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At last, Apple Bloom has begun to fall for Sweetie Belle. The teenage Apple can't sleep without dreaming of her. Encouraged by Applejack's relationship with Sunset Shimmer, she wants to make Sweetie Belle the happiest girl in the world. But the harshness of life will undoubtedly teach her that some doors can't swing certain ways.

Inspired by some of my life lessons in falling in love with people who couldn't reciprocate their love for me. Hope you enjoy this.

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It's an ok story

This was a rather good story and I enjoyed it greatly I hope to see more to this story such as a sequel as I feel this deserves a sequel to it. Very well paced and very well written. :twilightsmile:

Rushed beyond belief at points but other than that it was pretty good

Ugh. I hoped SweetieMash will be denied in this story.:facehoof:

I don't like gay/lesbian ships, but my hatred for SweetieMash made me to cheer for SweetieBloom.

love triangle has been activated

Okay idea, but too rushed, and not enough time spent on discussing the subject.

Yeah, I couldn't be bothered really :twilightsmile:

i dont mind sweetiemash but I can see why some people would dislike it tho my personal fave ship is spikexsweetie

Got a good sense of your life lessons in there. Hit me right in the feels for some of my own. Really great story!

I belong we're I will mlp is about friendship not gay love in their social justice need most bronies have perverted this fact none of the characters were shown as gay, and none will be if you can not reconise that fact then stop trolling.

then don't read homosexual stories. As is, you are appearing to be a Negative Nelly.

I hate you, you've done a story where fav pony girl and Applejack are lovers ;)

Anyway, that's a good story in general.

Even if I'm dead focusing on Sunset and Applejack's relationship (that's not everyday we have a good story, with this ship especially, considering there isn't enough stories with it).

This story started out as well as it could, soon turning sad as I began puzzling things together. And I was crushed when "it" happened, but was saved from sadness as they found each other.

I loved it.
10 Stars.

You Should Make An Alernate Ending With Sweetie Belle And Apple Bloom Together Like Sweetie Belle Kisses Back

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