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Vanishing Act - redandready45

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An Ultimatum (Edited 04/05/20)

Friday, noon.

Cinch sat at her office, her fingers typing away on the keyboard. Right now she was typing up an E-mail to her lawyer. She looked at her screen with steely determination, gritting her teeth as she still felt the pain from the fire-haired girl's attack.

She let out sob of pain, and paused her typing to put an ice pack over her bruised cheek. She bit her busted lower lip, which hurt like a bee sting. Her left eye, blackened by that brat's attack, throbbed in pain. Cinch couldn't treat that without taking off her reading glasses, and was forced to tolerate the agony.

"Work through the pain, Abie", thought Cinch with renewed determination ,"that Canterlot hellion will get her proper punishment soon enough."

It was a simple assault case. There were plenty of witnesses, and there was no shortage of evidence. Much of it was found on her injured face.

"If I'm lucky, she could even be tried as an adult," thought Cinch ,"and would thus be banned from any institute of higher learning once she gets thrown in jail." A malevolent smile appeared on her face, imagining the scared look on the little brat's eyes once she was put on the stand, tried, sentenced, and hauled off to a penitentiary.

Her vengeful thoughts were interrupted by the opening of her door. A look of annoyance appeared on her face. She hated unscheduled guests.

"How many times do I have to make it clear to the student body, I can only be reached through appointments", she thought, exasperation ringing through her thoughts.

"Leave," Cinch said without looking up from her laptop, her busted lip turning her normally authoritative voice into a almost unintelligible lisp, "and fill out the check-in sheet on the door if you wish to meet..."

"Hello Cinch," Cinch looked up, and saw her Dean, an unusually cold look are her normally bright eyes.

"What is it Cadence," Cinch said, somewhat annoyed, "I am very busy!"

"You look horrible Cinch," Cadence uttered in a tone of fake sympathy,"In other words, you look the same as you always do."

Cinch looked up at her Dean with a look of shock. Not at the barb, but that the fact that it came from her mouth.

"Excuse me," Cinch asked with some anger. She then relaxed and turned back to her computer, "well if you want to trade barbs, we can do that later, I..." she paused as she saw Cadence walk over to the door to her office. Her pause turned to shock when she turned the lock on the door. In the professional world, locking the door was code for 'trouble is on the horizon. Pay attention.' It sent a small chill down her spine.

Cadence calmly walked over the desk, the act of locking the door giving the kindly Dean a bit of confidence. It unnerved Cinch a little.

"Since your a busy person," Cadence said, "I'll cut to the chase." Cadence reached into her leather suitcase, and pulled out some kind of form. She handed the form over to Cinch, who looked it over. Her bespectacled eyes widened in shock.

"Is this a joke," Cinch asked, a snarl on her face.

"No Cinch," Cadence said, her voice becoming ever sterner, "I was joking before. This is not joke. Students dying in fires because you endangered them is no joke."

"No student died because I..." Cinch paused to read the form she was handed"...'ordered Twilight Sparkle onto a faulty motorbike under the threat of detention so she could win a competition.' " Cinch put down the form and glared at Cadence. "I would certainly never sign such a fabricated document. Why would I confess to something so blatantly untrue".

"I remember taking your political science course Cinch," Cadence said with a nostalgic tone. "One thing I'll never forget was, when you wrote, 'truth is what the masses choose to believe, not what actually occurred', on the chalkboard. I remembered that lesson very well, Cinch. And now I'm going to apply it."

"What are you playing at," Cinch said, her voice becoming deeper and more hateful. Cadence silently pulled out a manila folder from her briefcase.

"In this folder," said Cadence, a wild grin on her face,"I have the signed confessions of...five students. Who admit that they made Twilight do just that on your orders. I can't reveal their names, but they certainly had a bird's eye view of what you did." Cadence paused as Cinch's eyes widened in realization, and then narrowed in fury.

"Those Shadowbolt brats," Cinch bellowed. "You'd have them betray me-," she paused, "betray this institution, and commit perjury!" Cadence maintained a sly grin.

"Oh Cinch," Cadence said with fake shock, pulling out another, larger manila folder out of her briefcase. "You underestimate me," she said, pulling out a thick stack of documents. "I was able to get 60 students-little over half of our student body- to, as you put it, 'commit treason', and admit to seeing you push Twilight onto that faulty motorbike on threat on expulsion. And I did it in under an hour too."

Cinch stared at the documents in anger.

"The faculty," Cinch uttered ,"would surely defend their principal who brought great things to this-,"

"How many of those 'loyal' staff members gave you a hello this morning," Cadence replied. Cinch opened her mouth, than stopped, as what Cadence said sunk in. She realized no one had given her a single greeting. "Mrs. Chalk, I recall, wanted to rip your throat out." Cinch's eyes widened. "I mean, when the top student of Crystal Prep dies," Cadence said, the word 'dies' being the most eerily quiet," a student whose scores helped CPA become the highest ranked school in the county, the teachers won't think highly of the person responsible for that." Cadence smiled at Cinch's eyes widened in fear.

"Surely the cameras recording the event would prove that such a thing did not happen," Cinch argued, albeit with less bluster than she had before.

"Well," Cadence said with boredom, "I spoke to the AV Club, and they said the recordings were somehow lost just this morning." Cinch's eyes widened again and her face turned red with rage.

"CONSPIRACY," Cinch yelled in a rage. "I give this school greatness and they now conspire against me!" Cadence, however, remained unmoved at Cinch's growing fury.

"Let me ask you another question Cinch," Cadence said with a smirk. "Who among the student body and the faculty tried to save you from Sunset's wrath?"

Cinch was confused about the question being repeated. But as she thought it over, much of the energy in her faded from her.

"Well," Cadence asked, her smirk becoming more malicious. Cinch muttered something unintelligibly.

"I'm sorry, what was that," Cadence said,"speak up!"

"No one," Cinch said, sounding like a wounded animal in an abusive kennel.

"Who among the student body and staff would defend you against this so-called conspiracy," Cadence asked.

"No one," Cinch said, in a much quieter, fatalistic tone as the realization donned on her. She looked back at Cadence, some desperate hope appearing on her. "But surely, my allies on the school board-,"

"Actually," Cadence said, pulling out another form, "once they heard about how Twilight died, and saw how so many people were aligned against you, they realized that defending you was a lost cause." Cadence slapped the form down on her. "They are demanding that you resign your position."

"Those ingrates," Cinch said, her voice becoming manic,"I made their school great and now they throw me under the bus! They have no loyalty to anything but-,"

"Let me finish," Cadence said, her cool voice immediately ending Cinch's tirade. "They also called the District Attorney." Cinch's jaw dropped, and she started trembling with fear. "They agreed that there is a strong case against you for manslaughter." Cinch's trembling got even worse, and her eyes looked like that of a deer that saw a rifle pointed toward it.

"However, the school board would prefer to, let sleeping dogs lie, as the saying goes." Cadence than handed out another document. "Instead of letting you drag Crystal Prep through the mud, The DA is giving you a plea deal. You can confess to negligence, in lieu of prosecution for manslaughter. The only thing you'd have to give up is, well, your teaching license," Cadence finished in an unsettlingly cheerful tone.

Cinch stood their, staring dumbly at the confession she would have to sign, as the whole situation dawned on her. She then stood up from her desk, pacing around in a daze. That was understandable. Having your career destroyed in a matter of minutes would shock anybody. Cadence looked at the broken woman with pitiless eyes.

Cinch walked behind her desk, her eyes devoid of joy. Her daze was broken as she looked at the shelf to her right, and saw a souvenir. A crazed smile appeared on her face.

"Well Cinch, what's it going to be," asked Cadence, "I haven't got all-," Cadence's taunt was cut off by the sound of screaming. She saw Cinch running toward her, a silver dagger in her hand.

"TRAITOR," Cinch bellowed, all pretenses of civility within her gone as she ran toward the Dean, eager to stick a knife in the pink woman's gut. With a smooth motion, Cadence jumped up from her chair, and slammed her leather briefcase into Cinch's face knocking the glasses off of her face. Cadence then put out her legs, tripping the crazed woman who fell to the ground.

Cinch laid there in a daze, her nose now throbbing with pain. Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted by her arms. She struggled, but couldn't get them loose.

"Now listen to me Cinch," the injured woman heard Cadence say behind her, her calm voice becoming a growl. Not being able to see Cadence's face, the pink woman sounding more like a vengeful specter.

"First of all, you have no right to talk about loyalty", Cadence said, her voice dripping with hatred, "when you betrayed me and her. I trusted you, and you got her killed for a stupid game!" She twisted Cinch's wrists, who let out a sob of pain. "You can sign the confession and leave here quietly, or you can fight in court, show everyone how awful you really are, and end up in court. What's it going to be Cinch, the easy or the hard way?"

"I'll sign," Cinch said suddenly, her voice sounding almost pitiful, "now let me go."

"I'm not finished," Cadence said, still fuming. "After you sign, you're going to march yourself to the detention room and stay there until the end of the day. Just to make sure you can't hurt another student again."

"It's my room until the end of the day," Cinch protested, sounding like a five year old wanting to keep her toy as long as possible,"I am still principal-," her protest ended as she felt her wrist being twisted again, her voice replaced by another pitiful sob of agony. "Okay," she yelled, tears of fear leaking down her face. She felt herself pulled up, and then violently shoved toward her desk.

She looked at the desk, hearing Cadence angrily glaring at her from behind. She feebly picked up a pen, and signed the confession. After writing her signature, she let the pen fall out of her hand.

"Now get out of my sight!" Cadence snarled.

"I still have personal items here," Cinch replied in a broken voice.

"Don't worry Cinch," Cadence said with false sympathy, "I'll make sure every trace of your existence here is removed." Cinch didn't even reply, marching out the door utterly broken.

Once the door was shut, Cadence collapsed into Cinch's chair with a sigh, thankful that her bluff worked. Now that Cinch was gone, she could now make the phone call she desperately wanted to make.

"Hello Luna," Cadence said into the phone, "It's done." She paused as Luna congratulated her. "Now, it is time for you to fulfill your end of the bargain..."

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