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When the local orphanage gets into some financial difficulties, the students of Canterlot High all try to think of a way to raise money. Sadly, Adagio also has an idea. A contest, of a rather risqué variety. Still, could be worse. You could be the one made to judge the contest.

Part of my EG Continuity

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World's Sexiest Grandma Strikes Again! Speaking of which, I wouldn't be surprised if the vaudeville brothers came in and somehow changed the conditions so that the swimsuit contest somehow incorporated a marathon. Either way, the boys will be seeing lotsa gratuitous fanservice.

...God...dammit, Adagio...

"Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have done. Unfortunately, the matter was taken to Superintendent Sombra before being brought to my attention."

She looked away, frowning.

"Unsurprisingly, he was all in favour of the notion."

Okay, human Sombra's creepy.

"Will you and Vice-Principal Luna be...?"

Celestia knew the unspoken question, and shook her head.

There are more modest swimsuits like Rainbow Dash's in Forgotten Friendship (though they're extremely rare nowadays, or else just less popular for some reason). Any like that would have my vote because they're not along the lines of what everyone else is probably thinking about, they're more like the real female equivalent to male swimsuits IMO and I wish there could be more like that. (Everyone else probably feels the opposite way of course)

Wasn't expecting a Sombra cameo.

Real life scenario:

A few teenaged girls are brought before their principal and told a local orphanage needs money, so they have been conscripted to parade around half-naked.

“Um, ew? No way. Those smelly homeless brats wouldn’t even thumbs up my instagram. I only take off my clothes when Kim Kardashian does.”

This shall be interesting :trixieshiftright:

Buckle up, boys. Here we go, again.

Sad but most likely true. If this was the in the 90s or early 2000's they would have no problem, but teenagers nowadays... yeah.

Well, this story should quite funny. Also, small typo found here:

Celestia hunger her head.

Should be hung. Or hanged. I always forget in regards to humans.

I am so looking forward to the swimsuit shenanigans. Honestly Adagio is using the term 'sex sells' like Sonata did to help Applejack. But considering SIrens in Earth's mythology, I'm not surprised. Though, is a girls' swimsuit contest or will there be one for the boys too?

Hahahaha. Adagio would do this. She probably walked into Sombra’s office, hips swaying, and he just skimmed the paper before stamping it with approval multiple times. Also, I know Celestia said she wouldn’t participate, or at least implied it, but I still want to see her and Luna in swimsuits for this fic. Bet Celestia in a bikini would get all the money.

Both. Both is good. Especially since Sunset and Flash are the judges.

Okay, this should be entertaining! :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait to see the other girls' reaction to this!

Although that mention of Superintendent Sombra... I really want to see a story where he makes an appearance sometime. XD

I approve of Adagio’s idea!

Honestly, I don’t see why Sunset and the others are so bent out of shape. Yes, the plan involves girls putting on swimsuits and posing for judges and an audience, but it could be a lot worse. Adagio could’ve suggested something a lot less wholesome... like jello wrestling.

If the rest of the girls are going to be involved, I’m sure Rarity will design swimsuits that will be modest... for the most part.

I’m interested to see who will be modeling and who will be judging.

Well it is a swinsuit contest. Nobody says girls only, but I suppose Mommadagio wants some sweet eye candy. Any boyfriends or couples like Lyra and Bonbon joining in?

All of them, Pinkie. All of them.

hehehe. watch Twi go out on stage only to see Cadance and her brother in the crowd. lol


Called it! :rainbowlaugh:

No mention about parents or legal tutors signing their consent? That should be Celestia´s first worry.

Of course there's the question of who get to decide what is 'decent' and if it matches with the audience / family members / local press. I'm sure Adagio would have a more liberal definition of acceptable dress than Flash might and Sunset being from another world (although she seems well integrated) might mean she has some blind spots about what is considered decent.

This is giving me Persona 4 vives. I bet other people will start writing other peoples nae and they will actually get alot of money.

Well Flash has a new haircut.

I already figured that Flash was going to be one of the judges, but I was a little surprised that Sunset and Adagio are also going to be judging. I could have seen Sunset be a contestant, with that fiery hair of hers. I’m just amazed that Adagio is not a contestant! Given the event, and who she is, I figured she’d be the first to jump at the chance to flaunt her stuff. On the other hand, seeing as both girls and guys are in this, I guess this will give her a chance to check out some eye candy.

I’m curious to see which of the girls will participate. I can’t imagine Fluttershy would join... then again, considering it’s for the orphanage...

Looking forward to the next chapter!

This is just keeps getting better and better :trollestia:

Since the entire concept of this story is ridiculous, I won't mention any ways current society would never let this happen and go with it.

Doing a bit of logistic work, the contest requires at least 500 participants to raise the necessary $50,000. Considering the cutoff age to be 16, that would limit the contest to seniors, juniors and some sophomores. Even making it coed, I'm figuring a maximum percentage of the student populace participating to be 40%, meaning Canterlot High must enroll at least 1,250 students, meaning somewhere around 312 students per grade, assuming an even division between classes. That's a lot bigger than it looks in the movies/shorts.

:facehoof: I'm way over-analyzing a fanfic. Good job so far, Jay.


:facehoof:I'mwayover-analyzing a fanfic.

Fun, isn't it? :pinkiehappy:

So, is Andante gonna show up? Considering he's basically Adagio...

Let's hope RD doesn't participate. It'd be awkward af if Flash had to judge his sister in a swimsuit

This chapter was very awkwardly organized. It was just switching between a line or two of dialogue then a line or two of narration then back to a line or two of dialogue through the entire thing.

I forgot that RD and Flash are half-siblings in this universe.

All the MORE reason for it to happen! :rainbowlaugh:


Don´t go there. Next thing, you are going to question is how did they afforded the circuit with bikes back in the Friendship Games. Or the full equiped scenario and amphitheater for the Battle of the Bands.
Logic, you have overstayed our welcome.

"That meansyoutwo, Snips and Snails."

Oh good, she knows her audience.

Shortly afterwards though, the show began in earnest, and, to the surprise of perhaps only a few of the students, the first to step out onto the stage was none other than Trixie.

Surprising nobody in the slightest.

"How them how it's done!"

Show them.

"Well then, guess you won't be looking at your sister the same way again, eh Flash?"

Evil? No. Wicked? HILARIOUSLY so.

"Well, that's...comforting...I guess."


"I think there's a big difference between posing for a friend and stepping out to an audience."

OH yeah.

"You're welcome," Adagio remarked.

OK now I HAVE to do it.

Applejack's head poked out from behind the curtain to give a stern look to any who was looking at her brother that way.


"...Oh dear."


As you can probably tell, this particular chapter has been re-written somewhat to better match the now-canon suits the girls have been confirmed as wearing, both from the upcoming EG special as well as whatever images I could find regarding the recently-released beach toys. I had originally planned to do suits of different designs, but, owing to my policy of having these stories match the look and feel of the canon stories, I felt the changes were necessary. Plus, the designs I had planned for originally weren’t actually that interesting in comparison, so I was pretty grateful for the need to change it.

Wait, that's gonna be a THING?

The judges began to write their notes down, and before long, the curtain moved a second time. However, when next a girl emerged, nobody was expecting it. For the one now stepping out was, to the shock of Flash in particular, Rainbow Dash.

Flash:...Okay, that's nice. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go burn my eyes out.

Adagio looked on hungrily at the spot Mac had been standing.

"Yes, yes it did."

Sunset: I swear I would punch you if I thought I could get away with it.

And so far no nosebleeds.

So exciting. Who will win? Someone do a fanfic reading of this

So exciting. Who will win? Someone do a fanfic reading of this

"Come on, bro. You really think some girl is seriously gonna...?"

But, in answer to her unfinished question, Flash gave his half-sister a pair of narrowed eyes, and in the silence that followed, Rainbow considered her own question, before coming to a stark realisation, scratching the back of her head and letting out a nervous chuckle.

did I miss a story or are the canterlot girls more confident than I thought?

"Gotta say, it was a near thing for a while, having to choose between all those girls and guys."

And I wish we got to see it.

"Well...maybe once or twice. But no more."

Eh, I dunno...

"Well...I supposeonemore swimsuit wouldn't hurt."


Any time Sunset seduces Flash is a good time.

"If Fluttershy was okay with posing nude for a painting, why wouldthismake her nervous?"

Did I miss a story? I don't quite remember that. :rainbowhuh:

In any case, this was a cute story.

[EDIT] Nevermind, I looked into it and found the story in question.

"Well...I suppose one more swimsuit wouldn't hurt."

Sounds like it is soon to be one less :raritywink::trollestia:

Kinda figured that Sunset was going to be the private winner in the end.

Her midriff was bare

And an attractive one it is, at that. I don't blame Flash for changing his mind.

Sunset: So we agree: Never let Adagio organize anything again.
Flash: Definitely.

Awesome! Imagine this as an animation or a comic. That would be cool wouldn't it?

Darn. Luna won't be taking part.

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