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Best Applejack clopfic I have read in years

I must say, the finale was quite the... 😎

... Hat-Trick.

That cover picture reminds me of Working the Stall and its sequel.

Wow! An AJ gloryfic... I can't see AJ honestly as really slutty outside Anthro (I am not the fondest of that genre, but i have read Anthro stories... says something that I am not limited by what I am not the fondest of) stories and it is such a surreal concept. Now we just need Rainbow Dash. I haven't seen a Rainbow Dash gloryhole story. I have seen a Twilight one that Rainbow appeared in but didn't actively appear in it per se. Does that count? :rainbowlaugh:

It seems Twilight, Rarity, and Fluttershy are everybody's go to slut for Gloryholes. Pinkie isn't really mentioned here because I can easily see her do it... even if I haven't read any Pinkie glory hole stories. I can still see her as do it. It's super easy and kinda boring to slutify the Pinkie Pie! Not that it is bad... it's just easy!


It was my template for the cover art. I pretty much just drew that in an hour or two. :pinkiesmile: I also had a cut together version of the Glorious Gloryholes wallpaper as cover art first, but then decided to do things like I did now. Not my best art work, but it conveyes the idea. :twilightsheepish:


I don't find it that surreal. I imagine Granny Smith being a wild mare in her youth sexually. So I also imagine AJ having here and there some sexual experiences in her youth before she got all serious and family like. I mean, AJ was a liar as she was younger. So her character seems rather flexible to me. :pinkiesmile:

Also yeah I have noticed that too. Twilight, Rarity and Fluttershy are often used as Gloryhole sluts while the other three are coming short. It is kind of a pity. :ajsleepy: I mean I can see why, with the whole 'It's always the quiet ones' shebang with a shy Fluttershy, a nerdy Twilight and a proper Rarity it just seems so alluring to have them work in a gloryhole. :rainbowkiss:

I'm biased toward Rainbow though. I read a slutty Rainbow/Royal Guard (Edit: Which is you now that I researched properly :rainbowlaugh:) story but never a glory hole. There's a dark story with Rainbow under glory hole, but seriously, I don't like dark things. I like fake dark where it seems dark, but it turns consensual. Not mind break, but like reluctant at first but not rape... It's just, of all the pones that get a glory hole fic... why not the universally loved lesbian character! (I love her lesbian, but I am not stupid to limit straight either, I just don't like 90% of the show's stallions) I mean everyone loves Rainbow Dash! There's a blinking meme about cumming in Rainbow Dash for fucks sake! How the hell did a Glory Hole fic drop underneath the radar! It doesn't make sense really!

I concede your point about AJ, it's just weird because I don't read that many slut fics! I personally can't see her as a slut without some serious mental manipulation like in this story sorta! I don't read a lot of AJ fics all that much!

I was half expecting an "eeyup" somewhere in this.


There's a dark story with Rainbow under glory hole,

Which story is that?


Go to Glorious Gloryholes group and search under the Rainbow Dash tab. It's literally the only one. I haven't read it so I don't know it's relevance, but it's literally the only one if it does feature it heavily!

Ooo! Do Pinkie next! Do Pinkie next!


Heh. Yeah. I did that story. Rainbow Gangbang's are glorious! :rainbowkiss: If no one is writing a Rainbow one and Pinkie one for the Gloryhole group I will do that sometime in the future. I just need the right story and setting. Not to mention to think if I connect it to this story, like 'Working the Stall' for example did. With Rainbow maybe a competition topic?


It was suggested and I was actually thinking about it, but quickly found this idea to be too overused. Instead I used Burnt Oak. Having her dad's close friend fuck her has its own allure after all! :ajsmug:

True. It is funny to think about, if only everyone knew

In this small room, she was the popular one among the stallions. Not even Rarity could compete with that.

:raritywink:: "You have no idea, darling. Just how do you think I can maintain a perfectly white coat all the time?"


Alluring thought, though I think I will try one of the more underappreciated clop characters for another Gloryhole fic. :pinkiesmile:


Interesting thought, though if there will be a sequel Rainbow would be the more likely candidate. I mean a competition topic is possible with her. Of course I could also try to give each of them their own fic. Really haven't thought about that now. :rainbowhuh:

The last part was kind of gross, but the rest is still pretty sexy.

Real One: I won't even read this story, not my thing right now, but you got my upvote just for the Vitamin D joke.


It can't be everyone's cup of tea. I just love bukkakes, so I used the tool (stetson) that was given to me by the setting. :trollestia: But it's still good to hear you like the rest. Overall it is always nice to hear others comment their thoughts on ones story! :rainbowkiss:

Didn't she get that hat from her dead parents?


If you watched some specific episodes, you will notice that the Apple Family has a closet filled with Apple Bloom's Bows and Applejack's Hats. So they have a lot of those hats. Applejack's hat was also damaged greatly in one episode where she and Rarity helped out Coco Pommel. So it is canon that the hat is far from unique. Sure, her father wore such a hat too, but they have plenty of those hats at home. :ajsmug:

Huh. Alright then. I mean it could have just been fanon, or just for one fic, or actually canon, but i guess that it doesn't mean that the one she wears is the one her dad did. Thank you for clearing that up.

I've got to ask, are there any glory hole stories that do NOT take things to the most exaggerated extremes? I really do like glory hole stories but I just can't find any that are "tame" or won't try so freaking hard to take it way too far. It's like everyone who writes one asks themselves "How can I make this as sick an disgusting and filthy and as viciously perverted as possible and as hyperfetishized as possible beyond any real sense of rationale?"

Anyone have any suggestions? Because this was WAY too extreme for me.


Glory Holes are seen as an extreme fetish, so I guess it isn't surprising that writer's of such stories have extreme fetishes other than glory hole to implement. At least that is my contemplation to your thoughts. :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, I understand that to be the exact case. I'm aware I'm basically asking for something that is sort of unreasonable or lame. It would be like if someone out there wrote a story of Luna and Celestia turning into their actual sun and moon then have sex with our sun and moon and I complain because futa or something else that's a turnoff for me was involved. Or even more extreme and gross turnoff for me; someone writes a scatological and impregnation fic and I point out that I think there wasn't enough romance or toilet paper.

When it gets to that, the minor details are a moot point perhaps? Maybe, but I have interests in some fetishes that I enjoy in a more watered down fashion. I'm always on the look out for something that doesn't go all the way in terms of extreme orgy of every single fetish possible all in one.

Clearly I'm in the minority in tastes but I try not to be too much of a melodramatic martyr about it. We see that in the news enough as it is. Hiyooooo! Anyways, yeah this is a story I couldn't enjoy because it was too full of extremes I consider real turnoffs. But I try to not judge or be mean about it and just move on. Try at least; snowflakes and all that. Sorry.

That being said, I understand this was probably tame compared to some of the more extreme stories here at this site or genuinely evil and really disgusting porn out there but I will keep looking for My Little Niche that I can fit into and try to not upset too many when I'm frustrated. Good luck and good likes for your writings. *drops the dragon dildo-shaped mic and steps off the soap box*

PS, So far I've found glory hole with Twilight, Fluttershy, and now Applejack. Are there any with the other 3 out there?

"Glory holes... an extreme fetish"

Man, I always thought it was a rather tame one, as such things go. I guess that says something about the people I socialize with...

nice work.:twilightsmile:

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