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A german breezie, writing stories


Breezies are an enigmatic species, many adore them, but few know about them.

This book is a "brief" overview of the society of the mysterious breezies, written by Twilight Sparkle after her return from a scientific expedition.

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Comments ( 9 )

Does Fluttershy appear or at least get mentioned in this story?

no. its an explanation of breezie society, it does not have any characters except from it being "told" by Twilight.

Bro, "The Secret World of Breezies"

HAZEL! Lol nice

You have a problem with pluralising words ending in Y.

oh, im aware. Note that I wrote this quickly and just for fun. unlike my other stories, I went over this one for editing.

say, did you find a similar problem in my other stories?

I haven’t read your other stories yet.

I really like your description of breezie conversations at night, though. The world you’ve described is incredibly vivid.

Well, now I'm piqued.

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