• Published 12th Aug 2017
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Red and Gold - Rose Quill

Sunset returns home to face the consequences and finds things she didn't expect.

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Morning, September 1

I wasn't sure why I still had the blanket. I mean, sure, it was a clue in a mystery, and I loved mysteries.

But you don't normally wake up snuggling clues.

I had gained a few details in the last couple days. It was indeed hoofstitched, as the stitching was tight but uneven. It was also cleary designed for function over decor, so that ruled Rarity out. Also, the fashionista would have woken me up if she had even been out in the rain.

Rainbow obviously hadn't done it. The Pegasus would have just opened a gap in the clouds so I wouldn't get rained on. That left Pinkie, Twilight, Fluttershy, or the quiet Unicorn student of Twilight, Starlight Glimmer.

But I had managed the narrow it down further. Underneath my own scent, there was an undercurrent of hay, field grass, and something I couldn't quite place. It was sweet, but not cloyingly so. It was more subtle, almost floral in its fragrance. It reminded me of honeysuckle.

So it wasn't Pinkie or Twilight. It didn't have the scent of books from the Alicorn or the glitter or super sweet smell I had associated with the baker.

Fluttershy, or Starlight? Or some random pony?

Well, I had lunch later this week with Fluttershy, somepony that I hadn't spent a lot of time with since returning. Well, that wasnt quite true. I hadn't spent much time with her since my reformation. Out of all the students of CHS, she was the only one that I had treated as a personal punching bag and I had trouble being near the girl without bouts of guilt.

I knew that the pony wasn't the same as the human, but the similarities were enough to trigger that guilt. I was going to try and overcome that in a few days.

But that can wait it's early yet, and the smell of the blanket was soothing, for some reason. It couldn't be an emotional attachment forming.

Could it?