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While en route to Cybertron at the conclusion of "Beast Wars," the Maximals get an unwelcome surprise when their enemy, Megatron, leader of the Predacons, escapes captivity and ends up in Equestria. Now, the Maximals must team up with the Ponies of Equestria to stop Megatron and his resurrected Predacons before they conquer Equestria and make it a colony of Cybertron.

Author's Note: An alternate continuation of "Beast Wars" that happens instead of "Beast Machines."

*Cover art belongs to Atomic-Chinchilla of Deviantart.com

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 86 )

A very intriguing concept, especially since I'm rather fond of crossovers.

I'm intrigued very much since not many use the Beast Wars as much as the old transformers or newer series. Since this is replacing the Beast Machines series there won't be techorganic bodies? And will these transformers Megatron has will they be sort of a substitute for Tankor, Thrust, and Jetstorm. Because I like those vehicons, especially Jetstorm.

Very interesting. Can't wait for more.

Ok. You've piqued my interest. You also get pints for erasing Beast Machines.

Will they change there forms to blend in better O wonder?

Let's see where this goes...

Jetstorm will be featured later, but as a predacon and his beast mode will be as a dragonfly.

Wouldn't it be awesome if Twilight and her friends could transform too? Just an idea I had.

Not bad, this story show great promise.

Wow, two chapters in one day; incredible!

Cool. Quickstrike and Inferno are still alive, that'll be a problem for the Maximals. I wonder what the pods they have will become.

Inferno used to be so cool. I kinda wish he died like a Bad ass in Agenda.

Any chance you need ideas for pony transformer?:pinkiehappy:

Nice. Will other Predacons return? Including Waspinator?

And it would be cool, if some Maximals like Dinobot also returned.

I hope like in Atomic-Chinchilla story, Waspinator becomes friends with Fluttershy.
As much as I would want Dinobot to return, he's dead and we can't just have him reappear with no explanation.

Great job. So Waspinator is with the ponies now. I wonder if he'll give nicknames to them as well, like call Celestia and Luna Sun Butt and Moon Butt

Nice chapter, Waspinator made his debut.

Glad to see Waspinator in the story. :pinkiehappy: He alway's was my favorite character.

Something is bothering me about Quickstrike and Inferno though. Why are they still so willing to follow Megatron? I admit it's been years since i've seen the show, but wasn't Megatron the one that killed them?

I mean I could see Inferno still being loyal, but Quickstrike? It's not a big deal just kinda of bugging me is all.

Wait; Quickstrike and Inferno are okay with working for Megs II again?
Have they forgotten how he DECIMATED THEM during the finale?

That is what I said! And I don't remember Shockwave or Sound Wave from the show. Only the toy line.

8427862 I went onto a Beast Wars wiki website and looked at fan-made Beast Wars characters where I found Shockwave as an alligator and Soundwave as a Black Panther. My intention is to add the names of the transformers that were from the Michael Bay movies, but not from the show in addition to the characters that were featured.

Awesome, and nice that a maximal emerged from the pod.

Just remember that this Megatron simply took the name for himself. He is not a descendant or relative of his namesake any more/less than Megatron was to Megatronus.

Well, thank goodness that the Maximals managed to save Big Mac from death.

Thank goodness Dinobot's back

Amazing! Dinobot has returned at last!

Yay Airrazor and Tigertron not turned into that crazy creature at the end of the series.

AMAZING! Two more Maximals have been resurrected!

All right. Dinobot, Tigatron, and Airrazor! But what does this mean for TigerHawk?

Anything is a better alternate than "Beast Machines"... which explained absolutely nothing and threw in some weird Gaia-esque message... along with a planet that had a core of organic life... and if you know ANYTHING about planetary formation and basic physics you already know why this is a steaming pile of stupid BS. Oh, and they never address the powerful alien race that was messing around on Earth all those eons ago ever again.

And they utterly ruined Rhinox for no reason. And most of the other characters too...

And that ending... Deus Ex Moronic covers it, I think.

I did like Beast machines. But I would like you to see bring in unicron.

Nice use of bringing Nightscream in on this, one thing that annoyed me was his insensitivity and smart mouth. Now I wonder the only Maximal left who was destroyed was Depth Charge, will he be coming back too?

How about that: you brought back a Maximal exclusive to Beast Machines!

I just hope the names don't throw anyone off. A lot of the Maximals and Predacons are named after Autobots and Decepticons, be they descendants or no. A lot of people could get thrown off by that.

Take Megatron for instance. He isn't a relative of the original at all. He just took the name for himself, as well as his namesake's spark to mutate him into a Transmetal 2.

One little issue where the narrative here makes a direct statement contradicted almost immediately:

After going through another round of transwarp turbulence, they found themselves back in view of the planet where they had fought the Beast Wars on.

See, that is a statement of 3rd person narrative 'fact'. But we already know it's Equestria, so it's false. You don't want to directly mislead the audience that way, not even in a mystery or horror and especially when it's already clear what the truth is. It'd be better, narrative-wise, to say something along these lines: '...,they believed themselves back in view of the planet they had fought...' Or, present the notion from within the thoughts of one of the characters, so it's from their POV, and thus the audience expects them not to be privy to the facts they are aware of.

Also, this line is just silly:

the Autobot Shuttle carrying the Maximals had crash landed in the Everfree Forest and who knew if they had even survived the crash…

Again, this is attempting to induce doubt in the audience with a false set-up when it's abundantly clear they had to survive the crash or there's no story. The line suggests a narrative dead end right off the bat, and since it's suggestion is negated almost immediately in subsequent chapters, it serves no purpose whatsoever. That's not how you create a sense of dramatic tension. What would be better is to SHOW the crash site in a few descriptive paragraphs and SHOW that the Maximals may have suffered severe damage, thus leading the audience to form their own mental picture and concerns over our heroes well-being, rather than TELLING them something they already know cannot be true.

Just a few little structural suggestions there to smooth the immersion.

This story really needs some fleshing out. The pacing is so hectic I'd expect it to be narrated by the Micromacines advert guy after he'd drunk a concoction of espresso, Jolt, Red Bull, and 5-Hour Energy. There's no time for events to breathe and develop. Personal interactions and introductions are rushed through before anyone has time to blink. Even the "Beast Wars" show took it much slower, and that was when aiming for little boys with short attention spans.

I think bringing back Dinobot was a mistake, he's and awesome character but he earned his place in the All spark. Also shouldn't the new maximals and predacons be creatures native to Equestria? Also how does a panther fit Soundwave?

Poor Derpy, and it looks like Rampage is also on the verge of reawakening. And I was wondering how Dinobot and BlackArachnia would deal with each other since Dinobot was destroyed before she fully joined the Maximals. And will Waspinator change his activation code to maximize now?

Good grief, I had no idea that Megatron kept that abomination known as Dinobot II.

So far, a great story, even if I've only read the first chapter. Although, I'm surprised that Megatron didn't accidentally snap Ember in half. I'm gonna have to watch the Beast Wars series again (if I can). I've only seen the part where Megatron the T-Rex became Megatron the Dragon.

Ya know what should be EPIC? If Discord was in this story! Wait, is this before or after he was reformed? Also, its too bad this takes place before the reformation of the Changelings.


If Soundwave is a Black Panther, than what is Ravage? Can I please get a link to Atomic-Chinchilla's profile?

Oh Geez. Even that coconut crab is coming back!?

If that guy is coming back...
Does that mean EVERY Cybertronian of the Beast Wars will be involved here?

Even... Transmutate?

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