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I reall like this story. Just need to work on the grammar.(You'll be hearing that from a lot of people)

Thanks for the comment and that you like the story.
The Thing with the grammar, I know I will hear that often, English is my second language, and I don't have another one how to read it through and spell check it.

Oh ok, good luck and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Nice one. They really need a wake-up-call from Vet. And I personally want it to really hit home how they fu**** up!

beautiful story, i really hope that you continue this. This story has its own..Flare you know?
anyway I supoort this story Do Proceed!!!

Great chapter and I see your English is a lot better. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

I'm working on it, but sadly RL got in my way. But I try to write more in the next week

Nice work on the new chapter, nice to see this has been continued.

I like your story so far. However I have a question. Have you read the soldier of magic? The reason why I ask is cuz parts of your story remind me so much of that story. I'm sending you a link to the story if you haven't read it already. It may help you with future chapters and it gives you and idea of what Twilight has been through and what else she can take.

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