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As the demon sleeps, man turns on man, His own blood and madness soon cover the earth. From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz, Its raven wings ablaze in majestic light...


Unfortunately, Tirek has taken over Equestria, stolen all its magic, and is now running amok, destroying everything he sees.

Unfortunately for Tirek, the United States Air Force isn't too keen on having allied nations invaded by giant goat-demons. In go the A-10 Warthogs.

Rated T for some gore, cursing, and lots of BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT.
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Ah, the A-10. What we do without you?


Not have a plane that still has no effective counter to?

Read this story due to the promise of A-10 and was not disappointed!

Out of many A-10 videos, I believe this one best captures just how loud a strafe from it is:
(starts 0:55)

Tulip #5 · Sep 14th, 2017 · · 33 ·

Oh. DId they destroy and rob Equestria after that?

Imagine the sound a whole squad of these things would make if they fired simultaneously

I'll bet Pinkie Pie's involved.


God bless Murica'. :ajsmug:

There has been no aircraft built that can do what the A-10 does, or even come close to it. It is the closest you will get to a flying tank and still be able to call it an airplane.

It's also completely useless in modern warfare setting (or anything resembling it ... and arguably was so even during its inception half a century ago).

Don't get me wrong, I love the plane, it's rugged looks and the sound of its cannon is pure bliss ... but as a piece of actual military hardware it's woefully ineffective at actually doing anything productive besides looking and sounding cool :rainbowdetermined2:


I hope you're not building up to saying the F-35 is a suitable replacement for it.

I think I'd rather have clay pigeons.

It was slow, bulky, not very maneuverable, impossible to miss on radar, and not a pleasant sight compared to the sexy F-22's, F-15's, and F-16's other squadrons flew.

I call bullshit right there. Damn things can turn tighter than a stripper on a pole.

Comment posted by Hardcore deleted Sep 14th, 2017

They're damn good at strafing runs and killing tanks in harsh terrain, though. And given that's their job, well, I'd say they've earned their place.

You are done Tirek, for now you have to deal with AMERICA!!!!!

A-10 with all his weapons would be pretty much useless against Tirek. He casually rams himself and Twilight thru mountain and doesn't show any sign of injury after this.
You need either a tactical nuke or some big thermobaric explosives.

Something large hitting something large generally isn't going to cause anything but blunt force trauma. But something small going faster than the speed of sound will.

Comment posted by ArcTech_KO deleted Sep 14th, 2017


tell you what point me to another plane that can survive and land after a sam missile blows a 6 ft hole in a wing and i will admit its time to lay it to rest if you can and if you dont believe the A10 can her i have proof

He not just "hit something large", he ram himself and Twilight thru mountain in the span of second or less. Thru several thousand (or more likely hundreds of thousands) cubic meters of solid rock. Necessary durability and force to pull this kinda waaaaay beyond anything that A-10 could dish out.
It's not like you can't hurt Tirek with modern weapons, it's just an A-10 not up to this task.

Considering that A-10 can't even reach M-1 there a big chance that Tirek could either catch it with his telekinesis or do a beam spam and shot it down.
IMO to beat him you need a supersonic cruise missile with big fat explosives slapped on it.


They can't kill tanks though, that's the thing - unless it's with wing mounted rockets, but in that case something like the the trusty old F-16 is already better, because it doesn't put itself in harm's way to do so.

The 30mm cannon on the plane is actually incapable of penetrating any modern MBT, even from the top. It couldn't really penetrate even the Soviet era MBTs, which is why I said it wasn't a particularly good piece of military hardware - even at the time of its inception it's effectiveness was questionable. And strafing runs are not something a pilot should look to do anyway, because it puts the plane at risk even against MANPADs.

Add the fact that the only thing you can realistically use the gun against with effectiveness is supply convoy trucks (against which it is overkill, ironically enough - it occupies a sort of weird middle ground where it's not effective against actually armored targets but is overkill against the things it can hurt, which means a lot of internal volume and weight are used ineffectively on the gun and its ammo as it doesn't really do any task particularly well).

Take the Iraq war as an example - after a few disastrous initial sorties that resulted in the loss of several planes (and strafing an allied armor column, lol - though it actually failed to damage the British MBT it strafed), the A-10 were pulled back and grounded, and only allowed to enter low-intensity zones that were previously swept by F-16s and were deemed "safe" post fact. The plane looks and sounds awesome, but it has never been "effective", sadly enough - which is why the airforce isn't replacing them, but simply driving the old bodies in to the ground and discarding them as they become worn out. They don't want them, even though the public loves them.


He is correct, actually, if we want to be realistic about it. While bullets and rockets are, obviously, much better at concentrating force and punching through armored targets, at a certain point of density and durability "blunt" durability is going to start affecting "piercing" type of attacks as well. All that matters is the amount of force exerted per any given volume of surface area.

And with what we saw of Tirek and Twilight in that fight, Tirek is well past the point where anything the A-10 mounts could hope to do anything to him. While I can't be bothered to do any real hard math on the subject right now, when you are at the point where you can headbutt through several hundred meters of rock without slowing down and without taking any observable damage whatsoever (to give an easily imaginable visual comparison, a battleship launched at a mountain at said speeds would crumple like a tin can upon hitting it) ... well ... your best bet is probably trying with something like the GBU-57A/B (that's a bunker buster weighting 14 tons, by the way), otherwise you are pretty boned.

(Yes, before you ask, I'm somewhat of a military nerd :twilightsheepish:)

Guys, guys, guys, this is a universe with FLYING HORSES, IMMORTAL GODS, AND MAGIC IN IT.
I really don't think logic and math applies here.
If you want to argue, do it somewhere else.

Pft... I remember "Nanoha" disputes when people bring in the heavy ordinance in shape of High Energy Physics, Theory of Relativity and other such things :). So we a rather tame here :).

im not arguing just trollin along i honestly dont care if they think its sucks ass like no tomorrow i love that plane i love flying it in DCS

and nothing can change that


I never said it wasn't a durable plane, but being "durable" isn't really a selling point in modern air war and doesn't help you accomplish your objectives. You want your planes to get in, hit their targets and get out. The A-10 isn't fast enough to avoid danger, it's attack profile puts it at needless risk compared to other planes and the pilot, even if he survives, still finds himself in the middle of enemy territory. That's a horrible position to be in by all accounts.

You don't "tank" hits with a plane, all that results in is an exorbitant amounts of lost planes and pilots. It's a deathtrap compared to any other modern plane, in the sense of how likely you are to get shot down while flying one. And it can't actually kill anything worthwhile with its signature weapon.

Durability isn't a realistically useful property for a plane, which is why airforce is already in the process of "laying them to rest". They aren't procuring new ones, the older ones are being cannibalized for spare parts to keep some of them flying (because there is something of a plane shortage ... for a given definition of shortage ... until the F-35 comes online in sufficient numbers) and it's only a matter of time before the last A-10 has flown its final sortie. Which wouldn't be an actual combat sortie anyway.

I know it's a beloved plane publicly (if not in the airforce itself at large), because it's visually viscerally appealing, but sadly those aren't properties that earn it a real place on a battlefield.

But all that aside, yeah, it's probably best to drop this :derpytongue2:

Only a couple Star. Enjoy. All right, fixed it. Go ahead.

She had put up quite a fight though, proving to be more of a challenge than he originally thought. However, she had quickly capitulated when the fate of her “friends”, helpfully rounded
up by Discord, was brought into play.

Extra space.

It had stopped in its tracked and was now watching them with two large eyes that seemed to be larger than he was.

Tracks, not tracked. And a comma between 'tracks' and 'and' should be there.

As he wondered what to do the three birds sped away with a mighty roar, leaving him alone.
He briefly considered simply blasting them out of the sky with a laser, but he decided against it, returning to his trek. He had bigger fish to fry.

Extra spacing.

He threw his aircraft to the left, pulling as tight of a turn as the not-so-maneuverable A-10 would allow.
He had played enough video games to know what large glowing energy balls meant.
The laser shook the air and rattled his craft, but its aim was wild, hitting nothing but clouds high above them.

Need an extra line to make two paragraphs, or one less to make it one paragraph.

and he had been terrified more time than he would admit to himself.

More times.

Thanks! I'll fix them when I have the chance. :twilightsmile:


Just because there's magic doesn't mean there's no logical physics involved, just that you have to make allowances for the differences in understanding.

So yes, you can apply math to things in the 'verse. They're not particularly arguing, they're discussing their thoughts in relation to the story - which is what the comment thread in a story is for. If they're not spamming, flaming you/the story, or attacking your readers, they're doing what they're supposed to be.

The plane has survived multiple attempts to replace it, its the pinnacle of CAS aircraft.

The forecast? Cloudy. Cloudy, with a high chance, of...BRRRRRRRRRTTTTT!

This was some glorious crack. A-10 is Best PonyPlane. Always my favorite in the Ace Combat games.

Pity that they're considering withdrawing it from the inventory.

Put the AF brass on the ground with the Marines and Army, and have A10s fly CAS for them. They'll probably reconsider lol

That was MUCH louder than I was expecting it to be.

I find the song appropriate...

awwww. But I like talking about guns.

Oh, please, keep talking about guns.

“Land of the Ponies, home of magic, the United States number two supplier of crude oil.”


There is absolutely no reason at all for this story to exist.... but I'm glad it does cause it's pretty dang awesome.

I'm proud of you.

Thanks! I'm honestly surprised this got so popular.

Alsvid #49 · Sep 15th, 2017 · · 20 ·





(And, technically speaking, we haven't bought a Warthog since 1984)

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