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Rainbow Dash really likes kissing Applejack. When things go a little bit beyond kissing, though, the relationship between the two mares gets difficult in all kinds of ways. But Applejack knows that marefriends talk to each other, and she's sure that somehow everything will work out in the end.

This story earns its T rating. It is not a clop fic, but expect to find frank discussion of sexual matters within.

Written for the 5th Appledash contest. Edited (and practically re-written) by the amazing Jordanis, with additional editing assistance from Cyanhyde.

Cover art by CSImadmax.

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Awwwww... Just all that I have to say about this story. Just simply aww inducing.

Thank you! It's my first foray into Appledash shipping, so I'm extra glad it's not a total disaster.

Well, for your first foray, you didn't do a bad job. Everyone was in character for the most part, and even if Rainbow was slightly more mushy than I'd expect her to be (Then again, who knows with her and romance) it was a nice read.

Rainbow is honestly the one of the mane 6 I find the hardest to write. She's a surprisingly complicated character.

Funny, it's the other way around with me...

Goddamn, its so adorable. I love it!

Very sweet! :pinkiehappy:

And now I kinda want the second part.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That may happen eventually. :pinkiehappy: I have ideas!


...Please do. Please. We need more AppleDash quality clop.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ha ha ha. It's on the to-do list. Alas, said list is really fricking long at the moment and paid commissions take priority. But it'll happen eventually, I think.

This was a really good one. I can identify with Rainbow pretty hard here.

Wonderful story! Poor Dash is all twisted up, but AJ's there to help. :heart:

Also the artist of the cover image is csimadmax (apparently), though I can't find a source.

Good to know. And thanks!

Interesting for a lack of a real "bad guy" in that backstory but also sad. It's so possible to damage someone without meaning to.

Yes... this was very, very good...

Oh how I love the smell of good AppleDash fics in the morning.

It's a topic I have feelings on. :twilightsheepish: Sometimes two good, well-intentioned people can wind up hurting each other, relationships that go badly don't always have a villain.

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He he he. Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

*Slow clapping*

This is really damn good. It's well written and engaging, very cute, and I like the direction you went with it. Every time I would make an assumption about how the story was going to go I was wrong, and that's good because my assumptions were that this story was going to use the predictable cliches that one would find in this kind of story. The unnamed stallion is not painted as a jerk or a bad guy he was just not the one for Rainbow. Really good stuff :pinkiehappy:

He he he. I'm glad you like it! I'm not beyond using cliches, but I do try to avoid some of them. (Honestly, many of the most common shipfic cliches drive me crazy, they'd be terrible ideas in real life!)

OMG I know right? I tend to prefer the fictional relationships that don't make me immediately think "Yeah no way." or some such (I won't name any names right now)
This story showed a very good relationship between AJ and Dashie. and that's why it's awesome.

Applejack pressed her hips even closer, starting to grind against Rainbow's leg. Suddenly, along with the heat, Rainbow could feel a trace of dampness through her coat.

I think this bit pushes it up to an M rating, but only by a teensy tiny bit. No big deal, I've seen more shocking things in T rated stories.

This was a heartfelt, genuine, character driven slice of life story. At first I was surprised to see Rainbow Dash being the nervous of the two, but her reasoning made sense to me in the end, and I bought the manner in which she had trouble expressing her feelings. Well done.

I think it's just on the T side of the line, personally. I worked hard to have the right things happen in the least explicit possible language, though if the admins disagree I'll fix things to comply with their suggestions. But it'd be very hard to chose between leaving it as is and rating it M or censoring it such that what actually happened was cut out of the scene entirely.

The problem is that if this were an M rated story, there would be no audience for it. Most shippers aren't really interested in reading clop, they just want their shipfix. But nobody who's into clop would like this, even though it's about the sex, it's not "about the sex." Giving it an M rating would kill it, nobody would read it. (I mean, would you have?)


 (I mean, would you have?)

I'm not a clopper but I have no problems with M rated stories with some explicit stuff in it so long as the story is the main point and the explicit bits don't just feel awkwardly shoved into the story, my favorite example being Salvation.

But I can still see what you mean and I might be the odd one out.

I haven't read an Appledash ship-fic in a dog's age. Once again, you did a great job. Rainbow's fears and hesitation hit close to home for me. I know from painful first-hand experience how a bad relationship can mess with your head. Let's just say I prefer to stay single from now on.
I'm faving this. Congrats on getting in the featured box!

Only a select few will understand what I'm referencing, but just putting this up here cuz you reminded me of something great. Thanks, Sparky.

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That was a rollar coaster. First it's all fluffy and nice then it hets dramatic and sad then fluffy again ten intense and then happy again at last. Whew.
All around good read. Well done.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

This is beautiful. It's so powerful and funny and raw. It's so rare to find a fic tackling issues like sex and consent at all, and it's done with style and grace that had me fighting off tears multiple times.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you very much. I'm glad this came across well. I have feelings about these issues, but I was trying to balance storytelling against getting preachy.

Too. Much. Adorabetus at the end. Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwww

are you going to believe another appledash story?


If you mean will I write one, it's not likely, sorry.

Ehee I know it's been a (long) while since the day you uploaded this but I still kinda wonder what would happen if you write the continue of this fic :33
By the way, I really love your fic and only word that can describe how awesome this fic is: perfection.

Have a nice day too! ^^

Thank you! Alas, a continuation isn't likely.

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