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Rainbow has been feeling uncharacteristically down about herself lately. The ponies she's been interested in seem to gravitate towards more feminine mares, and she's convinced that if she wants to find somepony to love, she needs to work towards that ideal. In her efforts to improve her chances of finding love, she finds a book full of questionable spells that infects the mind of anyone who reads from its aging pages. She has no idea what the book may hold, but it promises to give her what her heart desires most.

Will her friends figure out what's happening in time to help, or will they lose the Dash they know and love forever?

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 118 )

Looking good so far! Can't wait for more.

About damn time you posted.

~Skeeter The Lurker

"Yeah," Dash replied. "But it's not the same. She was the one who said things weren't working out and she wanted to go back to just being friends, not me. And now look at her. She's dating Rarity! And she's totally pretty! Obviously she was looking for a prettier marefriend."

I can already hear Tchernobog's sharpening his knives.

Didn't I see the draft of this story floating around Quills & Sofas?


Yup! I tossed 'em around as a timed exclusive for people at the con. But now it's public! And with any luck, the second chapter will be up in a few days, since I've been working on it since I was at the con :twilightsmile:

This is the kind of story where, despite how worried I am of where it's gonna go (specifically Dash ending up channeling her G3 self), I'm just intrigued enough to still add this to my tracking, despite myself.

Glad to finally read this. I love how you write Dash.

Yeah, I had planned on writing more at the Con. But since it was my first Con (as in, first Con of anything), I was too busy going to panels, events, the marketplace, talking with folks, etc. I wasn't sure I was going to like BronyCon. Fortunately, there's plenty to do in Baltimore (Fort McHenry NHS, Hampton NHS, the USS Constellation, the National Aquarium, etc) plus plenty further afield (Annapolis, Antietam National Battlefield, DC, etc). However, once there, I spent all three days, from 10 AM Friday morning at the Opening Ceremonies to 1715 at the Closing Ceremonies. It was a hell of a fast three days. I plan on going next year, assuming I can get the leave approved (as the military only approves leave 30 days out, it makes it hard for long-term planning). Maybe I'll see you next year.


Ohh, interesting.

Pfft. It was cooler before it went all digital. *adjusts glasses*

More seriously, everything I said to you about it in person applies. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

This has caught my attention, amazing chapter!
Excited for what's gonna happen next!:twilightsmile:

"in a flowery people font"

Bit early for me to decide whether to favourite this or not, I think, but I liked the beginning at Bronycon and still like it now.

I'm just waiting for the inevitable "Rainbow Dash always dresses in style!" line drop.

It's a coming, y'all. It's a coming.

Oh, and fantastic start to a story, I should say! Cheers!

N-no...it's totally people...


...Damn you, keyboard. Fixing now, thanks!

Hee hee, I read the first line of this so many times during Bronycon! :twilightsheepish:

C'mon, I can't be the only one thinking this from the title, right?

Da-da, Da-da, Dash Looks Like A Lady
Da-da, Da-da, Dash Looks Like A Lady

I had to do it. The fanfiction compelled me to sing.

But otherwise, good start, my friend.

That's where the title came from

Is it weird that I saw him making the first chapter at BronyCon?

That was the second chapter actually :raritywink: Which I'm hoping should be done in a couple of days!

Typos happen to everyone. :)
...Well, except people who never type, I suppose.
Anyway, you're welcome!

so, because she looks like a horse
this story is a lyre

Sweet. Looking forward to it.:twilightsmile:

I'd probably do something like this: Dash starts to try and flirt with my OC. He likes it at first. But as time goes on, she gets more and more girly almost recognizably so. Twilight, Oc and friends discover the spell. But the spell can only be broken with true words and true loves kiss. So he tells her the truth and they kiss, breaking the spell. He tells her that she is fine just the way she is, even when she's mostly a tomboy yet has a bit more to her.

Yeah, this is going EXACTLY where I'm expecting it to go...
Yet, I can't help but eagerly await the next chapter.

I shall reclaim what is mine, darlings. Rainbow Dash always dresses in style.

Applejack is speechless, Rarity is taking it in stride, Pinkie is being Pinkie, Starlight is confused, and Twilight is nebulous.

Overall, Rainbow is quickly spiralling into cursed insanity that may or may not be reversible. I must say, I am surprised at how fast the curse is working already.

Whoop! Keep writing! This is awesome!

I reckon the book is stealing Dash's personality, with the drawing thing mentioned.....

Moar. I demand Moar.



Is this moving into a mind-control fic? Because if it is, that'll be pretty interesting...

The idea of Rainbow's thoughts and personality being reworked one step at a time is a wonderful angle. I'd love to see this progress some more. The mind altering element is being done extremely well.

Oh man, Twilight is going to feel so guilty when she realizes that she drove Dash to this.

Heh, I'm liking this. The slow decrease in will power, the confused but hesitantly accepting reaction of her friends, the ominous ending... well done. I'm going to be keeping an eye on this one.

More, please. :twilightsmile:

All of my yes!
Or how ever that phrase goes.

When is next chapter?

I just started work on it a few days ago but this weekend was a busy one so progress is slow. Hopefully soon!

Okay. I'm really into this story, it seems so cool.

Hope it's done soon!

Interesting. Based on this chapter, it looks like this story might be exploring the danger associated with considering submissiveness a feminine trait. At least, that's what I read out of this, as it looks like the book is using femininity as an excuse to demand subservience out of Rainbow Dash.

It's interesting that you've chosen Rainbow Dash to be the subject of this attack, as she's the least stereotypically-feminine female character in the show. I suppose that makes some sense, as someone like Rarity has already demonstrated that she is capable of being feminine without being subservient. For someone like Rainbow Dash, who occasionally seems to see Rarity as prissy and airheaded, it makes more sense that she could be pressured into subservience with the promise of it making her more feminine.

Of course, this could simply be me projecting my own thoughts on the matter onto your story, and maybe none of this was intended, or will continue to be touched upon. Still, it's an interesting thing to note.

There are only 3 kinds of ponies who would think RD isn't pretty.


And the blind ones may be smart enough to see it with something other than their eyes.


That said, the Dash in the cover pic with bows in her tail is pretty hot, too.

Nothing wrong with a bit of flair. Of course, the sexy long mane look is always welcome as well. orig05.deviantart.net/9e43/f/2012/162/5/c/motherly_rainbow_dash_by_ponyvector-d53599q.png

Whatever this thing is it's making RD more.... a stereotypical girl and I don't like it.


What's the betting that, by the time the girls find out a way to fix her, Dash will be rivalling Rarity in how ladylike she'll be?

Nice dialog :)
Ah like yer writin.

:pinkiehappy:I looovvveeeee it!

At least she hasn't started saying... THAT word yet.

But I'm worried that it's only a matter of time...

And yet I can't bring myself to stop tracking this yet, DESPITE that worry AND the fact that I hardcore ship SoarinDash.

I'm not really on board with Twilight's reaction to Dash in this chapter. I mean, this is a different character from the show, so she doesn't have to act the same, but I thought the idea that she completely overlooked Dash's sudden change, and instead decided to drool over her new appearance, was out of character for her. Though I guess if I think about it further, she did kind of do that for Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls, so I guess it can be argued that she her brain does stop working as soon as she sees something she likes.

I think it just boils down to me being incredulous that none of her friends, with the exception of AJ, had any real reaction to Dash's change. I did appreciate that you justified it by everypony else knowing that Rainbow is interested in Twilight, and AJ is probably jealous, but it still feels like all the characters are being a little denser than they would otherwise.

That said, I'm looking forward to AJ dealing with what could very well be a serious case of jealousy.

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