• Published 5th Aug 2017
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A Shapeshifter's journey - Discord12

A Human that can shape shift into a Black kitten explores Equestria

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Prologue ~ Thieving Kitty

I ran as fast as any feline could with four kids tailing me. Their ages varying from 6-10. Though I was nimble on my feet-ehh paws, the oldest was only a few feet away and the distance between us diminished with each store we pasted. I searched, left and right for an alleyway that I could lose them in.

Damien didn’t notice the fingers that were grazing his black fur. The fingers got ready to grab on to him just as a weirdly timed burst of speed came from Damien.His legs were moving like cartoonish circles for speed.

“GOTTA GO FAST!”Damien yelled as the children behind him ate dust. They lost track of him as he darted into a nearby alleyway.

I jumped behind a trash can in case they came back. I waited for 5 minutes before I moved from behind the trash can.
I peered around the corner the make sure no one was there.

“The coast is clear” I mumbled as I shapeshifted back to a human.

With my simple black hoodie and blue jeans, I could blend in with the crowd easily. I threw my hood over my jet black hair. Only my grey eyes were visible from under the hood. I stuck my hands in my pockets and strolled past the many trash cans towards the other side of the alleyway. I leaned on the brick wall 'Thug life' style as I peeked around the corner.
I saw stores like supermarkets, boutiques, and even a bakery. A cupcake shop to my near right and a Small supermarket to my left.

I watch people move up and down the cobblestone streets, it’s a small town so not many people use cars to get to A to B.My gaze move over to two people holding a conversation.

“Ah, yes villager A talking to villager B,” I think to myself as I get off the wall and speed-walk out of the alleyway and into the street.

“It seems like villager A isn’t happy about the prices of villager B.” I assumed as I walked over to both of them.

“Look I can get these vegetables at a better price at the supermarket!” I heard Villager A argue.

“But I sell fresh produce better than the supermarket.” I overheard Villager B reply nonchalantly.

While they were bickering I managed to grab a few apples and tuck them in my hoodie pocket.
He didn’t seem to notice so I walked away seeming causal and innocent however causal and innocent is hard to display if you already look like a shady character. So it was no surprise that a guard was watching me.

“Damn it, how didn’t I notice them before?” I mumbled under my breath as I continued my trek away from the stall.

“It isn’t gonna be long before-”I stated.

“STOP RIGHT THERE THIEF!” The guard interrupted as he sprinted towards me.

I forgot these guards were ones for thieves and thieves only.

“SWEET HONEY ICED TEA!” I blurted as I darted in between people.

“GET HIM!” The guard ordered towards the other guards we were passing.

“Damn it, I prefer the children chasing me compared to this.” I thought to myself as I vaulted over barrels.

The guards weren’t heavily armored because these guards were for catching thieves. Usually carrying daggers, they made up in speed what they didn’t have in protection.

With 3 swift guards on my trail, I had to think fast. They were all within 10 feet on me so I couldn’t lose them in an alley.
I’d have to fight them before reinforcements came.

“Maybe I should fight them in order of fastest to slowest.” I suggested.”That’s a better plan than running since they’re almost as fast as me.”

I grabbed my iron dagger and slowly pulled it from under the apples, turned around and stopped in place.

“Stay there thief! “Guard A yelled , unsuspected of my weapon, getting ready to tie up my hands.

With the dagger in my right hand, I swung it cutting the guard A ‘s throat. He dropped to his knees and sprayed blood like a water fountain. I ran off and left the body there.

“You’re not getting away from this so easily!” Guard B yelled as a Bright light flashed between us.

“This is my chance!” I told myself as I used the distraction to shapeshift back into the black kitten.
I hurried to hide behind something but the street was void of anything.

Another burst of light appeared in front of me,I ran to it as if it was my only chance of surviving this predicament.

Once I was in the center of the light I felt drowsy and was knocked unconscious.

"Uhh, shit my head"I groan as I place a paw on my head. I lay on my back in the grass trying to tame my headache.

Looking up at the sky, I watch clouds go by. My gaze moves towards a cyan blur moving left and right.

"That's a cool looking bird,"I say out loud to no one in particular."But wouldn't that color make it easy prey for predators"

"I guess it makes up in speed what it doesn't have in stealth"I assume.

I'm not one for bird watching but it would be hard to think straight with this huge headache.
As I continue watching this weird colored bird, it does more weird things like loop de loops and twists in the sky.

"Noice,I think the bird is putting on an air show for me" I cheer as the bird fly straight up.

I watch with awe as the bird's rainbow fur is now visible and is pulled back. A rainbow bursts out of nowhere however instead of a vertical semi-circle it's a horizontal full circle.

"Woah, That's a very cool bird I want one!"I marveled."Holy shit, Its growing bigger"

What Damien didn't notice was that the cyan bird wasn't growing bigger is was coming closer. It came near that it crashed and sent Itself and Damien rolling into a nearby tree. With the bird slumped against the tree and Damien on the bird's stomach.

"I am unable to battle" Damien whined just as he passed out with cartoony dazed eyes.All the bird could hear was a few meows.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed
Never found a perfect HIE for me so i'm going to write one.