• Published 7th Aug 2017
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The Secret World of Breezies - Obsi

An exploration of Breezie society

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Breezie Clans

For the last chapter, I would like to give you a brief overview of some of the clans I was staying with.

At first we have the Hazelstorm clan. Despite their name, they set up their village below a Walnut tree. They use the fallen walnuts as housing. Whenever a need for another house arises, the clan joins together in pulling and pushing a walnut into the village area. Then the family is given a divine tool, basically a primitive stone drill. It is one of the very few stone tools I have observed. Once the family broke in a hole big enough for them they eat the fruit, a feast of epic proportions as far as the breezies are concerned. And in some cases, a dreaded one. Few ever desire to taste walnut again afterwards.

The Hazelstorm clan has risen to a semblance of “dominance” among the other clans because their Champion grew to enormous (for breezie standards) proportions. She has not lost a fight since then. The clan has yet to press their advantage though, since the clans of the area share friendly bonds with one another.

The Riverwisp clan is a small clan living ontop of a giant lilypad . Since it is quite cold ontop of a river, these breezies collect large stashes of hay, which they pile ontop of their leaf, creating essentially a burrow for themselves. With their position comes an unreliance on water (of course) and, due to a unique talent, to food. Their Frindrö is blessed with the ability to summon lightning strikes, as it seems. He directs this lightning into the water and the breezies simply pull out the dead fish rising to the surface. But despite two base needs covering themselves, their living situation has its own unique difficulties. The lesser evil is that the entire clan has to go come spring and cut new grass for their home. Stalk for Stalk they have to cut, and since mixing straw and humidity is a flawed idea, they have to frequently replace parts of their burrow.

The larger problem are the water spiders. These arachnids can force the entire clan to evacuate in a manner of seconds. Breezies are utterly powerless against the attack of an arachnid and therefore have to keep close watch. Attacks are far from frequent, but that makes them arguably even more dangerous as one slip in their vigilance can lead to the death of a clan member. They frequently tell horror stories of what happens to those caught. Ones that disturbed me even more since I knew they were entirely accurate.

The clan weathers these dangers with determination however, seeing their connection to the water as an integral part of themselves. Personally, I am not sure what to think of that, considering their large wings make it impossible for them to swim.

Author's Note:

With that, the story is complete. Well, almost, I'll potentially add more clans as I think of them. I have an idea, but its even less substantial than the others...

I'll notifiy everyone who follows this story with a blogpost, I think I can link it to the story so you'll get it in your news feed even if you don't follow me

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HAZEL! Lol nice

oh, im aware. Note that I wrote this quickly and just for fun. unlike my other stories, I went over this one for editing.

say, did you find a similar problem in my other stories?

I haven’t read your other stories yet.

I really like your description of breezie conversations at night, though. The world you’ve described is incredibly vivid.

Well, now I'm piqued.

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