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Valentine’s Day is here and Sunset Shimmer couldn’t be more miserable, seeing as she’s the lone member of her group of friends with no significant other to spend the day with. Then a series of mysterious love letters begin appearing around her. Who’s behind this, and is it even a singular answer?

Takes place before Friendship Games.

Entry for Oroboro’s Sunset Shipping contest

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Cute! :twilightsmile:

im gona guess it was fluttershy who left the note not elegant enough to be rarity or simple enough to be apple jack or dash

I wanna say it was fluttershy but the also liked section has the blossoms story so ima go with rarity

Money's on Dash. Her note did say she'd snatch her up if she could...

So no Sunset harem (this time). About that last note, do you have someone in mind or was it written to be mysterious and open to interpretation? I'm not even asking what the answer is, just if you had one (whichever is fine). My first guess would be Fluttershy, it fits her previous note closest, second guess Rarity, though any of them could be downplaying their more obvious personality aspects.

Nice happy friendship fic, was afraid it would get a bit too cringe-inducing if the misunderstandings lasted too long but never got that awkward fortunately, it just stayed sweet.

I think Pinkie, just because she didn't write one. :twilightsheepish:

The last note, its from whoever's date goes poorly!

Adorable, with a pleasantly open-ended ending that doesn't disrupt the CheesePie. I have but one complaint: The others seem to take an unusually long time to process the presence of multiple letters, even after Sunset reads them all aloud. Aside from that, lovely work. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the contest.


I'm voting RD on last letter... for multiple reasons.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the last note was actually from Applejack. Though it does seem a little too...shy to be AJ, it mentions that Sunset is the "most beautiful, kindest, and coolest girl", and this person was clearly trying to mimic the styles of everyone else near the end to keep a low profile. BEAUTIFUL for Rarity, as she keeps a high opinion of herself, knows how hard she looks to look pretty, and knows it's an excellent compliment to give to anyone else; KINDEST for Fluttershy, who sees her own tenderhearted care in everything, and COOLEST for Rainbow Dash, who tends to overuse the terms. Applejack would have put something like "hardworking", but is smart enough to know her own traits (not to imply the others aren't) and disguised her note subtly.

Are you serious?! I want to know who it was!! :fluttercry: It was adorable and so loving, but I want to know who it was!? Was it really Rarity? Was it?

I think the last note was from Dash....she didn't specify who her "date" was with for Valentine's Day and she even said she'd "snatch her up" if she could in her note. The others just mentioned how she is a great girl and will one day find someone....entirely different message there. Dash's note was the one that actually mentioned wanting her, so I think the final note was from Dash. :3

“Goodie, I can look forward to spending the night gorging myself on candy watching cheesy romantic movies alone.”

Applejack snickered. “Or as Rarity calls it, ‘Saturday.’”


I enjoyed it, but I have one major gripe: Sunset jumped to an unrealistic conclusion with the first three notes. They don't mention any attraction to Sunset at all.

Rarity's letter: Dear Sunset, I know you’re upset about being alone on Valentine’s Day. But I know you’ll find someone someday. You’re one of the most beautiful girls I know, and that beauty shows in everything you do. From the clothes you wear to the way you treat others. Anyone in the school would be lucky to have you.

Fluttershy's: I’m sorry you’re lonely, Sunset. You of all people should have someone on this day. You’re one of the kindest, sweetest, most caring girls in the school. I know someday you’ll find that perfect someone and they’ll make you as happy as you’ll make them.

AJ's: This is a big world, and there are a lot of people in it. Now and then you meet a good one, and they’re one worth cherishing. You’re one of the good ones, Sunset, no matter what anyone says. And I know you’ll find someone who’ll cherish you someday.

Look at the bold text. That doesn't look anything like a confession of love or even attraction. In fact, it's painfully obvious that the letters are intended to just cheer her up.

The way to avoid this would have been to make AJ, Rarity, and Flutters write their notes very hastily, which would result in poor word choice and the subsequent misunderstanding by Sunset.

Please note: I didn't hate the story. I actually enjoyed it, despite my criticism. I just wanted to address this flaw and its effect on the story so it can be avoided in your future writings.

Well, it seems pretty obviously Rainbow Dash. She's the only one whose date wasn't named or alluded to in the beginning. Her note was also the only one that mentioned wanting to be with her, while the others were all condolences. Finally, she was too embarrassed to admit writing a letter, despite even Fluttershy doing so.


Also, the shipping rule that "Rainbow is always at least Bi"

“Goodie, I can look forward to spending the night gorging myself on candy watching cheesy romantic movies alone.”
Applejack snickered. “Or as Rarity calls it, ‘Saturday’. Ow!” She glared at the girl across the table.
Rarity blinked and smiled. “My foot slipped.”

Was it a cheap shot? Yes. What it hysterical? Double yes.

This was cute and very fun. I did note in each original letters, it wasn't so much a confession of interest, but a confession of faith and admiration. These sort of encouragements are fantastic remedies (especially when it seems like the whole world is together and one is alone). While we didn't actually get to see any real romance tossed Sunset's way (though I strongly suspect Flutters for that last message, even if she normally wouldn't use the word 'guts'), it was a great little anti-Valentine's-yet-still-being-Valentine's Day story.

Applejack snickered. “Or as Rarity calls it, ‘Saturday’. Ow!” She glared at the girl across the table.

No offense Rarity but SO TRUE!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

That was cute, and I'm glad it didn't end in a drama bomb. :)

We all know who it was, but COME ON! I WANTED TO SEE THE REVEAL SO BADDD!

This was a beautiful romance fic. I love the mystery at the end. And the fact that everyone is commenting and guessing who Sunset's lover is shows the impact this story had on readers

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