• Published 5th Aug 2017
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A Shapeshifter's journey - Discord12

A Human that can shape shift into a Black kitten explores Equestria

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Chapter 1 ~ Bandages

Author's Note:

This chapter should have been published weeks ago but I loss track off time while trying to write it.I also fell into the habit of trying to fix things that were fine.I'll try to get another chapter out before My school year begins.Enjoy!

After Damien passed out, the cyan bird-ehm Pegasus, RainbowDash carried him by the scruff off his neck and flew to Fluttershy's cottage. After he was placed against a flat pillow on the couch, Fluttershy began to check him for any broken bones or bruises as RainbowDash explained what had happened.

“I was doing my awesome tricks as usual. I did a couple of twists and loops, then a Rainboom. After the Rainboom, I crashed-ehm landing roughly, rolled and hit my head on a tree. Then I just found the little guy on my stomach” RainbowDash explained in a concerned tone hovering over.

Hoof steps and the gentle noise of flapping wings were heard as Fluttershy walked away from the kitten towards a medical cabinet with a cyan Pegasus floating right behind her.

“Is the little guy gonna be ok?”RainbowDash asked, hovering beside Fluttershy. Fluttershy grabbed a roll of gauze with her mouth and placed it in her closed wing.

“yes.”Fluttershy whispered as she continued searching through her cabinet.”You just knocked the kitten unconscious, when you crashed-ehm I mean l-landed roughly."

"Did he get any broken bones?"RainbowDash asked as she floated towards the black kitten who was laying on his back. His right back leg twitching a bit.Purple and blue bumps barely visible under the jet black fur.

"Um well, he does have a few bruises, but he's ok"Fluttershy encouraged softly as she walked back over to daredevil pegasus. She placed her supplies beside the dazed kitten.

"Rainbow, can you um keep watch on him, there's something we need in town."Fluttershy whispered as she hid in her mane."I mean If you don't mind."

"It's alright go." Rainbow replied, waving a hoof as her gaze never leaving the kitten." I'll watch the little guy like a hawk."Fluttershy made her way out the door. Rainbow stopped hovering and stood still.

"I wonder how long, the little guy will sleep?" she said as she moved her muzzle closer to him. Just as her muzzle land upon his tiny stomach, he let out a quiet purr and squirmed.

Damien had finally woke up, thanks RainbowDash's impatience. She tried very hard not to coo at the kitten's innocence. A few meows were heard as the kitten stretched its front paws.

"Thank you, Nurse Joy!"I cheered with my eyes still closed.

Slowly I opened one eye and peeked around. My vision was like an out of focus camera so I didn't see much but a blue blur in front of me. The sunlight poured through the windows above me.

"I didn't know cats could wink?" said something, my ears tilted it its direction. I opened both my eyes and turned my head back to see what spoke. A cyan horse stared back at me with wide eyes. Its mane was a rainbow of colors. Its eyes were absurdly big for its head but still staring with a mix of curiosity and anxiousness.

"So I first see a bird that is probably unable to survive in nature, and now I'm staring into magenta colored eyes on a cyan colored horse," I said, mocking my luck."This only happens to me" I said with a sigh. I Closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Staring into the darkness, I listen to the animals' noises seemingly coming from nearly every direction.

"This must be an animal hospital, "I think to myself. I had heard of doctors who took care of animals specific hospitals during my stay in the town."But then if it is an animal hospital then why is there a horse inside?"

The horse was surprisingly quiet except for its breaths. It must have grown curious because pressure slowly appeared on against my small body. I unwilling let out a soft whimper in pain as it brushed against of couple my bruises. I hadn't even known I had injuries.

"Well If the crash plus the roll was enough to knock me out,"I thought as I slowly pulled myself into an upright sitting position."I wouldn't have come out unharmed."I probed my bruises, wincing at the pain. Behind the animals' noises, I can hear the quiet creak of a door opening and another creak as it closes. Following just after are, oddly the clip-clop of hooves.

"Another one!"I blurted."Do they just let the animals roam freely?"I turned my head toward the noise. My gaze falls upon another horse but with a butter yellow coat and pink mane.

"Um..Is everything alright?"The yellow horse asked in a quiet feminine voice as 'she' came into view. The cyan pegasus quickly turned to face her.

"I guess the question was for the cyan horse."I assumed"...Wait, horses aren't supposed to talk!"

I turned my head back to the cyan horse. I noticed the cyan one turned toward the yellow one; giving me a straightforward look at its wings."It has wings" I exclaimed, my mouth was agape.

"Yeah, I'm alright, but I don't know about the little guy over here" as it pointed back at me. The cyan horse moved out of the way just after I closed my mouth. My gaze followed the yellow horse as it walked over to another section of the 'hospital.'The Butter horse returned with a cloth bag of ice in her mouth and rubbed it against my bruises. I winced in pain during the process though it gave me a chance to see that the butter horse also had wings. I took this in stride, I couldn't be gasping at every odd thing.

The horses exchanged a few words, and I was lifted up into the air. I looked down to see a cyan colored hoof. She was carrying me by the stuff on my neck. It was weird to keep calling them cyan and yellow horse. I decided to give the horses nicknames based on their manes. The yellow one was named pink, and the blue one was named rainbow. Not creative but I don't expect to stay long with them. Rainbow put me down on the floor and then proceeded to spit out strands of fur out of her mouth. Pink went back over to that other section of the 'hospital.'I assume she was going to place her supplies back.

"Blah,"Rainbow said with a grimace of disgust on her face (muzzle?).

Pink trotted back, hiding behind her mane. Her gaze met mine and a mixed look of nervousness and anxiousness watched me. I walked away from where Rainbow had placed me, but I could tell that her gaze followed me. She looked away after a while and turned towards to Rainbow.

"Rainbow,"Pinky whispered."The kitten, you found looks pretty young. I think you might have taken it away from its family."

"Wow Rainbow's parents weren't creative with her"I muttered as I laid in a curled position somewhere in the center of the room.

"Can't you just send it back into the Everfree"Rainbow said, with hope?

"I'm going to assume that that 'Everfree,' they're talking about is a forest," I said, facing the horses."I am offended that you would think to toss me in there. I mean think about the other animals and their safety."My gaze moves towards to a random bear in the room."Scratch that, what about my safety" I add.

"How could you think of putting a defenseless kitten in the Everfree"Pink scolded. She said this a bit louder than how she usually spoke.

"I'm sorry, Fluttershy,"Rainbow said. Now hovering in the air with her forelegs up in a surrendering position."Rarity has opal, so maybe we can get the little guy, an owner too?"Her arms moved down to her sides and gave a shrug.

"Maybe, that is a good idea"Pink responded. She looks out the window above the couch that I was on before. My eyes followed her gaze. It was sunset now. Most of the animals had left to sleep outside including that bear.
Pink and Rainbow spoke for a while and then Rainbow waved goodbye and flew out the door.

I walked back over to the couch and leaped on top of it. I curled up against one of the pillows and laid my head down. I pretended to sleep. I heard to the clip-clop of hooves go up the stairs. It stopped, and after a while, light snoozes could be heard. I leaped from my spot on the couch and left the 'hospital' through a doggy door.

"So many questions,"I said out loud."Why would a horse sleep inside and upstairs? Does it have its own room? And why does the hospital look like a cottage? It looked bigger on the inside." I walked a reasonable distance from that animal hospital. But my injuries caught up with me, so I climbed up the nearest tree and turned back into my human form. I took off my hoodie and tuck in the sleeves to make a sort of pillow. I leaned against a high branch and placed the make-shift pillow behind my head. I crossed my legs over another.As my eyes closed, I fell into a deep sleep quickly.