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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic What If?: Volume 5 - SuperPinkBrony12

The fifth installment of a What If series, that involves the rewriting of episodes. But this collection contains only ten episodes from Seasons 1, and 4-6 (Warning!: Episodes rewritten based on personal opinion, please respect it. Thank you.).

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S5 E16: Rarity Investigates! (What If?)

It had been a few weeks since the fateful opening (and almost closing) of Canterlot Carousel, and business was booming. Having found herself with some free time to spare, Rarity opted to stop by her second boutique in her expanding fashion empire, and lend Sassy Saddles a hoof. Of course, she had another reason for wanting to be in Canterlot, but although Rarity cared deeply about it, her dedication to the boutique came first. Business before pleasure as they always said.

Rarity was currently hard at work, moving a trio of carefully crafted dresses that resided on poles. She was placing them near the front window so that potential customers passing by might take notice of them. "Oh, Sassy Saddles, don't you just love my new Femme Mystique Chic line of gowns?" She happily asked her business partner and manager.

Sassy Saddles eyed the dresses carefully, and let out a gasp! She could hardly believe the amount of detail that had gone into them. "Why sequins and sashes, Rarity, they're absolutely exquisite! Where in Equestria did you find the inspiration?" She immediately asked.

Rarity happily confessed. "Oh, I modeled them after the adventures of Shadow Spade. Her stories are always full of mystery and suspense and, best of all... fabulous costumes! I've read her books multiple times since I was a filly, she always believes no detail is too small or insignificant to be overlooked."

"Oh, they're absolutely perfect! I have a feeling these dresses will be big hits!" Sassy happily exclaimed, before she took notice of something Rarity was doing and couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. "Uh, what are you doing?" She asked Rarity.

While humming to herself, Rarity told Sassy. "Oh, uh, just making some minor adjustments here and there," She proceeded to blow on the dresses to shake off any dust or cobwebs that might have gathered on the dress. She then began moving the poles the dresses were on so they would be displayed in just the right place. "Shadow Spade always believes it all comes down to attention to detail. And so do I. If I'm going to market these dresses, they've got to exact replicas of the ones Shadow Spade wears, and they need to be in the perfect spot to attract customers," After a bit of moving around, Rarity found just the right place to put the dresses, and with a smile she proclaimed. "There! Now it's perfect."

But just then, the front door swung open rather suddenly, and threw itself up against the wall! Rainbow Dash came flying in a second later. "Hey girls, how's it-" She began, only to hear a crash and notice Rarity and Sassy become entangled in a pile of dresses that were now scattered across the boutique floor. With a nervous laugh, Rainbow quickly added in apology. "-Oops. My bad." And in her mind she was silently pleading. "Please don't let them hold this against me."

Rainbow quickly went to work helping to clean up the mess she'd inadvertently made. And of course, she was quick to apologize to Rarity and Sassy. "Sorry I messed up your dress thingy, girls."

Sassy sighed, but refrained from raising her voice. "That's alright. Nothing we can't fix in a stitch," She told Rainbow Dash, and then asked. "But what are you doing in Canterlot, especially here of all places? I thought Rarity told me you don't usually like to wear dresses."

"I don't, and that's not what I'm here," Rainbow replied. "I came here 'cause I heard Rarity was gonna be here, and there was something I wanted to ask her. Guess I should've knocked first though."

Rarity just smiled, dusting herself off. "Do you need my help with something, darling? I thought you were here for the opening of Princess Celestia's royal garden tomorrow." She inquired of her rainbow maned friend.

The cyan speedster gave a nervous chuckle, stroking the back of her neck with a hoof. "Well, kind of," She explained. "The Wonderbolts are gonna perform at the ceremony tomorrow, kicking things off with an aerial display. But, I'm not gonna be flying with them."

"Why? I thought you were part of The Wonderbolts now." Sassy inquired.

"Not really, I'm still just a reserve member. I was just the lucky one they called up in case somepony gets sick or can't fly, so I can take their place as a backup flyer," Rainbow explained. "And... I was kind of hoping Rarity could accompany me. I do get some perks as a reserve member. I'll still get to stay in the castle with the other Wonderbolts, and eat awesome food at the dinner tonight. But I really need somepony to talk to, to help keep my mind off the fact that I'm gonna be so close to the action, but still not performing. Spitfire says I'm not ready to graduate yet, and there aren't any openings at the moment, which totally stinks."

Rarity quickly patted her friend with a hoof. "I know it can't be easy for you to know that you've come so far, and yet you're still not quite a full fledged Wonderbolt yet. That modesty of yours is greatly appreciated, and I'm sure it won't be long before you're working your way up the ranks. In fact, I daresay you might just become captain yourself someday in the forseeable future." She said, all the while speaking in a sweet tone of voice.

Rainbow felt her cheeks flushing red. "Rarity, stop it!" She demanded, though not very loudly. "You're embarrassing me, really. All I wanted to know was, if you were gonna be at the dinner tonight? A simple yes or no would've been fine."

"Sorry, guess I got a bit carried away," Rarity apologized, but then added. "But to answer your question, Rainbow Dash, heavens, yes! A chance to dress up, be charming and show off my newest femme mystique couture? I wouldn't miss it for all of Equestria."

"Great! See ya tonight!" Rainbow eagerly replied and zipped away, though not before she added. "And thanks for the moral support, Rarity!" She closed the door a bit too loudly, thus rattling the dresses that had just been put back on display. Fortunately, they didn't crash, much to the relief of both Rarity and Sassy.

In fact, Sassy had her own observations to pass on to her employer about what had just transpired. "Why, Rarity, I daresay you could sweet talk a foal out of candy." She commented.

Rarity only playfully laughed as she responded. "Oh, it was nothing. Besides, nopony minds a compliment. Now, you simply must help me pick out an outfit for tonight. Something from the new collection, of course. This is a big chance to really push them to potential clients! By the end of tonight, we could very well be swimming in orders!"

Later that evening, Rarity had put on a simple white gown from the new collection, and had shown up to the castle for the dinner. It wasn't anything special, just a formal meet and eat for those interested in attending. Even so, Rarity took some relief in the fact that she wasn't the only one dressed up for the occasion, even though she seemed to be the most dressed up of everypony gathered.

Rainbow Dash was glad to see Rarity, and quickly led her to the main hall where the dinner was being held. "Common, let's grab some grub!" She said to her friend.

Rarity grabbed a plate with her magic, but as she was busy looking over the food and deciding on what to eat, she caught a whiff of a rather strong but pleasant smell. A smell that she was fairly certain she knew the identity of. "Mm, is that Juniper Phoenix I smell?" She asked out loud.

"No, it's broccoli!" Rainbow replied, munching on some of the aforementioned vegetable that was now on her plate.

But Rarity kept sniffing, she was sure her nose wasn't playing tricks on her. And sure enough, an aged masculine voice responded by saying. "Yeah, Juniper Phoenix is one of my favorite stallion colognes. I've worn it for years."

Rarity soon discovered that the owner of the voice was a somewhat elderly looking pegasus stallion with light grayish cerulean coat that seemed a bit pale in shade. He had a dark lime greenish-gray mane and tail, which had yellowish-greenish gray stripes. Both looked surprisingly well kept for the most part, as did his eyes of brilliant amber. And although he wore a brown and black flight jacket with the Wonderbolts logo on it, and a white scar around his neck, his cutie mark was easily seen. It depicted a flight hat and goggles, not unlike the kind ponies piloting those strange flying machines wore.

Delighted to have meet the stallion to whom the cologne scent belonged to, Rarity began to chat. "Oh, it's one of my favorite colognes as well. It's so masculine and yet—" As Rarity spoke she didn't seem to be aware of Rainbow dropping her plate in shock, causing it to fall to the ground and smash into pieces. "—also soft with the barest hint of floral notes and—"

Just then, Rainbow appeared and hushed her friend as she told her! "Rarity! Don't you know who this is?!"

Unable to guess what Rainbow expected her to see, Rarity simply answered. "A gentlepony with fabulous taste in colognes and scarves perhaps?"

"No, it's Wind Rider!" Rainbow shook her head.

"Oh! So nice to meet you Mr. Wind Rider sir!" Rarity greeted.

Rainbow explained quite furiously. "You didn't let me finish! He's a living legend. He holds the Wonderbolt record in the Mustang Marathon! Of all the Wonderbolts, he's one of my personal favorites!"

"Always nice to meet another fan," The old stallion laughed. "But that Mustang Marathon was a long time ago. Honestly, I can't believe I still hold the record. I guess nopony else has ever been able to get the chance."

"Ah, Wind Rider, there you are!" Spitfire called out, appearing besides the stallion. "I see you've already met Rainbow Dash! I tell you, she's one of our most promising Reserves. In fact, she just might beat your record one of these days."

"Really now?" Wind Rider asked, suddenly intrigued.

But Rainbow played it off. "Oh, heh, I'm nowhere near as good as you. I mean, I'm fast, but I don't have the endurance to go long distances. Besides, I'm not looking to break records, though I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to unintentionally breaking them."

"Ah, don't be so modest," Spitfire teased, lightly tapping a hoof against Rainbow. "A little practice and you'll be beating records in no time, just like Wind Rider in his prime."

With a laugh, Wind Rider commented. "Well, it's nice to meet you fillies. Now if you'll excuse me." And he went off to do other things.

"Not as nice as it is to meet you, sir," Rainbow said with a sigh. Then, barely containing a laugh she squealed! "I can't believe I just met Wind Rider! This is so amazing!"

"Yeah," Misty Fly explained. "He's going to be coming out of retirement to take the spot of honor in the center of our aerial flower formation tomorrow. It'll be a real treat for the fans."

Rainbow gasped, she could hardly believe her ears! "Really? That's so incredible!" But then she felt her heart sank as she realized where she'd be while all the action was unfolding. "Guess I'll just watch Wind Rider being awesome from the sidelines... Practice tomorrow is gonna be so boring." She complained.

Fortunately, Rarity was quick to offer. "Well, I don't suppose I could keep you company? Could I?"

Surprised at this, Rainbow turned around and quickly hugged Rarity as she exclaimed! "You could! They always let friends and family come and watch practices!" It was then that she noticed that she'd unintentionally spilled a cup of punch on Rarity's dress, as she heard a splash, and Rarity let out a groan of protest.

"Oops. Heh, sorry about that," Rainbow apologized. "Lemme help you clean that up." She proceeded to spit into her hooves.

Rarity backed away a little, as she replied. "Uh, no-no, it's almost impossible to get such stains out of silk. But not to worry. I've come prepared! You never knew when a fashion emergency will strike." Rarity proceeded to light up her horn, and brought forth a huge chest. She quickly swapped out her stained silk dress, for a similarly looking one stored within it, and sent the chest with the stained dress away.

When the dinner had concluded, Rarity accompanied Rainbow Dash and Spitfire to their sleeping quarters. And again, Rarity expressed her gratefulness to her friend. "That dinner was absolutely divine. Thanks for inviting me!"

"Hey, what are friends for? Am I right?" Rainbow jabbed.

Rarity just nodded, then took notice of where Rainbow and Spitfire were going to stay for the night. "Ooh, you're going to be staying in the east tower? You're so lucky, I've heard those rooms have the best view of Canterlot!"

"How lucky are we?" Spitfire commented, and then said to Rainbow. "Well, we better get some shuteye before practice." And the door slammed shut behind her.

"Guess I'll see you tomorrow, Rarity!" Rainbow said to Rarity, as she turned towards the door.

"Good night! Sweet dreams!" Rarity called, and then departed from the tower.

The next day, Rarity was with Rainbow at the track set up for the Wonderbolts to practice and perform. Rainbow mostly just sat on the sidelines, watching the other Wonderbolts zoom past overhead, while Rarity worked some sunscreen into her coat. "Thanks again for keeping me company, Rarity," She said with a sigh. "If you weren't here, well, I don't know who I'd be talking to right now."

But suddenly, Soarin landed on the stand in front of the two mares, and took off his flight goggles as he said with a laugh. "Eh, you'd be talkin' to me," And then he explained. "Rainbow Dash, Spitfire's mom sent a message last night that she was sick. So Spitfire had to leave to take care of her."

"Oh, no! I hope her mom's okay!" Rainbow gasped. "I know I'd hate to hear one of my parents were sick."

"Yeah, I hope so too, and I feel the same way," Soarin replied with a nod. "But in the meantime, we need you to fly in her place."

"L-Like, in the actual show?" Rainbow asked, hoping she wasn't hearing things.

"Unless Spitfire comes back, yes," Soarin replied firmly. "After all, with Spitfire away, the chain of command dictates I call the shots. So what I say goes."

"I won't let you down, Soarin!" Rainbow firmly vowed, then spun up into the sky as she proclaimed! "This is the best thing ever! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!" Then, as she performed a series of odd moves in mid-air, she said in a sing-song voice. "I'm gonna get to fly with Wind Rider and the Wonderbolts, 'cause I'm the bestest and I'm awesome and they know it! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh..."

"Uh...Rainbow Dash?" Soarin called, unsure what to make of all this.

But Rarity just shushed Soarin and told him. "Let her have this, darling. It's not everyday you get to fly alongside your idols."

Rainbow Dash was soon flying high in the sky with the other Wonderbolts, busy enjoying every moment possible. This was like a dream come true for her. And Rarity, while she was never truly fascinated by the Wonderbolts, she was still delighted to see their splendid performance and see her friend so happy.

Then, unexpectedly, an older looking mare with a coat, mane and tail, and eyes all similar in color to Spitfire, appeared. She had a purple jacket on, and was wearing a beaded necklace. Her cutie mark was an orange colored rocket. "Hello there!" Rarity greeted politely. "Friend or family?"

"Family," The mare replied in a warm and soft tone. "My daughter's a Wonderbolt, but I don't see her up there. Do you know Spitfire by any chance?"

Rarity quickly realized who this pony must be, and she was quite surprised. "Ooh, so you're Spitfire's mom? But what are you doing here? I thought you were sick."

"What?" Spitfire's mom replied, as if she had no idea about any of this.

"Well, Spitfire got a note from you saying you weren't feeling well, and she went home to take care of you." Rarity explained.

"I didn't send a note. I'm fit as a fiddle, and I'd know if I'd sent a letter like that." Spitfire's mom insinisted.

"That's so strange," Rarity commented. "Could it be that Spitfire misread one of your past letters that got delayed or lost in the mail?"

"Maybe, but not likely. I haven't been sick for a long time." Spitfire's mom told Rarity.

Just then, Soarin flew by, and when he saw Spitfire's mom he almost did a double take. "Stormy Flare? Aren't you supposed to be sick or something?" He asked. And when Stormy Flare shook her head, Soarin began to comment. "'Kay, what's happening here? I don't like the sound of this."

"I don't know," Stormy Flare spoke up. "But I do know I didn't send my daughter a note, especially not one telling her I was sick. Something's not right."

"Could somepony have perhaps sent Spitfire a fake note?" Rarity wondered out loud.

"Maybe, but who would do such a thing?" Misty Fly asked.

Soarin quickly deduced. "Somepony who wanted her out of the show, I suppose."

"But why would anypony do that?" Rainbow asked, she had heard everything.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Wind Rider commented quite bluntly. "Maybe so they could take her spot. And I think we all know who that is." As he finished speaking this, all the Wonderbolts turned their gaze toward Rainbow, and shot her stern glances. Poor Rainbow realized, that she was suddenly facing a likely accusation for something she'd only just found out about. "What did I even do?!" She thought to herself.

Rainbow soon found out, the Wonderbolts suspected that she was responsible for Spitfire's unexpected leave of absence. Naturally, Rainbow protested the very notion that she had anything to do with it! "What?! Me?! I would never do that to Spitfire!" She insisted as innocently as she could. "Why would you even think it was me?"

"To be honest, we don't know. But you have to admit it's pretty suspicious," Blaze commented. "I saw you and my big sister leave the dinner together, which means you were the last one to see Spitfire before today."

"It's because we were roommates in the castle!" Rainbow explained. "Spitfire never mentioned anything about a letter, and she also never mentioned anything about her mother! How could I have written a letter like that without her stumbling across it?! She had to obtain my signature for the Reserve paperwork, she'd know what my hoofwriting looks like!"

"Perhaps, but the fact of the matter is you were the last one to see Spitfire before she unexpectedly had to leave," Misty Fly told Rainbow. And you did say you'd do anything to fly with Wind Rider."

Rainbow gulped and insisted. "Yeah, but I didn't mean anything. Obviously I'd draw the line at forcing her to disappear unannounced! That's not something I'd do, no matter how much I might be tempted!"

"Well actually, you weren't the last one to see Spitfire before she left," Soarin said to Rainbow. "Spitfire stopped by my room and told me she had to go see her mom at around midnight last night. So where were you then? Care to explain your alibi?"

Rainbow nodded. "I was asleep in bed by that point, I'm sure the guards on duty will tell you that. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was asleep before Spitfire. So there's no way I could've waited for her to fall asleep, fake the letter, and pass it along to her. Right?"

"I'd like to believe that, Rainbow Dash. I really would," Soarin commented seriously. "But unless you can back that up with solid proof, your alibi's not airtight," As he turned to the other Wonderbolts he said to Rainbow. "Can you excuse us for a moment? You'll understand, this is a very serious situation, and protocol must be followed to the best of our ability."

Rainbow gulped, but obliged. "S-sure. Just... don't keep me in the dark for too long, 'kay?"

Soarin didn't acknowledge the reply, he just huddled together with the rest of the Wonderbolts, and they all whispered amongst each other for a bit. Then, they broke it off, and Soarin approached Rainbow again as he said to her. "I don't want to believe you'd do such a thing, Rainbow Dash. And that's why, per Wonderbolts regulations, I'm gonna give you a chance to prove your case."

"Meaning what exactly?" Rainbow asked.

"It's simple," Soarin explained. "If you can prove that somepony or something else is the reason behind Spitfire's disappearance before the start of the show, then you can still fly with us. In the meantime, Misty Fly, Blaze, head over to Stormy Flare's house and try to find Spitfire and bring her back," After the two flew off, Soarin turned back to Rainbow and warned her. "I'd start getting your facts in order if I were you, 'cause you'll have to make a pretty good case as to why you couldn't have sent that letter. And it's only fair to warn you, if turns out you did indeed send that letter, then the bylaws are clear. I'd have no choice but to ban you from the Wonderbolts forever. Understand?"

Rainbow sighed. "I understand, and thanks for giving me a chance, Soarin. Guess I owe ya one."

"Think nothing of it, I think it's only fair the accused be given a chance to clear their name," Soarin instructed. "But you'd better not waste any time, the show starts in a few hours. If you can't provide some solid evidence, I'll have no choice but to assume you did do it."

"Just great," Rainbow moaned to herself. "How am I gonna prove I didn't send a letter that I didn't send?"

"With me of course!" A familiar voiced called out, soon revealing itself as Rarity dressed up in a black detective's hat and a red trench coat. "Detective Rarity is on the case, and we are going to get to the bottom of this mystery faster than my costume change! I gurantee it!"

"Uh, Rarity, no offense but what's with the getup?" Rainbow questioned.

Rarity payed no mind to her cyan coated friend's blunt remark. "Obviously, I am channeling Shadow Spade through these gorgeous garments," She explained. "And I'm sure she would say that the best way to prove that you didn't send the letter is to find out whoever did. First stop – the scene of the crime!"

The two friends set off for the castle room, and as they did Rarity couldn't help but imagine herself as Shadow Spade in one of her crime novels. Knowing that Shadow Spade had a flair for dramatic narrations, Rarity opted to narrate a little something to herself, which went like this: "We had a long road ahead of us, Rainbow Dash and I. But, I was up for the challenge. I wasn't about to let my friend be found guilty without a darned good reason!"

They reached the castle room in which Rainbow and Spitfire had spent the night, and Rarity quickly went to work looking for clues, all the while narrating. "There I was, surveying the crime scene, and looking très chic while doing it." Rarity soon spotted an envelope on the floor and examined it. "This must be the envelope for the letter Spitfire got!" Catching a whiff of something, she opted to smell it. That particular fragrance seemed strangely familiar, as if Rarity had picked up that scent before somewhere. Then she noticed something else, traces of rainbow colored hair in a neat cut laying on the floor next to the envelope. "These look like hairs from a rainbow mane!" She exclaimed, as she placed them into a bag for safe keeping.

"Uh-oh, that's not good." Rainbow gulped.

"Maybe, or maybe not," Rarity explained. "Either way, this piece of evidence is worth holding onto for a closer inspection." Then she began to narrate: "Rainbow Dash was getting antsy, but I had faith that I could clear her name and find the real culprit."

Unaware of Rarity's narrations, Rainbow commented. "What are you doing?"

"Uh, just thinking thoughts," Rarity nervously stammered. "Come on." As they set off, Rarity narrated to herself again:
"Rainbow Dash was right. In order to solve the mystery, we had to be focused. Driven. One hundred percent in the—" But then something caught her eye, namely the curtains not far from the castle room. "Ooh! The damask pattern on these curtains is exquisite!" She exclaimed. "And just look at this velvet rope-holder, it seems like it was untouched up until last night! What a travesty!"

"We don't have time to look at the décor! They're gonna kick me out of the Wonderbolts unless we solve this thing!" Rainbow complained.

But Rarity reassured her troubled friend. "That rope-holder's condition might be a clue. These curtains would make a fine hiding place for somepony trying to avoid being seen by Spitfire or the guards. And the only way they could do that, was if they used the rope-holder."

"You think somepony would hide behind curtains like a game?!" Rainbow groaned. "This is serious, Rarity!"

"I know, Rainbow, and I'm on this case like a charm on a bracelet!" Rarity replied. "I'm already beginning to think you've been framed, though the question is: By who and for what reason? Now, here's what I'm thinking: somepony had to bring Spitfire that letter, which means somepony must have seen them! And I think you know who I'm talking about!"

"The royal guards!" Rainbow exclaimed with hope! "If anypony can prove my alibi, it's them!"

Rarity and Rainbow approached the three royal guards who had been on duty the last night, and decided that for the sake of time, they would have to interrogate them a little. It was the fastest way to get any useful information out of them.

Opting for a gentle touch, Rarity politely spoke to the three guards. "Now, I just have a few questions for you, and I'm sure that once we get some things cleared up, we'll—"

But Rainbow was too impatient to wait for results! "Come on, Rarity, we don't have all day! We have to press them hard right from the start!" Then to one of the guards she demanded. "Where were you on the night of last night at midnight?! Tell me!"

Nervously, the guard answered. "We were just here, guarding the hallway entrance like we were supposed to."

"A likely story," Rainbow questioned. "Next I suppose you'll tell me the butler did it."

"Did what?" The guard asked in confusion, and then answered. "I'm telling you, we were there all night, and no one went in or out of that hallway."

"Except for you of course." Another guard confirmed.

"So what are you tryin' to say?" Rainbow asked. "You saying I'm the culprit?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, but what I'm saying is simple," The guard answered. "There were only two rooms in the northwest wing: yours and Spitfire's. So the only other pony who had access to that wing was you."

Rainbow gulped yet again, so much for her alibi.

Rarity could see what was going on, and she didn't like it. In fact, she narrated to herself: "The waters were getting choppy. Rainbow Dash's tactics were, well, horrid. I figured it was time for another approach." Then while appearing on a sofa she announced. "Perhaps I should take it from here!" And she turned on her charm as she sweetly talked to the guards. "You castle guards have such a difficult job. I'm guessing that at times it can be rather... boring to say the least."

"It is," The first guard confessed. "I've counted all three hundred and forty five bolts in the ceiling tiles two hundred and ninety three times! We're never needed for anything, the princesses always handle the big problems. And when the princesses need help we quickly get taken out of commission!"

"And of course being a castle guard can be thankless work," Rarity said in a sympathetic tone. "Now, I'm not saying that you did, but if you took a break, you more than deserved it."

The guard sighed. "Oh, you're right. We don't get a lot of recognition for what we do. everypony always thinks we're useless."

"Well, except for last night," The other guard confessed. "Somepony was nice enough to leave a cake for us. So we did take one little break when we ate that cake. Maybe somepony slipped past during that point, but if they did please don't tell Captain Armor about it. We'll surely catch an earful from him about abandoning our post."

"Relax, your secret's safe with me," Rarity winked. "Now, tell me about that cake. Any details at all would be helpful. Maybe you could start by telling me what kind of cake it was?"

"Cherry with a custard filling." The guard from before answered.

"And what about the frosting? Was it vanilla or chocolate?" Rarity asked, pressing for more details.

"Chocolate." Replied the first guard.

Sensing she was onto something, Rarity pressed further still. "Was the base of the cake decorated with buttercream rosettes by any chance?"

"Yeah, it was. Found that kind of odd, but hey, you can't argue with free cake!" The guard answered.

Rainbow found herself getting fed up with the line of questioning, she failed to see how any of it was helping. "Ugh, who cares how it was decorated?! It's a cake, it probably came from a shop in town!"

Rarity narrated quickly to herself: "Rainbow Dash was questioning my methods, and rightfully so. But not to worry, for I knew what I was doing."

"Do you really?" Rainbow complained.

"Oh, oh, oh. Did I say that one out loud?" Rarity pondered. "If I did I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do it."

"I've been hearing some of your narrations, Rarity," Rainbow commented. "This isn't like one of your crime novels, this is real!" But then she hung her head and slumped down to the level of Rarity's legs as she added. "Oh, what's the use?! I mean, even I think I'm guilty at this point! And who could blame me?! I really did want to fly in that show! What if I somehow wrote that note when I was asleep?! Do you know what I do when I sleep?! Because I sure don't!"

Even though her friend was clearly distraught and ready to give up on herself, Rarity remained calm and lightly shushed Rainbow. "Oh, calm down, Rainbow Dash. We'll get to the bottom of this soon enough. For there's only one bakery in all of Canterlot that makes a chocolate cherry cake with custard filling and buttercream frosting rosettes and that's..."

Rainbow still couldn't believe where that line of thinking ultimately lead. " ...Cinnamon Chai's Tea and Cake Shop! Oh, and what luck, there's Cinnamon Chai herself!" Rarity exclaimed. "Once I've heard from her, I think I can piece this all together."

Cinnamon Chai was a unicorn mare with a light brown, a darker brown mane and tail styled into a series of lovely curls, dark purple eyes, a cutie mark depicting a cinnamon stick in a drink, and a white apron. She was currently cleaning a cup with a rag. "Hello, how can I help you?" She asked, as Rarity approached her.

"I've heard you have the best chocolate cherry custard cake with buttercream frosting rosettes in town!" Rarity said to Cinnamon.

Cinnamon happily exclaimed in response! "Ah, you travel in the right circles! We have the only chocolate cherry custard cake with buttercream frosting rosettes in town!"

Eyeing a nearby display window, Rarity commented. "Oh, no. But it seems somepony's already bought it! So who was the lucky pony?"

"Oh, why I can't say!" Cinnamon answered after thinking it over for a moment.

"Why? Because it was somepony famous or something along those lines?" Rarity questioned.

Cinnamon shook her head. "No... because it was hard to tell! It was practically midnight when the customer came in, and I couldn't tell if it was a mare or a stallion. They had a light blue coat, though of what shade I couldn't tell since it was so dark. Whoever it was wore a trench coat, sunglasses, and a scarf around their head which covered most of their face. Ooh, but I do remember that when the customer spoke, he or she had a really deep, raspy voice."

"What do you mean, raspy?" Rainbow questioned from afar.

"Well, kinda like yours actually." Cinnamon answered, which prompted another gulp from Rainbow.

Rarity could sense she was onto to something, though what that was she couldn't tell. So she told Cinnamon. "If there's anything else you can remember about the client, dish."

Cinnamon briefly pondered, then told Rarity. "Well, have I got a story for you! The pony who bought the cake threw a big fit when they accidentally got chocolate ganache on their scarf!"

"That's terrible, what a crime against fashion!" Rarity exclaimed. "What color was the scarf? Can you remember?"

"I think it was white," Cinnamon answered. "No, maybe more an ivory..."

"Ivory? You don't say!" Rarity remarked, that detail seemed very crucial.

But just then Rainbow butted in. "I can't believe you're talking fashion at a time like this, Rarity! You're supposed to be helping me, and the show starts in less than an hour from now!"

"Rainbow, don't panic, please," Rarity instructed. "I know my methods seem odd and unusual, but I need you to trust me. They are producing results."

But Rainbow only replied with. "Trust you?! Why?! You've spent more time changing clothes than trying to help me! You said you were gonna prove my innocence, but all you've done is show off your collection and waste time chasing dead ends that aren't gonna prove anything! Face it, I'm doomed! You didn't have to take up this case just to try and give me a false sense of security!"

Despite her friend's outburst, Rarity said nothing. She just waited for Rainbow to finish and then calmly told her. "I understand you're upset, Rainbow Dash. But I meant every word of it when I said I'd prove your innocence. I don't believe you'd do such a thing anymore than Soarin does, and I've know you better than he does. You're Rainbow Dash, the very pony who saved me when my butterfly wings burnt up in the sun, even after I'd upstaged you throughout the entire show. I know you'd never turn your back on those you care about or admire, no matter how tempted you might be."

"But, all the evidence, it points to me!" Rainbow commented, struggling to keep the tears out of her eyes. "How could it not be me?! How do you know for sure I didn't do it without knowing it somehow?!"

"Just look at the evidence more closely," Rarity explained. "At a first glance it would seem that all of it points to you as the culprit. But it's never as simple as that. That raspy voice bit could easily be a red herring used by the true culprit to throw us off the trail, and place suspicion on yourself. But the bit with the scarf suggests that it can't be you, because you don't wear an ivory scarf now do you?"

"No," Rainbow agreed. "But I don't see where you're going with all this, Rarity. You saying somepony tried to frame me?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Rarity replied. "For the longest time I couldn't figure who that could be, as there are no immediate suspects with the motive or opportunity. But that scarf was the last clue I needed, and with it I think I've just about solved this mystery."

"You mean, you know who did it?!" Rainbow asked, hopefully.

"Perhaps, but I want you to understand that what I'm about to do is not a decision I've arrived at lightly. And a part of me hopes I'm still wrong," Rarity cautioned to her friend. "Knowing all that. Do you still trust me enough to let me present my case to the Wonderbolts?"

"Of course, Rarity!" Rainbow happily exclaimed, hugging her friend tightly. "And I'm sorry I was so harsh just a minute or two ago. You're truly one of the best friends I could've asked for, you get me in a way few others do."

Rarity smiled. "It's quite alright, Rainbow, darling. Now come on, we'd best be going if we want to get back in time to clear your name." As the two set off though, Rarity narrated in her mind: "Rainbow Dash was obviously still fraught with worry, but I had all my ducks in a row. She was not going to like it, but there was only one way to find out if my suspicions were correct."

Back at the track, things weren't going well for the Wonderbolts. Soarin was so upset he'd resorted to stress eating an apple pie, loudly munching away for all to hear. It was the only thing helping him cope.

Just then, the door flung open and Blaze and Misty Fly returned. But with them came only bad news. "We looked everywhere, but Spitfire wasn't at Mom's house!" Blaze reported to all gathered.

"Where could she be?" Stormy Flare wondered. "I hope she hasn't gotten herself hurt."

The door swung open again, and Rarity announced loudly. "I've found the culprit!" Following a loud gulp from Soarin and a few nervous looks from the rest of the Wonderbolts, Rarity added. "Somepony sent Spitfire away and framed Rainbow Dash for it to kick her out of the Wonderbolts. Said pony is in this very room, and that pony is none other than... Wind Rider!" All the Wonderbolts gasped in shock!

Even Rainbow Dash couldn't believe what Rarity was suggesting. And she was quick to voice her criticisms! "Rarity, I can't believe you would accuse Wind Rider of framing me! He's a living legend, for pony's sake! I haven't done anything to him!"

"But all the evidence points to him!" Rarity protested. "Now allow me to explain. I never believed you would send Spitfire away, not for a second. So when we found the rainbow hairs in Spitfire's room, I could tell that they didn't just fall out. They... were cut!" She presented the bag of rainbow hairs for all to see. "Nopony loses hair in a chunk. And look at the ends. It's a straight line! They were clearly cut with shears, which means somepony planted it at the scene of the crime! Then when we were examining Spitfire's room more carefully, I smelled something on the envelope. A familiar fragrance known as Juniper Phoenix, Wind Rider's cologne of choice and one of his personal favorites! Now tell me if that's just a coincidence."

"Pah, you call that proof?" Wind Rider scoffed. "Anypony could've cut off those hairs, and just because you smelled a cologne I happened to put on yesterday, doesn't mean it puts me at the scene of the crime. I was nowhere near the northwest wing of the castle that night, I was asleep in my bed in the southeast wing, all the way on the other side of the castle! Besides, Juniper Phoenix is a very popular fragrance I'll have you know."

"True, but my argument is just getting started," Rarity explained. "In the castle hallway, I noticed some of the damask curtains fell out of their velvet rope-holder after being touched, then put back in their place earlier this morning. Thus indicating that somepony had been hiding behind them! Perhaps after they dropped off the fake letter, so as to avoid detection by Spitfire?"

"Anypony could've moved those curtains," Wind Rider protested. "I gotta say, your logic is looking pretty sloppy so far, Miss."

Rarity gave a knowing wink as she added. "Precisely why I questioned the castle guards! They informed me that they were at their post at the entrance to the hallway all night, except for a small window of time when somepony brought them cake. A one of a kind cake sold at one particular store, the owner of which testified to having ordered by a pony with a raspy voice while concealing their face! Whoever ordered the cake got a chocolate stain on their ivory scarf, and I couldn't help but notice that Wind Rider's scarf is tied in a tight Windsor knot instead of its usual loose slipknot! And why is that? Is it perhaps to hide the chocolate stain?!" Using her magic, Rarity undid the knot and exposed Wind Rider's scarf for all to see! Sure enough, a huge chocolate stain could be seen on it! Everypony gasped, except for Rarity!

With suspicion now falling on him, Wind Rider was quick to try and deflect the attention. "Ah, this is preposterous. Wonderbolts, you don't believe a word of this, right? That chocolate stain could've come from anywhere, what does this amateur detective know about solving a crime?! Nothing, that's what!"

Rarity didn't buy Wind Rider's excuse for a second. "Just admit it – you're as guilty of framing Rainbow Dash as you are of ruining that ivory scarf! And I'd say the evidence makes a pretty good case for both!"

"You're really not going to take no for an answer, are you?" Wind Rider grumbled. "You're a stubborn little brat, you know that?" Then he reluctantly confessed. "Ah, fine! You caught me! I did it! There, you happy now?!"

Rainbow could hardly believe such words were coming out of the mouth of a pony she'd once considered among the best Wonderbolts! "But why, Wind Rider?! What did I ever do to you to deserve this?! Whatever it was, I'm sorry!"

"It's simple," Rarity commented. "It was because he was afraid that you would break his long-distance Wonderbolt record! I heard him last night when Spitfire said that you were close to breaking his record. He said, and I quote, 'Heh-heh'. That's the polite but disingenuous laugh you make when you want to seem happy but really you're not. He figured if he could get you kicked out of the Wonderbolts by framing you for this crime, his record would stand forever! And I suspect he's done the same to anypony who's ever come close to breaking any of the records he still holds that are dear to his heart!"

"Don't go putting words in my mouth!" Wind Rider complained loudly. "You think is about some silly record?! Clearly, you don't know me OR the Wonderbolts!"

"Hey, far as I'm concerned you give us a bad name at the moment!" Soarin jabbed. "Explain yourself this instant, Wind Rider! Why would you do such a thing?!"

"You all know the reason," Wind Rider growled in a low voice. "It's because of her!" He pointed a hoof to Rainbow Dash as he complained. "Back in my day, a Wonderbolt was a position you had to earn, not one that could just be hoofed out on a silver platter! I didn't get my position because I was friends with a princess or two, and maybe saved the world a couple of times! I got to where I was through hard work and determination, not to mention a drive to be better than the rest! Was it a bit ruthless, maybe, but back in the day you had to be tough to be a Wonderbolt! I couldn't let some upstart hotshot get into the ranks, far as I'm concerned you're far too reckless, kid! One of these days you're gonna get yourself killed with your behavior the way it is! So I did what I had to do to preserve the reputation and credibility of the Wonderbolts! And I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling ponies!"

"Really? That is so not cool. And to think I once looked up to you," Rainbow protested, glaring at Wind Rider. "For your information, I had to apply for the academy before I could even be considered for a position in the reserves, Captain Spitfire told me so herself. And I trained quite hard under her."

Wind Rider just snorted. "Spitfire's too soft, she doesn't have the guts to uphold the high standards to which we Wonderbolts are held! It's times like this that make me wish I'd come out of retirement sooner, in order to challenge her for the position of captain! I know what it takes to be a Wonderbolt, and any of you would do the same in my position!"

"You don't get it, do you?" Rainbow remarked. "That's not what being a Wonderbolt is all about."

"She's right you know!" Soarin commented, glaring at Wind Rider. "Wonderbolts look out for each other! Which reminds me, where is Spitfire? Where did you send her? She'd better be alright, for your sake!"

Wind Rider confessed. "She's fine, for now anyways. I sent her that letter pretending to be Stormy Flare. I told her I had Pegasitis, and the only cure for that is the ice iris in the Crystal Mountains."

"No wonder she's been gone so long. Ice irises are almost impossible to find in spring!" Rainbow commented. "Of course the Crystal Mountains would be the only place to have them!"

Soarin sighed as he concluded. "The Crystal Mountains are too far for anypony to make it there and back before the royal garden opening! So unfortunately, Rainbow Dash, we need you to fly in Spitfire's place anyway!"

Rainbow didn't like the idea of replacing Spitfire, so she told Soarin. "But Spitfire shouldn't have to miss this! I'm gonna get her!"

"But you'll never make it in time!" Soarin protested.

"Then there's no time to lose!" Rainbow said firmly, and zipped away before anyone could stop her!

Nearly an hour passed with no sign of Rainbow Dash or Spitfire anywhere. Even the best of Wonderbolts were beginning to worry, all except Wind Rider who just smirked with triumph. In a matter of minutes, two of the biggest threats to his future would be gone.

"Rainbow Dash is still gone! I don't think she's gonna make it!" Blaze commented, glancing out a nearby window.

"Oh, don't panic. If I know Rainbow Dash, she'll come through like she always does." Rarity replied, and she was right. The door suddenly swung open, and Spitfire came trotting in, panting heavily. It was clear to all that she was out of breath, no doubt from the long flight back.

"Spitfire, you're back! I can't believe you made it!" Soarin exclaimed, rushing over to his captain!

Out of breath, Spitfire was barely able to reply. "I wouldn't have, if Rainbow hadn't found me so fast! Gave me enough time to fly back! Thanks for holding down the fort while I was gone, Soarin."

"Hey, don't mention it," Soarin nodded. "But please, next time don't disappear on me on such short notice."

Meanwhile, Rainbow had made her way over to Rarity and said to her. "Rare, I couldn't have done it without you. And I'm sorry I doubted you."

"It's alright," Rarity apologized. "I didn't want to get your hopes up until I was sure, and I couldn't be sure until I saw that chocolate stain. Up to that point it was speculation and stringing together the clues. They all pointed to Wind Rider, but he had a pretty good alibi for the initial time of the crime."

"Yeah, but you ended up blowing the lid on it and exposing him for the jerk he was," Rainbow commented, before realization struck her and she glumly added. "Just like me. I'm some friend, huh? You believed in me when I doubted myself, and yet I didn't return the favor."

"Actually, you're quite a good friend. You needen't beat yourself up for a few honest mistakes," Rarity replied and explained. "Look at what you just did. You went to get Spitfire, even though it meant you couldn't fly today. If that's not the hallmark of a good friend, I don't know what is."

"Yeah, you're right," Rainbow sighed. "I hope someday I'll get my chance to fly with the Wonderbolts."

"Well, someday's today," Spitfire proudly declared. "How'd you like Wind Rider's spot in the show?"

Wind Rider could hardly believe the decision, and he quickly protested! "Uh, w-w-what? Y-You can't do this to me! I'm one of the greatest Wonderbolts there ever was! Without me, you'd all be nothing!"

"I don't think so! Besides, I'm the captain, so I give the orders!" Spitfire growled at Wind Rider. "And for attempting to frame Rainbow Dash, tricking me, and trying to impersonate my mother for the sake of your petty feud, I hereby strip you of your Wonderbolts status forever! You're hereby dishonorably dismissed, Wind Rider! And all your standing records will be erased from the books!" Then to Blaze and Misty Fly she instructed. "Take him away!"

Once Wind Rider had left, Soarin looked at Rainbow and asked her. "So, would you still like to fly with us?"

Excited by the proposal, Rainbow flew into the air as she happily proclaimed! "Would I?! Woo-hoo! Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, aww yeah..."

"Uh, Rainbow Dash?" Soarin commented. "There's no time for this, you need to suit up, now."

"Coming!" Rainbow called in an embarrassing tone. "Even if it's just for this one occasion, this is like a dream come true!" She thought to herself.

As Rarity watched her friend perform with the Wonderbolts, she smiled and narrated to herself about the events that had just transpired on this day: "So my friend got her moment in the sun after all. Or the center of an aerial flower, as the case may be. And as for me? Why, I got a chance to show off my Femme Mystique Chic collection for all to see!"

"That's nice, dear." Stormy Flare commented, snapping Rarity out of her inner monologue.

"Oh, did I say that out loud?" Rarity commented in a faint tone of embarrassment.

Stormy Flare only chuckled. "It's alright. My daughters used to do that all the time when they were younger. They had such active imaginations."

"The mother of two Wonderbolts, one of which is captain," Rarity commented. "You must be so proud of them."

"Yes, very," Stormy replied. "As I'm sure you must be seeing your friend up there."

"Of course," Rarity nodded. "And I just know she'll make a fine Wonderbolt in her own right one of these days."

Author's Note:

Now we come to the quickest rewrite, and the one that needed the least amount of tweaking. This episode was pretty good as it was, but it needed some adjustments in a couple of areas.

The biggest is in the fact that while the Wonderbolts do give Rainbow a chance to clear her name, to some them come across as antagonist and mean to her, not giving her the benefit of the doubt. Some also say that the existence of Wind Rider further suggests the Wonderbolts are inheritently bad since this is the third time Rainbow's had to teach them about the boundries of what is and isn't acceptable. To change that, especially after I'd already rewritten "Rainbow Falls", I knew I had to make sure the Wonderbolts gave Rainbow more of a chance.

The stuff with Blaze is based on the headcanon that since she's so similar to Spitfire, she's Spitfire's kid sister. Which would also make her a daughter of Stormy Flare.

Second, this episode, while a good mystery story, never fully explained or even tried to explain Rarity's methods for the sake of preserving drama. And some of the humor ends up falling flat as a result. Plus, the moral feels like a last minute inclusion for the sake of having one. I decided to make sure all were addressed here, especially the bit with the raspy voice which doesn't get brought up again (even if it was likely supposed to be a red herring).

And third and most importantly, Wind Rider needed a better motivation other than wanting to defend his record. It's a motive I've seen far too many times in Scooby-Doo! mysteries and parodies to take seriously. Speaking of Scooby-Doo!, I threw in the obvious "Meddling Kids" reference that the original episode probably could've included with a culprit as fairly obvious as Wind Rider.

I'll try to work on the next one and have it out by Sunday or Monday, then try to have the only two parter of this rewrite done by the end of next week, so I'll already be over halfway done by the time school starts up for me again. But release dates are not set in stone. I'll try to get out to see the movie when it comes out in theaters in early October, but it's not a guranteed commitment. It all depends on transportation availability, access to theaters that show it, and of course money.

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