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Death?! In Canterlot!? How odd...



This story is a sequel to Saving Silver Colt

Andreah Reigns is back. And when she's sent to her home town to investigate some remains found near the famous Apple Farmers land. She thinks it might just be the be the wolves around there that buried the bones, but who actually killed Murky Sky?

And while Silver try​s to distance himself from Andreah, the newly reassigned Agent Qwick tries to get close to her. Physically close.

But can Andreah handle a broken heart, somepony trying to steal the pieces, and a bunch of broken bones?

Chapters (11)
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Poor Andreah. Silver isn't the pony he once was...

No. I spelled his name 'Qwick' in purpose.

That was one rough argument. And now it seems Andreah is having doubts...

Looks like they've found a new lead...

Yeah, I kinda threw that out there huh... I could've delivered that better.


That's okay. I'm still enjoying this story a lot.

A nice victory for Andreah, and a good ending to the story.

Yay!!! :ajsmug: it was very fun to write! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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