• Published 7th Aug 2017
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Now Tell Me, What Does This Look Like to You? - Punished Venom Muddy

Anon decides to stop being a lazy piece of human garbage, taking it upon himself to find a job. He decides to be a therapist, because he totally has the qualifications for that.

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HaVE yOu eVEr HeaRD oF JuiCE? [Pt. 2]

"RAINBOW!" You bellow out in search of your technicolor friend, the bits from Berry Punch sitting heavy in your pockets.

You had walked to the field that Rainbow Dash usually practiced at, hoping to find her here and not at work, though you felt that your odds were good since you can't actually remember a time that she was working. Shrugging to your own wondering, you took a seat on the lush grass. It felt nice to actually be a part of society, not some library goblin that spent all his time eating and complaining. Only ever leaving your lair to go to the pub and get absolutely shit-faced, repeating the process every week. You knew your liver hated you, but fuck it, there's probably a potion to cure liver failure.

"Hey Anon, what's up?" You hear Rainbow say, pulling you from your mind and back to reality.

"I was wondering if you wanted to celebrate the curing of an alcoholic by going and drinking with me?" You ask, the irony of your plan not lost on you, nor Rainbow Dash as she began to snicker.

"Hehe, that's messed up dude. Plus it's only like two, isn't it a bit early for drinking?" Rainbow asked accusingly.

"It's never too early to drink, and if you really want to wait until later, I hear that drinking is a great way to pass time" you offer, the genius of your plan already in action.

"HA! Alright big guy, let's go party" Rainbow said, finally giving in.

"Did somepony say party?!" Pinkie asks excitedly, seemingly appearing from thin-air.

"Oh sweet jesus, don't do that pinkie" you say, clutching your heart from the sudden shock of pinkie appearing.

"Sorry, it's just that the author wanted to really give this chapter some umph!" Pinkie exclaims quickly before bouncing over to Rainbow and you, throwing her arms around both of you.

"The what?" Both Rainbow and you ask Pinkie, your question falling on deaf ears as she started bouncing ahead.

"Come on! We need to be early to get a good spot!" Pinkie called back, already a good ways ahead of you.

"What does she mean 'we need to be early to get a good spot'? Where is she taking us?" Rainbow asked as she began to follow her excited friend.

"I don't know and honestly it's better if I don't have to think about it, as long as there's drinks I'll be happy" you explained as you also began to follow Pinkie, quickly catching up with Rainbow and walking along side her.

You felt like there was a lot of fun in-store for the three of you...

Pinkie had brought you to the train station and booked a ticket for Canterlot, confused but interested Rainbow and you followed. You had gotten some weird looks from the citizens of Canterlot city, most of them not being used to you. Moving through crowds of suspicious ponies you were eventually led to a large building, a buff stallion standing outside of the doors. Pinkie had bounced right up to him, quickly giving him three slips of paper, where she had gotten them you can only wonder. The stallion had smiled at pinkie and then usher the three of you inside, where you were assaulted with the atmosphere of the place. There was electronic music playing at a painfully loud level, flashing lights worthy of an epilepsy shot through the smoke and crowd. There was a distinct smell of sweat, alcohol, and bad decisions rising off of the sea of ponies dancing inside. Worming your way through the crowd, a few mares getting a bit handsy as you passed them, you finally reached the bar. From the bar you were able to see that a white unicorn with purple shades was the beloved DJ of the night, her stylized neon mane shaking as she bobbed her head to the beat.

Pulling your eyes off of the rather attractive DJ, you order you and your friends a few shots taking them and looking around the room for the two mares. You spotted them in a small round booth, a few stallions busy chatting with them when you rolled up. They cleared out pretty fast once they saw you, their terrified eyes traveling upwards to look at your alien face. Now left alone with nothing but an over hundred proof drink and your two friends, the whole night ahead. Downing your shots (and a few more) before engaging the dance floor.

"Pinkie, this place is great!" You shout over the blasting electronic music, flashing lights streaking over your bodies.

"I knew you'd like it! And it looks like Rainbow's enjoying herself too!" Pinkie exclaimed, pointing a hoof at your wasted friend who was busy chatting up a couple at the bar.

"That mare is a real piece of work!" You remarked, busting some sweet moves.

"You're dancing is the real piece of work here Anon!" Pinkie mocked, the slur of inebriation audible in her voice. Then again, it was in yours too.

"I have no idea what you mean, my moves are straight fire!" You proclaimed, switching to another laughably bad dance move.. You didn't really have any moves that matched the rapid beat of the music, except maybe the seizure.

You finished dancing to the current wubs and other strange electronic sounds, the DJ switching to a slower song. You watched her leave the turntable and head for the bar, you left Pinkie and also started heading for the bar.

"Hey, I'll be right back Pinkie" you said as you made your way to the mysterious mare, you had to know who she was.

"Okie dokie lokie" Pinkie said as she meandered off to find a new dancing partner, you felt bad for whoever she chose. Knowing there was no way that anyone could keep up with the hyperactive pony.

Moving through the sea of ponies on the dance floor you finally reached the bar, this time only being molested a measly ten times. These mares had to pick-up their game. Taking a minute to order drink from the bartender for courage, you slid over to stand next to the DJ.

"Two shots of Everfree clear" the DJ said to the bartender, surprising the both of you. Deciding to make your first move now, you spoke up.

"Put it on my tab, courtesy of the alien" you say jokingly as the bartender smiled at your little inside joke, your action confusing the mare, causing her to turn and look at you. Her purple glasses gleaming with the reflected lights of the club as she stared.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? A little colt trying to make some moves on an innocent mare huh?" She asked, giving you a quick look up and down, her gaze lingering a bit on your lower half.

"N-no, Baka!" You protest, your inner goblin weeb coming out. Shit, now she knows you're a virgin!

"Hahaha, what dude!? You speak Japonese, that's hilarious!" She exclaimed, beginning to laugh hysterically at your knowledge of tongues.

"Watashi wa sore wa chotto atsui to omoimasu" she said, giving you a playful smirk. Good GOD you could feel it cumming coming in the air tonight, this mare was making your hear skip a beat. Then again, it could be the alcohol making you think this, but fuck it. It felt good man.

"So what's your name anyways?" You asked the DJ, causing her to give you a shocked look. Oh shit, you messed up.

"You seriously haven't ever heard of me?" She asked offended that you had never heard of a DJ pony in Canterlot.

"Um.... no?" You said, a bit of confusion as to why she was so upset over a little thing.

"I don't really get out much, to Canterlot that is" you explained, watching the mare mellow a bit after hearing this.

"Whatever man, I'm DJ PON3. Best DJ in equestria, my wubs are unmatched!" She boasted, downing one of her shots afterwords.

"Yeah. That's cool and all, but what's your name?" You ask, wanting to know the mare behind the music.

"Heh, that's my little secret. Tell you what, I'll make you a deal" she said, pulling you down to her level with a magical grasp to the back of your head.

"If you can make it through the night with one of these," she held a small pill out to you "then maybe I'll consider telling you my real name. And maybe a bit more if you really impress me" she said teasingly , turning and walking back to her turntable. Giving you a perfect view of her flank, her tail swishing back-and-forth *just* hiding what treasures lied underneath.

"I'd be careful E.T., I've seen her pull this stunt on stallions before. You'd be better off finding a different mare for the night" the bar pony said, using the stupid name you and given him.

"Can't hear you, busy thinking with my dick" you mumbled out, popping the pill into your mouth and washing it down with the rest of your drink.

Making your way back to the dance floor you found Pinkie dancing with an exhausted stallion, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he gasped for air. Walking up to Pinkie you bent over and lifted her off the ground, placing her under your arm like a pillow. you got a silent "Thank you" from the stallion as he hobbled away, poor guy.

"Hey Nonny, you're looking especially cute tonight" Pinkie said through a slurred voice, all whilst giving you a half-lidded bedroom gaze. Too bad for her, you already had a target locked.

"And you are especially drunk tonight" you said, walking with her over to where Rainbow was sitting in a booth. A upset look on her face and drink in her hoof, perfect.

"Look Pinkie, I don't think Rainbow's having any fun. Somepony should fix that!" You exclaimed, pointing a finger at your cyan friend. Pinkie immediately taking notice and launching from your grasp, taking a seat next to her.

"Perfect, now all I have to do is make it through the night. It should be easy, I mean I haven't even felt- OH MY GAAAAAWD!" You cried out as you felt your body zooming through another dimension.

This was the most intense trip you had ever felt, everything was a blur! You moved from the dace floor, to the bar, to the restroom, to the bar, and then back to the dance floor all in what felt like seconds. You could taste colors and see sounds, you were really in it to win it. Eventually you found yourself using some moves you had never known before, your shirt missing and sweat pouring down your body as you partied hardy. Finally, after what felt like hours (which it probably was) you regained control of your body and mind, finding the club almost devoid of life.

"Hey hey big guy, looks like you made it. Congrats!" You heard DJ PON3 say, spinning to face her you took a moment to wipe the sweat from your face.

"Holy shit, what was that!?" You exclaimed, both amazed and terrified of the experience you just had.

"Condensed magic dude, really potent stuff" she explained, walking up to you and standing on her hind legs, using your chest for support.

"Now I think I owe you something special, right?" She whispered into your ear, her sensual voice sending goosebumps down your back.

"Why don't you come with me back to my place and we can 'hang-out' some more?" She said, dropping back down onto all fours. This mare was going to be the death of you, but you'd rather die with her than with a hand around your dick and a belt around your neck. Not that you had ever done something like that before!

"Yes... Oh sweet lord yes!" You said, following your mysterious vixen.

Turning you gave one last look backwards, noticing Pinkie and Rainbow still n their booth. A collection of bottles covered the table as they sat there, locking lips in one of the hottest drunk make-out sessions you had ever seen.

Meh. They'll be fine, they have each-other" You said to yourself as you followed DJ PON3 out the back door and into the Canterlot city streets.

You had followed the mare, engaging in bits of random small talk as you walked along. You found out that her real name was Vinyl Scratch and she used to work with another DJ until creative differences spilt them apart, also she had apparently dated that guy. You also learned that she was living with another mare: Octavia Melody, the two of them sharing the apartment they called home. What was interesting about this though was that her roommate was a classical cellist, an almost polar opposite to the music that Vinyl made. Apparently they got along just fine, well maybe a bit more than just fine if the way she spoke so fondly of her was any indication of. Placing the idea of a possible threesome into the recesses of your mind you continued to follow your mare (well not *your* mare, only just for the night). Giving thanks for the invention of alcohol and the bad decisions that came with it, you were glad that you were the bad decision that this mare had made. Following her inside a building you walked with her up a few flights of stairs, the elevator being broken, and now stood in front of a door numbered 69 (hehe, classic).

"Here we are, feel free to take a seat. I'm gonna go clean up a bit, I'll be right back" Vinyl said, walking off into the depths of the apartment.

"Excuse me, you're in my spot" you heard a different, but equally beautiful voice say. A light English accent pulling your attention to this new entity.

"Hmm? Oh! Sorry, you must be Vinyl's roommate, I'm Anon" you said in a slurred speech, extending a hand in greetings, but the gesture wasn't returned by the mare. You only got an annoyed look from her.

"Great, now Vinyl is sleeping with... whatever you are. Where is she?" Octavia asked, letting out a sigh as you pointed toward where you had seen her walk off to. The annoyed roommate trotting off in the same direction, you wondered why she was such a bitch.

Moving on from your less than pleasant meeting with Vinyl's roommate you took a look around the room, taking in the orgy of evidence that there was some serious create clashing happening in this apartment. There were some rave advertisement posters stuck next to some really fine art, or at least an actual panting. You never really did pay attention in art class, so anything that wasn't a pencil sketch looked great. Moving your focus from the decor of the room, you were able to overhear the roommates argument in the other room.

"What are you doing Vinyl, why did you come home with a.... a thing?!" Octavia interrogated her voice taking on an irritated tone.

"Why do you care who, or what, I bring home? Oh, and he's a human by the way Tavi" Vinyl said with an equally irritated voice.

"I care because I have to sleep in the same apartment as you, and your loud love-making!" Octavia exclaimed.

"Well excuse me if I don't just sleep with ponies while I'm at my venue, I prefer my comfy bed!" Vinyl screamed back, confirming your suspicion of getting laid tonight. Score.

"I-I have never slept with anypony whilst on business!" Octavia defended, her voice sounding very unconvincing.

"Right, I'm sure you've never shared a moment with..." Vinyl said, the name of whatever pony being too quiet for you to hear from the room. Damn, you always loved juicy secrets.

"You leave him out of this, he has noting to do with you and your 'human'" Octavia spat, putting a emphasis on the word human, like it left a bad taste in her mouth.

"Why don't you just chill and spend the night with us? I know it's been a long time since you got a proper rutting, plus since he's a different species you can't get knocked-up!" Vinyl explained happily, bringing visions of a pony threesome back to mind. It gave you conniptions.

"N-no, I'm going to sleep. Try to keep it down Vinyl, I have a busy day tomorrow" Octavia said before re-entering into the room you were in, passing you by without making eye contact. However, you did notice a small blush on her cheeks.

"Hey Anon, you can 'cum' in now" Vinyl said from the other room, putting a sensual amount of emphasis on the double entendre. You couldn't resist.

"Cumming, I mean coming!" You yell out with nowhere near as much seduction in your call.

Walking down a small hallway, you stood in-front of a mostly closed door. A bit of red light leaking out from underneath and the small crack the door was open. Pushing the door inwards you were met with the most amazing sight ever, lying on her side on the bed was Vinyl. Except now she wore striped stockings and er glasses were removed, revealing her half-lidded deep ruby eyes. Every fiber of your being hardened at the sight of this mare, giving a silent prayer to whatever gods existed you took a step through the threshold and joined her inside.

"I hope you're not tired, 'cause we're gonna have fun. All. Night. Long" she said, giving you a sultrily playful wink at the end of her proclamation.

"Yeah..." You said, dumbfounded for any more words as you approached the bed and the mare lying on it.

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