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Lise Eclaire

If you happen to cry, I will be there. If you happen to smile, will you do the same for me?


Everyone needs a special somepony in her life, but Pinkie Pie just can't make up her mind.

The story is a WriteOff entry. (Prompt: TBD)

Special thanks to ChappedPenguinLips for editing.

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You picked a good cover image, Lise.

This is perfectly Pinkie. This is so how she sees the world and her friends. :D

One minor typo I saw...

A desert of perfect proportions,

Should be 'dessert'.

But, off to Space Battles to drop the link off there!

I can see Marzipan Blazé being the name of a pastry chef. Hmmmmm, perhaps that is the name of Celestia's pastry chef? One of the hardest working ponies in the royal kitchens.

Friends are like cakes…

They have layers?

we say we love them all, but there's always that one secret favorite we have.


I'm glad to see it here. It was great during the writeoff and it hasn't lost any of its emotions.

This was surprisingly deeper than i thought it was gonna be. A good read either way and loved the pinkie views her friends. Makes sense honestly.

this is so cute, saw this under the popular tag and was delightfully surprised to see the author once i was finished reading c:

Friends are like cakes… we say we love them all, but there's always that one secret favorite we have.

I dispute.

This was the softest shipping story I've ever read. I loved it. It was just so... pleasant. So nice. Warm fuzzies. They're in love and it's just soft. Yes.

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