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I'm an MLP lover/Pegasister, artist, writer, ABBA fan, Disnerd, and Young Justicer. So yeah. I love everything cartoony. I'm also a Youtuber and Wattpadder.


When Cheerilee has a son with Big Mac, he couldn't be more excited! The two are starting the next step of their lives together and they'd truly have it no other way.

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Comments ( 15 )

Should have alt universe tag because Big Mac has a girlfriend now.

Well, I don't care for the Sugar Mack pairing.

Well, it's canon. So this is an alternate universe. Tag your stories correctly.

I realize. I just added the tag. I still dislike the pairing.

You know when I first saw this story I thought the child was Scootaloo.

OK, I think we're seeing the offspring of most of the Mane Six here.

How do you get sister from son? I'm curious. Not trying to be rude or anything. I'm just curious.

Honey Crisp or Crisp Apple?

Now this is the type of derby that would never ever be part of an actual episode.

Swiss? So what should we call the Equestria counterpart of Switzerland?

I don't know what it's ponified name would be to be honest.

haven read this yet, going to. but i miss read the name so bad i had to laugh. The son of big mac and cheese. Did mic Donalds add mac to their menu?

Yeah no. I do not indulge in lesbian and gay ships. They're not my taste.

:flutterrage: You. Took. One. Of.My. CHARACTERS!!!! :twilightangry2: My Cherry Blossom is the cousin of Screwball, How dare you - wait, i'm actually agreeing on something here, That you wrote her in a story (finally someone to be recognized!) thanks... sorry about the flutterage

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