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im gay for adagio. and sunset. and basically every single girl ever. god help me


Twilight Sparkle had always been a bit strange. Whether it was her unconventional name, her naturally purple and pink hair, or her persistent belief that science held the answer to everything, it was enough that this strangeness prevented her from forging any sort of relationship up into high school.

Now, just starting her final year, something mysterious happens at Kanterlot High School. The kind and benevolent principal will no longer speak to her. Students with names just as weird as hers are popping up out of nowhere in the same day. Everywhere, everywhere she turns there’s talk and sight of magic, followed up by a terrible monster being unleashed on the school. And worst of all? Twilight finds herself almost willing to believe it all.

Almost. Good thing she’s smart enough not to, right?


A retelling of the season one opener. Sunlight. Art by me!

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 50 )

Why are Pinkie and Twilight nigga and Sunset and Rainbow latino?

well pinkie has super poofy hair and i always imagine it like an afro! and twilight is based off of me (im asian)

Twilight looks more Indian to me and I think there's a lot of the fandom who likes to portray her as such. I've also seen a lot of Dash being Brazilian because soccer. First time I've seen a black Pinkie but it could work.

thank you so much! lol you're the first comment that's not about anything to do with race :twilightblush: i appreciate it!!

This story is awesome! I got here as soon as I saw the photo on derpibooru. And is now in my favourite's :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

I noticed that. I got nothing against race or color. I came for the SunLight and I left satisfied so far. And as you can tell by my icon I'm a huge SunLight fan.

whoa thanks so much!!! im glad my drawing helped attract a reader or two :twilightsmile:

Hmm...I like it so far. It's an interesting take on everyone, and I want to see what happens next. What's Celeste's deal? What's with all the magical happenings? Why do seven girls have such strange names?

So yeah, safe to say you've caught my interest. :twilightsmile:

thank you for commenting!! and yes, what is the deal with celestia hmm...... :trollestia:

Ohh, the plot thickens...wasn't expecting Celeste to be trying to free what I presume is her sister. Though I expect some degree of a misunderstanding, if only because it's Celestia.

Well. That took a couple turns. I like the doodles, though.

Friendship bomb is a go?

hey thx m8!

roger roger, friendship is clear for takeoff, launching in T-10 (weeks)
im kidding it should be sooner than that

Isn't most sodium contained under liquid paraffin or mineral oil?

lol idk science, i just know that if u put a big ole chunk of sodium in water it explodes real bad.

Bomb! The solution for when the fire can't help you!

Yeah, a bag of sodium would only stay a bag of sodium very briefly before turning into a bag of pretty yellow fire. A bag of sodium stored in a chemical locker will quickly transform into a high school burning with lots of pretty colors while pumping out all sorts of entertaining chemicals that haven't been seen in quantity since WWI.

me, a simple boi who hasnt taken chem since grade 10: okay so is solid sodium not a thing cuz like ive seen ppl chucking rocks of that stuff into lakes :twilightsheepish: like, i failed that course. im just making this shit up man

Nah, solid sodium is totes a thing. It's a dark gray metal about the consistency of chilled butter. But you have to store it in something like mineral oil to keep it from contacting oxygen. You store it in the open air and you get oxidation, which generates heat, which leads to the sodium catching on fire. And really, compared to its relatives, sodium's pretty low key. Potassium and Rubidium react way more violently to air, and Cesium blows up if you look at it funny.

oh i see! thank u so much for explaining~~ so uhhh lets just ignore my scientific inaccuracies and focus on the sciset (the only thing in life i understand lmfao) :twilightsmile:

“I dunno.” She leaned into his side and muttered, “Something simple, like Lauren or Tara. Do you think that fits?”

Oh my gosh <3

Comment posted by Transanity deleted Oct 17th, 2017

Celeste better pay the price for what she done and doing. I hope Twilight never speaks to her again ....ever.

Ohoho yes, it will be very fun when twilight finds out why she is doing this...... Thanks for comment!!

Yeah, I really should have given you an alternative to the sodium last chapter. It really doesn't have anything like the power to do what you want. If you want something powerful and easy to produce in a high school science lab and remarkably stupid to mess with, you just need some glycerin and some fuming nitric acid. You ever hear of nitroglycerin? Fairly easy to to produce. A bit more tricky to produce and use without killing yourself.

oh, okay!! ill go back through and make some rewrites~~ like i said i rlllllly dont know much abt chem science lol i took physics not chem in hs haha

aaand edited this chapter and the previous. dunno if its accurate completely but hey!!! tried my best. luckily the rest of this is 'magic' and i dont need to use my useless chemistry skills anymore :twilightblush:

:twilightoops: Scary and terrifying! Can't wait to see what comes next.

Hey thanks man!!!! Glad ur interested~~

A gauntlet and stones of "Divinity"........

Is this supposed to be some sort of parody of Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Stones?

oh!! i hadnt thought of that haha~ but no, not a parody. cool connection tho!

Oh ok, cause I wasnt sure. Just a coincidence then lol

...Then why is there an Equestria Girls tag? Also, it's Canterlot, not Kanterlot.

the tag is cuz this is like an eqg fic. if i put just the human tag in it gets lumped in with all the HiE stories when it falls more into the eqg category. and as for kanterlot think of it as a sort of alternate canterlot high... its to differentiate and im not v creative w names lmfao

“My hair would like to request a lawyer.”

I just loved this line! XD

Entertaining thus far, but you're sliding into the stations of canon pretty firmly by this point. Novelty is this story's greatest strength, and it's in short supply in this chapter.

Also, Twilight is a terrible scientist, but that's okay, because she's also a terrible scientist on the show. The girl just cannot let go of her preconceived notions, no matter how much evidence to the contrary stares her in the face. Her intellectual arrogance won't be the death of her, but it'll certainly lead to some frustration until she's willing to discard her old theories and formulate new ones that take the new data into account.

Suffice to say, looking forward to more.

Seriously loving this story. Thank you for continuing it! XD (And going to animation school? I feel your pain! Haha. Don't give in like I did though.)

//cries// thank you for the support man!! ILL DO MY BEST!!

Some nice disruptions to the original formula here, but there's just one issue...

Even though I still don’t believe in magic, I was sure that circle killed you…

How is she explaining literally any of what happened this chapter? This is not a scientific outlook. This is irrationally refusing to face reality because you take issue with a word.

Aside from that? Eagerly looking forward to more.

So, let's see how Twilight earns hers. I await the next chapter with growing anticipation.

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