• Published 1st Sep 2017
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...But It Often Rhymes - Posh

For four years, Sunset Shimmer has carried a torch for Miss Cheerilee, and for four years, she's struggled to look at her without thinking of the one who got away.

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The Long Summer

Sunset pulls the bedsheets over their bodies, snuggling into Cheerilee's arms and relishing the skin-to-skin contact. She sighs. There's a certain contentment that comes from being single. It's nothing compared to this.

"So," Sunset says. She circles a fingertip in the valley between Cheerilee's breasts. "How long have you...?"

Cheerilee lifts her head and glances down at Sunset. "How long have I what?"

"Been into me." Sunset smirks.

"Ah." Cheerilee's head flops back against the pillow. "Honestly, nothing I say will sound impressive, compared to what you told me."

Sunset leans up and kisses her on the cheek. "You don't need to impress me. I just need assurance that you weren't hot for me back in 9th grade."

Cheerilee bolts upright and glares at Sunset; the covers slip down to her waist. "What do you take me for, Sunset?"

"Well, you are in bed with the former school bully," Sunset teases.

Cheerilee's face goes scarlet. She flops back down, and pulls the sheets up to her chin. "Oh goodness, you're right. I'm the worst. I'm literally the worst person in the world."

"I'm only teasing." Sunset aligns her body with Cheerilee's, draping one of her legs over both of hers. "And I'm not jailbait, either. Relax."

The sheets lower, and Cheerilee turns a half-smile onto Sunset. "Well, that much I pieced together a while ago. The other Twilight, the pony one – your friends tell me she's an adult where she comes from. I figure, the two of you are at least the same age..."

Sunset blushes. "I'm a little older than her, actually."

"Older?" Cheerilee blinks. "By how much?"

"Uh..." Sunset scratches her cheek sheepishly. "We're talking about you, not me, remember?"

The older woman gives Sunset a familiar, smoky look.

Sunset feels a brief pang – a hollow echo of what she used to feel, but it's felt nevertheless. Then Cheerilee inhales, slowly and deeply, and the comforting sound of her breathing fills Sunset with warmth. She's drawn back into the moment, her cares forgotten and her pangs dashed away.

"...Since the fall formal. Or not long after it." Cheerilee pushes away from Sunset and rolls onto her side, and Sunset rolls to face her. "That night changed a lot of things, but it changed you most of all. You shed your old persona, and became kind, and compassionate... but when I saw the things you and your friends were capable of, that's when I really knew."

Sunset grins. "I think you gave me this speech already."

Smirking, Cheerilee reaches over and smacks Sunset's bare bottom lightly. Sunset yelps, then giggles.

"Accuse me of unoriginality, will you," Cheerilee grouses. Then there's a weighty pause as she fixes Sunset with a stare, her face growing more serious. "How about this, then? I fell for you because you became someone worth falling for."

Sunset's eyes sting. She kisses Cheerilee's cheek, and snuggles against her again.

Lying there, pillowed by her new lover's breast, Sunset finds herself fulfilled. Yet a disquiet, a kernel of doubt, lingers. Images of a frizzy-maned filly with a gleaming grin and peppermint breath play through Sunset's mind. She does her best to sweep them away, to focus on the beautiful woman holding her, but they're still there, at the fringes of her memory.

In every meaningful way, Cheerilee is not the same as her reflection. Sunset knows that now more than ever. But when she hears her voice, when sees those green eyes gazing at her, part of her thinks back to diamonds and autumn leaves and peppermint. Sunset wonders if that will always be the case – if the filly from behind the mirror will forever stand between them.

"Where do we go from here?" Sunset whispers, half to herself.

Cheerilee answers. "I'm not sure. Your own past notwithstanding, it's been a long time since I've had a partner, and I never had many before now. A boyfriend in high school, a girlfriend in college... an 'arrangement' in graduate school... I'm not the most experienced when it comes to things like this."

"Me neither." Sunset strokes Cheerilee's bare stomach, before finding her hand and clasping it. "I know that I want this, though. I know that I want you."

"And I, you." Cheerilee nuzzles Sunset's cheek.

Sunset catches her head as she pulls away, and looks into Cheerilee's eyes. Her mind recalls moonlight and cool air on bare shoulders, and the taste of punch on her lips.

They kiss, deeply, as the long summer stretches out before them.

Author's Note:

Special thanks to:

-Majin Syeekoh, who, in addition to pre-reading, came up with the title
-AndrewRogue, for editing, and for inspiring/guiding a significant rewrite of the story's plot
-Soufriere, who has drastically influenced the way I write and characterize Sunset Shimmer (burritos and stained pajamas when she's depressed are just a thing now)
-The Writeoff Association, for all their help and encouragement over the course of the writing process

...and, of course, all my readers and followers.

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