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It has been a year since Jackboot had graduated from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. But there is a problem, he had become a borderline shut-in. Despite his family's best efforts, he has had complete trouble trying to come out of his shell. But one day, fate manages to get him to go the Summer Sun Celebration being held in Ponyville. That's when things change.

This is the first part of a series of connected anthologies that tale place in the same universe.

Note form the Author: The following is a remake of the fan-fiction, "Hammer & Anvil". It is still up for those who want to read it, despite it's cancellation.
Have a blessed day.

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I'm interested in reading more of this.

So far I like how you start the story with introducing his family's occupation and what he does for a living, introducing each family member, and writing good descriptions for that character. I enjoyed the ending mostly because of the parents showing a bit of their love. I liked that Hot Kettle was the one who unintentionally gave Jackpot the idea to go to the celebration himself.

There is just one thing that baffles me. It is about those two paragraphs before the first bold line. Why did you put them in?

The two paragraphs before the words

This is where our story begins.

I'm merely asking out curiosity.

I just saw that as a sentence of on its own.

Also, fun fact: Perfect Pace and Sophisticata are not OCs, they're Canon characters. Perfect Pace is a background pony while Sophisticata is actually an Equestria Girls character that is ponified.

Another chapter? YES! I like Jackpot's design.

You mean JackBOOT? And thank you, I'm proud of it.

Sorry about the name mistake and you're welcome.

First, I'm glad to see an OCXRarity pairing because in all the fanfics I read involving Rarity and Romance there's usually Rarijack or sparity, and one twilightXRarity fic that's actually completed. The number of fics of Rarity with an okay OC is a rarity for me. No pun intended. Jackboot seems to work well with Rarity in this fic and I'm happy.

Second, the inclusion of OCs with episode one of MLP works well. You're writing makes this fics readable and keeps me entertain. The dialogue between the OCs and canon characters sounds natural.

I'm glad it is. Which is good because I am also currently working on a series of novellas.

I'm already finished with chapter one of the first book and I am now working on chapter two.

perfectly styled, indigo mane bounced as the mare strode across the floor to Fluttershy and Spike.

I was a bit confused in this scene when Jackboot and Rarity meet. We get a mention of Fluttershy and Spike in this scene, but Rarity and Jackboot acted like they're not there. Then we see Spike with Twilight in the next scene with Sophie and Perfect.

I suggest this gets fix.

greenish grey earth pony with three wrapped candies as her cutie mark.

greenish grey?

Just come down her when you're finished!


It seems fitting with his name and characteristics so far.

I was going by the MLP wiki when I was describing Bon Bon's appearance.

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