odd that with known bank robbing, cop killers surely on their way why the officer's thoughts are on fornication with a bank teller. Just seemed a little weird to me. I mean, my first inclination when they entered the bank and after was that they were more hired guns than legitimate policeman.

The ending when Sunset and Rose shot up the police blockade, the officers decide to go toe to toe with them knowing their reputation and paid the price for it. It definitely added that extra flare and suspense at the end and I was actually wondering if the two would actually make it passed them. I suppose the historian in me was thinking, after the shootout, that this was exactly the reason the police in our world decided to ambush Bonney and Clyde instead of doing just this. This was focused on Sunset and Rose but it just seemed the law was devoid of any real intelligence.

Those are just little things that were just tugging at me after i read it again.


Good questions!
Obvious death of the author follows, so if you're not interested in my personal interpretation, don't feel obligated to read on.

The patriarchal figures in this story (Rose's father, the attendant, the cops) were all supposed to be figures who held Sunset and Roseluck (and, in this case, Twilight) down, tried to control them, etc. They didn't properly register the threat that Sunset and Roseluck posed because, to them, despite their reputation they were still just a couple of girls. Hypocrisy and corruption were abound in these characters, which I'd hoped to play up by showing how the so called police officers were more interested in the bank teller, the alcohol, and the money than actually protecting anyone.

Certainly this and the shootout were bad moves on their part.

So really the answer to your question is that the police (and pretty much everyone else in the story) underestimated Sunset and Roseluck because of who they were and payed the price severely. This story was written for a contest, and as such much of what I'd originally hoped to include never made it in due to the word limit. As such, many of the more sympathetic characters never made it in, and we ended up with this crowd of jerks.

...and also I wanted to have cool shootouts. If we're being entirely honest that's part of it, too.

I hope that helped to answer your question :twilightsmile:

Thanks, that answered a lot. And it does make a lot of sense.

And I agree. I'm a sucker for a good shootout myself. 😉

Author Interviewer

Oh god, this is my jam ;_;

A wonderful Bonnie and Clyde romance, and some great AU work. Transposing the characters to different periods always makes for an engaging read, especially given a predominantly female cast.

Thank you for this. And here's hoping this Twilight made a name for herself in the annals of science.

I hope you do more with this story it was the shit, very enjoyable and made me a real sad.


Edit: Hang on, there’s no death tag, and that appears on stories where the main character dies. THAT MEANS THEY AREN'T DEAD!

Folks didn't pump their own gas in the 30s, that threw me out of the story a bit.
Liked it quite a lot otherwise.


...Wow, I can’t believe it took this long for someone to call me on that. You are totally right. Oops!

Self-serve stations started in the 70s. I wouldn't be surprised if most fimfic readers have never used a full service station

Im just here for the cover art :twilightsheepish:

Two songs came to mind during this story. The first is Partners in Crime by someone I can't remember, then at the end I heard the A Way Out soundtrack Farewell.

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for a good love story. And this was definitely a good love story.

Oh dear me, this is most perplexing. It would seem my good author that your story has come across the most unique of issues. A conundrum this one is, for your story seems to have come down with notenoughness. Oh yes my good literary fellow you indeed seem to have written a story full of notenoughness. Fear not though for this may in fact sound misleading for you see, notenoughness is not in fact an infliction of literaryness but rather an infliction of the reader. Yes indeed my good wordsmith this is not ordinary perplexation instead it is one carried by the story and given unto the unwitting soul who comes across the story and takes it all in. Tis a sad fate to befall one for it leaves them with such queer desires. Once infected it leaves one most curiously desiring of more. Most often they know not what it is this desire for soreness simply that it fills them to the brim and is most persistent in its affliction upon your mind. Yes my good penman your story is one that is rife with notenoughness and has in fact infected me with the dreaded ailment. And so it is with great aplomb I find myself quoting Thor Son of Odin.


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