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A fan of Spyro the Dragon and REAL dragons, so I've decided to combine the two. Also the author of The Saga of Spyro series, a massive crossover fanfiction series starring my version of Spyro.


It is the dawn of Nightmare's Moon return: Twilight and her new friends are marching to the Ancient Castle of the Two Sisters and the elements of harmony await their arrival. And with the awakening of the elements, a new era will begin: an era where strife, chaos, and disharmony will reign as every form of evil and darkness from ancient times and new threaten Equestria once more.

And despite her best actions, Celestia is still unsure of victory. Desperate for her sister's return and the future of her kingdom, she pleas to the Tree of Harmony itself for help. For something to protect her ponies during this era.

And to everyone's surprise, the tree grants her wish, and summons a champion from another realm: a mighty, battle-ready purple dragon with incredible power and a taste for adventure. And through his arrival the world has entered a new age; an age where the corruption and imbalance of this world, caused either by chaotic evils or ponies themselves, will be cleansed in Dragon Fire. In order to see ponykind through, Twilight and her friends will need to learn all they can in both the magic of friendship and the power of dragons to join in the adventure to reshape their world.

The New Age of Dragons has begun.
TV Tropes Page (Yay! I actually got one!): https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/TheSagaOfSpyroQuestForHarmony
(This is an official crossover, NOT a Displaced Story! No 'Comic-Con/Merchant' stuff here!)
(Dragon-ish Spyro: a personal version written by myself! No pony transformations!)
(List of Times Featured on Front Page:
10/10/2017, 11/19/2017, 02/04/2018, 03/18/2018, 8/28/2018, 12/03/2018, 01/12/2019)

Chapters (24)
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Comments ( 552 )

Haven't read yet, but I hope cynder is in here

8366482: The Spyro in this story is based on the Original PS1 Series; chances are slim that she'll ever appear.

The Legend of Spyro: Quest for Harmony.

What do you mean by dragon-ish spyro?

8366629: I've created a new design of Spyro that's based more on 'real' dragons from movies and video games, like Smaug from the Hobbit, and the dragons from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He will look, act and behave more like these dragons, rather than the original cartoony version of the games.

8366597: I used Saga of Spyro to show that it's a different series and different Spyro than the Legends Trilogy. A version more based on the Original series.

8366645: Thanks.

Let me guess there will be thieves, right? Like egg thieves but instead of eggs they steal elements of harmony and call themselves thieves of the elements

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8368057: You know big monster fights or fantasy war? That's what it's for.

So.... They're all slightly more realistic than shown in the games? An interesting route to go. And it's definitely looking interesting as well.

A great story to this story .can't wait to read more.

Great chapter like the interaction with Fluttershy and Spyro. That was a nice touch to the story

Loving the more realistic take on Spyro. Can't wait for more.

So you're NOT including his adventures from Enter the Dragonfly and A Hero's Tail?
Because those ARE canon to the original Spyro.
Also, technically, Spyro Fusion is too, but that's just because of his cameo in Crash Twinsanity, but I'll leave that alone for now.

I mostly bring it up because I want to see him blow bubbles for Derpy and Dinky.


I never said those events never took place. I might have something regarding them in the future.

11 hours later, and I realize that I didn't see Sparx. Is Sparx goining to be in this? The original Sparx, not the Legend Sparx.

8410237: No. Sparx the Dragonfly will NOT appear in this story, as his original version does not have any real characterization outside of being a health bar; something that is unnecessary in a book. And his Legends version is too much of an ass to have survived long in this Spyro's presence.

So I'm taking a page out of Skylanders book and dropping the dragonfly altogether.

Now this is what I call great art work and a great story. Keep it up.

Then what about using Malefor as an even stronger enemy?

In that last paragraph, Spyro was talking about Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, The Sorceress, Red, and maybe Kaos. The only one I didn't recognize is the sea witch. Who is she and which game is she from?:rainbowhuh:

8433471: That's a secret that hints to another fanfic of mine. You can find that one on Fanfiction.net

If you find the secret out, please don't spoil it for the other readers.

I was just looking through the new stories to see what seemed interesting, then I stumbled along this. I used to be active on devianart waiting for update on this I was shocked and happy to see this is being written here. I thought it was dead. Can't wait to read more.

I liking this story and this and liking this version of Spyro.

'Traumatized heart, my scaly ass!' Spyro mentally grumbled. 'Not even Coco is this fussy about her physical appearance!'

who's coco?
i check on spyro but nothing come up.

8434143: check beyond Spyro.
Anyone who calls themselves a REAL Spyro fan should know this.

I know who you speak of but I will not spoil it. Still love how Spyro called Nightmare Moon a joke.

Oh you mean Coco from Crash Bandicoot I get now,
Sorry I didn't think about that part.
but that means you put crash bandicoot universe with your story.

"His death broke the curse over the rest of dragon kind, and the Dragon Realms were restored."

And like that, you've lost me.
You're either unfamiliar with a Hero's Tail or ignoring it, because Gnasty Gnorc is the first boss in it.

Change the word 'death' to 'defeat' and it'll be fixed.

... Why do I want him to eventually tell Fluttershy about how he once worked alongside an orange, anthropomorphic marsupial to help end an eveil genius's plan for world domination involving an absurd mix of accelerated evolution and advanced robotics?
Yes, I'm referring to the Crash Fusion and Spyro Fusion crossover games.

8434592: Let's just say Spyro wasn't in a forgiving mood when he finally fought the Gnorc.

Red would end up having to find someone else to aid him in his quest for power.

I guess can... tolerate... this much, but it's breaking the Spyro canon.

Also, to bring up the line about Coco, I'm pretty sure she didn't care all that much about her appearance. Tawna, however...

8434681: You saw my design for the characters, and you honestly think my version's canon is going to be the exact same as the games?

All that did was establish how much he'd aged since the last adventure.

8436269: And the fact I'm using Lore from the Orginal, Legend, and even Skylander versions didn't say otherwise?

"DO NOT ASSUME YOU UNDERSTAND THE REASONS FOR MY ACTIONS THAT DAY!!" The night alicorn roared angrily, wings flared and eyes blazing. "A mere wyrmling like you could never comprehend what it was like! To toil non-stop for those ungrateful masses! To work myself to the bone creating a night so beautiful and safe, worthy of any world, only to be shunned and discarded like trash in favor of my sister, who did nothing to earn their adoration other than bask in the light of the sun! The sun that was handed down to her on a sliver platter by our father; she never lifted a feather to earn anything she gained, and yet they all had the gall to worship her as if she was Faust herself!"

should be silver

"You, on the other 'hoof', are nothing more than a spoiled brat: where your sister has gone through hell and back to earn her love, you lazed around in your tower demanding mortals to give you what you want on a sliver, silk-clothed platter, without doing anything to prove to them that you and your night was trustworthy. And when you didn't get it, you threw a fit and try to kill whoever denied you, even when it was to help you !"

again, same mistake. it's silver, not sliver

"That night I refused to lower the sun for my sister, and we did battle for the crown; while she may have been older and wielded stronger magic, she had always been soft and bleeding-hearted, and years of peace had made her week! Far too weak to stand against my newfound power! But even then...even then...I LOST! THAT BITCH USE THE ELEMENTS OF HARMONY- MY ELEMENTS OF HARMONY-AGAINST ME AND SEALED ME WITHIN THAT ACCURSED ROCK FOR A THOUSAND YEARS !!"

you mean weak, right?

It is well known that dragons, while strong, are rather slow flyers; their sheer size and weight, combined with their massive wingspans, made them creatures that calmly soared through the sky, only moving fast when diving prey. So it's easy to understand why Nightmare Moon, someone who had out-flown the sluggish lizards before, was caught off-guard as Spyro tore past her with speeds that could surpass Rainbow Dash. And precision too: as he rocketed past her, he slammed into her with incredible force with his head, catching her with one of his horns just enough to strike her without knocking her for a loop. It took all the alicorn had to keep from screaming in agony as the horn gorged her left side and tore clean through, spraying the air and dragon in her blood.

should be gored

so, now that the mistakes are exposed and soon to be erased...


8442123: Thanks for the proof-reading! It's always good for mistakes to be found and fixed in writing. :twilightsmile:

And I'm glad you like the ending.

You have no idea how long i waited for this.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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