• Published 14th Aug 2017
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Surviving Sand Island - The 24th Pegasus

An airship wreck leaves Rainbow Dash and Rarity stranded on a deserted island. Together, they must find a way to survive until help comes—if it comes.

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Rarity’s alarm clock went off at precisely eight fifty-five the following morning. Its shrill siren shattered the peaceful silence of Rarity’s cabin while the digital numbers flickered on and off. Groaning, Rarity rolled to her side, sleeping mask held firmly over her eyes, and blindly slapped her hoof around the nightstand until she found the snooze button. The noise stopped, and with a sigh of relief, the fashionista rolled over and buried her muzzle in the pillows.


“Grrr, Celestia blast this damn machine!” Rarity exclaimed, groggily sitting upright and pulling off her sleeping mask. Frowning at the clock, she reached out for it with her magic only to see nothing more than blue sparks dance across the switch. “And this damn spell, too,” she added, leaning over and nuding the switch off with her hoof.

A sigh, followed by a deep breath. The ivory mare stretched her pearly limbs in well-rehearsed motions, relaxing her muscles and driving blood through her shoulders and down to her hooves. After five minutes of peaceful stretches, she finally felt ready to take on the day. Brushing back a stray bang that had escaped the curlers she’d placed in her mane, Rarity stepped out of bed…

…and nearly fell flat on her face. She managed to catch herself on the nightstand and stabilize herself as her skull reminded her that she’d downed almost two full bottles of wine over the course of the previous day. Uttering a primal groan, Rarity banged her forehead against the nightstand and shut her eyes. “Celestia have mercy,” she muttered, mustering her willpower to force the headaches away. Now that she finally got some blood flow to her brain, her body could work on clearing the toxins that’d accumulated in her body from the night before.

Speaking of clearing toxins…

The mare whirled towards her bathroom and stumbled over on leaden hooves. Her hooves clopped against the tiled floor and she mussed with the door for a moment before leaving it open. It wasn’t like anypony was going to see her, anyway. She squatted down to do her business when heavy pounding on the cabin door startled her.

“Rarity!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, assaulting the door with another set of knocks. “Rarity, you up?”

Rarity sighed and placed her head in her hooves. “Yes, darling, what is it?”

Rainbow stopped mid-knock. “Oh, cool, you’re awake,” she said, her voice muffled by the door. “I was wondering if you were still sleeping off your hangover.”

“No, but I am attempting to get rid of it,” Rarity remarked. “What exactly do you want? I’m a bit… preoccupied at the moment.”

“Well you said we were going to get breakfast this morning, so here I am.”

Rarity blinked. “I said that?”

“Yeah. You said to show up at nine.”

Rarity stood up and flushed the pressurized toilet behind her, then trotted around to corner to her cabin door. She opened it to find a surprisingly bright eyed Rainbow Dash waiting for her. Upon seeing Rarity’s post-REM state, she failed to suppress a snicker. “Did you forget?”

“Yes, Rainbow, I forgot,” Rarity huffed. Groaning, she trotted back into her cabin, kicking the door wide for Rainbow to follow. “To be fair, I did not have my proper wits about me last night. I’m sorry that I’m not ready when I said I would be, intoxicated or not.”

Rainbow shrugged. “Eh, it’s whatever. You do get pretty funny when you’re drunk.”

“I do not!”

Smirking, Rainbow threw a hoof over her chest and slumped back against the doorframe “Daahhhhlinnnggg, you’re like… like… the fastiest pepagasus in the world. You make me burn with envy!”

Rarity glared down her muzzle at Rainbow. “That is something I would never say.”

“Can’t prove it.”

“Ugh, you are insufferable,” Rarity said, marching into the bathroom and beginning to pull the curlers out of her mane. Somehow she’d at least managed to get those in last night; points for muscle memory, she supposed.

“I try to be,” Rainbow teased, ducking around the corner of the bathroom. Rarity saw her reflection in the mirror and stuck out her tongue while she fussed with a curler with her hooves. “Should I just come back later?”

Rarity pried the last curler out of her mane and dropped them in the sink. “Yes, please, that’d be wonderful,” she said, batting at her limp mane with a hoof. “Give me an hour and I’ll be ready.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes and turned around, the flick of her prismatic tail the last thing Rarity saw in the mirror. “Whatever. It’ll be your fault if I die of starvation though.”

The door opened and closed with a bang. Pushing through the restraining spell on her horn, Rarity turned on the shower while she looked herself over in the mirror. “Hmph. Starvation,” she muttered, grabbing her toothbrush from its stand. Her stomach growled in response, and she raised an eyebrow at it. “Don’t you start. Appearances before all else.”

It made one last pathetic rumble as the shower began to billow steam into the bathroom.

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