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Crescent Pulsar

Through the storm, may you become a rainbow. ― Devin Townsend


Derpy is a special pony who has a talent for traveling between universes. Today, she adds an extra dimension to her life.

(Author's Note, 1/30/18: I added a bit more story. Hopefully it's an improvement.)

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I think I remembered Derpy being able to see in different dimensions as depicted in a Ponies the Anthology clip, but I'm too tired to press my mind for details.🙃

I've been doing something like this in my "Mail Troubles" story, although Derpy is not the main character there. Tracking this to see the direction you take with it.

I wouldn't bother with tracking this. I had no definite plans to do anything more with it, and by the looks of things I won't have any incentive to continue it either.

Fair enough.

I gave this a thumbs up, why is it not showing?

I don't know. It shows up in the statistics, though.

oh. Also, for me, you are tomorrow. Which was strange to see.

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