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As one of her friends, Flash saw no issue at all in going over to Derpy’s place when she invited him. However, once there, the boy soon discovers that her reasons for having him here were not exactly honest, and that she has something difficult to admit to.

Part of my EG Continuity

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Comments ( 19 )

This feels so real.
I mean i can understand every character point of view.
This is realy clever if a bit sad.

Besides, Flash wouldn't need to touch him because the girls would get to him first and they are both magical and imaginative!

This is nicely characterised and very realistic. It is also not a 'happy ending' but, let's face it, for girls in Derpy's position, 'happy ending' is a very, very rare anomaly as an outcome. The most she has on her side right now is loyal friends to help her find some kind of footing and future for Dinky, no matter how difficult the rest of her life is going to be.

nicely done; also:

"Well...it's...it's about Turner."

"He's...gone home."

"He was never meant to be here for the rest of his life. He was an exchange student.

how much you want to bet the original school's in Gallifrey? :trollestia:

This... kind of reminds me of basically all of the Doctor's companions who had feelings for him. The Eternal Traveler cannot just settle down. No where near as extreme, of course, but the feeling is there.

i kinda wouldnt mind seeing flash and derpy start dating

I always love how you write Flash. You make him an enjoyable character, and a believable one who's had a good life. And who just wants to help out others, as well.:)

Comment posted by The Full Tour deleted Nov 12th, 2017

Ho-ly-shit...*Sigh* I gotta be honest. If I was in Flash's shoes, and Derpy told me everything she told him, I wouldn't know what to feel. I can't really get mad at Time Turner because he wanted to stay. And I can't get mad at Derpy because she makes a very valid point, and is willing to shoulder the responsibilities all by herself. :derpyderp2:

I guess the question is: How do you react to this? :rainbowhuh:

I haven't read all the stories in this series so I question is there any other stories that involve Derpy/Turner/Flash/Dinky?

I don't ship Flash and Derpy, but I do see them as lifelong childhood friends. So seeing him comfort her is very sweet.

Man, teen mom Derpy is depressing. This was a pretty heartwarming story, though.

FUCK YOU! Stop tearing my feelz to shreds!

I don't ship Flash and Derpy, I friend-ship them,

A terrific tale indeed.

Wow. I have no words for this. It's a bit depressing and sad, but at the same time it's so heartwarming and sweet. I love Derpy, so getting a look at the 'Teen Mom' thing is great.

I really love your Flash.

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