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Can't blame the nurses for wanting to steal a glans. They went the extra mile for their patient, gotta admire their spunk.

Absolutely Amazing! Definitely have to make more, I would love to see the home visits.

It's always nice when your doctor can cum through in a tough situation, especially one with semenly serious consequences.

To be honest I would like a sequel with those aforementioned foals running around because then Redheart would be a Milf.

You NEED to update this and make this a semi recurring thing! This was fucking adorable and I can clearly see them doing more.... examinations. Adorable! Please continue this. I don't care how or with who, you absolutely need to continue this. Make someone else fuck Red and Cold, just please continue this! This was hysterical. I can't upvote this enough! Sadly, I tried, I should know!

I mean, it was alright! :twilightblush:

The sexual puns are running rampant. And I'm lovin' every minute of it!

... oops. Wrong plug.

I'm definitely okay with a sequel in which Titus takes Coldheart up on her offers. Oh, and Redheart too, of course.

Cool story, bro. Just a couple of tissues issues, though:

The horn let out a single very deep, very loud single note.

The second "single" is redundant.

Titus cleared your throat.

Dammit, Titus! I'm a full-grown adult! I can clear my own throat just fine without any help from you! :trollestia:

EDIT: *Really terrible Jayne Cobb impression* I could stand to read a little more. I'll be in my bunk if anyone needs me.

I can't say I'd be apposed to more of these 3. Purely to see the foals of course.

Yup, need to see a chapter with a date with both mares ending in a good time.

Pretty well constructed clop. I appreciate the character development section before the main event and the little sprinkles of comedy throughout the read. Seeing the two mares eventually succumb to their lust was very satisfying from a male perspective. Make more if you feel like it; don't compromise the quality. Have a good one.

*Joins the growing cry of readers*

SEQUEL :flutterrage:

But damn this was good, another please

I wouldn't mind another chapter of this. The details and dialogue were great.

Whoa, motherfucker. Whoa. Whoa.


Who the hell's Titus? How am I supposed to enjoy my fetishy self-insert story if my name's not Anon? I'm gonna read this, and I'm probably gonna enjoy it, but don't expect me to be happy about it.

Such a good story was hooked all the way through. I need more of this!! Sequel is needed! :pinkiecrazy: they need to do more children must be made possible i must see this through to end of time i will not relent until the dream for all us is realized :flutterrage:

it's pretty much a win-win situation for male humans and female ponies in this sort of universe.
the guys don't have to put too much effort in getting some puss, and the mares are always wanting the D.

Great story. But a quick question: Is the main character's name pronounced Tight-us or...?

“That horn signals that it’s Penis Inspection Month,” Hooves said, like that was just a normal, everyday thing to say.

Huh. This is a thing.

A horse dick goes flacid all day after ejaculation right?

Also, more. But, maybe another hospital thing for another reason.

Oooooooh... ooooooooh mmmmyyyyyyyy. Now... I was a bit iffy about this, because of the gender role thing...
But goddamn if I wasn't pleasantly surprised with how this turned out, plenty of giggles from me and damn was this enjoyable~

And I am so so not really sorry, but...

Can has a sequel? :heart:
if not, well damn good job on this! Damn good job! :rainbowdetermined2:

This needs more. Titus should properly explore this mare ruled society and all the mares that want a proper human tool. The fact that you write smut GOOD does help too :pinkiehappy:

Well, that was an interesting premise for a story... I wouldn't be able to come up with this if I was locked in a room with pattern-less mattresses covering every part of it. The originality is killer on this, and the fact that you can seriously write knocks this out of the park.

Bravo Mon Ami, bravo.

The only thing I find more cute than Redheart's nervousness is the notion that there won't be a second chapter.

I don't expect a sequel, but it would be interesting to see if he develops a relationship with one or both of them, or just ends up swining it around.

You're going to have to get going on making a sequel or three. Your gift with clop should be explored.








Umm... guys, it does say "Incomplete", you know... kinda hints that there's bound to be more coming (no pun intended) before a sequel can be made, right? :rainbowlaugh:

When we posting our comments it was set to complete. He must of just changed it today.

This was fucking gold dude, please write more. I'd love to see how this story plays out.

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