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You think I look tired? Probably because I was at this new bar last night.

You heard about it yet? Great place.

Cheap drinks. Hot mares. Even hotter staff.

I even hooked up with a mare there. And now I can't seem to get her out of my head.

A more adult semi-sequel to both "Don't Let The Bed Bug Bite" and "The Bug In The Cave".

Artwork by Burning Heart Brony. DARK tag just to be safe.

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Good to see Chryssy getting back on her hooves! What a go-getter!

This was a fun read, keep it up

I really like where this is going. Please continue!

It does make one question if Chryssy is genuinely experienced in bed, or if shes been getting along purely by forcing hentai logic into her victims heads. :applejackconfused:

I can see that happening easily, Chrysalis the functional virgin, copies doujins for sex scene illusions to make up for her own lack of experience! :rainbowlaugh:

No one writes dark Chryssi stories like NBD :pinkiehappy:

Did you have any particular Wonderbolt in mind for the main character, by the way? He doesn't seem like Thunderlane, so I'd guess Fire Streak or maybe Silver Zoom? Or possibly Sky Stinger, a few years on?

Well, (mass) mind control again, instead of psychology. Welp. And it started so well, too :(

As you can clearly see, the cherngelerngs cannot be trusted and are pure evil.

I, as Pony Hitler, shall use this propaganda to convince ponies that the cherngelerngs are the cause of all the ills and are in league with the Communist Starlight Revolution.

Then I'll take over the world! :pinkiecrazy:

Go Chryssie go, prepare your revenge!

I like the slow rise back into power that these are detailing. Under a bed, hiding in a cave, now running a bar..I’m excited to see where she ends up next.

I’m just sitting here laughing to myself, and suddenly I imagine Chryssy singing “I don’t want your money, honey” quietly behind the bar :rainbowlaugh:

8795777 I have one more "Bug" story in mind. Sort of a finale involving the colt from the first story, a couple decades later. I like trying different genres with these, so I would call that last one drama/sad, if I ever get to it. (Cute, too.)

Thanks for coming back! :twilightsmile:

8795072 It could be a comedy very easily. Chrysalis loves control and power. So... why not get ponies drunk then suddenly raise the prices? Why not shout at the kitchen staff or servers? I also think she just likes pretending to be other ponies. It's like a game to her. See how long she can go until getting caught.

8793328 I would say OC, because he's sort of a dick and none of the ones on the show seem like that. I had to look up Wind Waker just to have another male Wonderbolt name. Let's call him Gusty "Gus" Breeze. He's always full of hot air.

8793165 It's a good question. Does she even find ponies attractive? Does she screw one once a year just not to go crazy? Is sex really difficult for changelings? Because they feel so much love while it occurs that it hurts? Or makes them fat?

There you go. A whole new story for you. :applejackconfused:

8792349 Nopony gets a good bug down.

Wow. That was quite an experience :raritystarry:

I really loved this. It's the kind of story that makes me think I need to read it again to make sure I really got it, but it was gripping regardless.

Adult cartoon silly.

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