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When one of her magical experiments goes haywire, Twilight pulls everypony in Ponyville and beyond into another world, one inhabited by strange creatures called Pokemon. Now, Twilight and her friends must travel throughout the Javik region, learn how this strange world works, and complete the region's grueling gym battle challenge if they want to have any hope of returning to Equestria.

But the road to the Javik League won't be easy, and Twilight and her friends will find more than gym battles standing between them and their journey home.

Chapters (5)
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For the time being you get a down votes from me. I can forgive the exposition dump and the editing problems, and I myself am guilty of not pacing my writing good enough. But the plot itself has problems.

1) Discord doesn't act like this anymore because he's come to appreciate his friendship with the other characters. And there's a plot hole in that all Twilight has to do is tell Fluttershy on him.

2) Rainbow Dash is not like this. She is a jock, yes, but as a jock (and a martial artist) she would know the value of being prepared and having actual training in a sport. Especially if it's a sport she has never seen anything similar to before. And with how much she cares about Tank, there's no way she would put what is basically her pet into a fight without any regard for its safety.

I'm tracking this for now in hopes it gets better.

Comment posted by moviemaster8510 deleted Aug 13th, 2017

Great story so far hope to see the rest of the mane 6.

So will we see the other girls? Also how many ponies got caught up? I don't think all of Equestria would be do able, maybe all of Ponyville?

Not sure I'm going to read this story :applecry:

Hummm wonder what Pokemon Celestia and Luna ended up with. Solrock and Lunatone or Solgaleo and Lunala?

Comment posted by Cookie_Girl deleted Dec 25th, 2017

When will this be updated?

Ya AJ got a shiny Aron! And the first thing she fights is Carbink, the one pokemon Aron can most easily beat in battle.

Could you update faster

I really enjoy this story. It's nice to find a well-written Pokemon fanfiction that is interesting, fun, and not dead!!
Keep up the good work!

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