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my avatar is me, and yes, i actually do that irl. im so sorry

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Twilight Sparkle had always been a bit strange. Whether it was her unconventional name, her naturally purple and pink hair, or her persistent belief that science held the answer to everything, it was enough that this strangeness prevented her from forging any sort of relationship up into high school.

Now, just starting her final year, something mysterious happens at Kanterlot High School. The kind and benevolent principal will no longer speak to her. Students with names just as weird as hers are popping up out of nowhere in the same day. Everywhere, everywhere she turns there’s talk and sight of magic, followed up by a terrible monster being unleashed on the school. And worst of all? Twilight finds herself almost willing to believe it all.

Almost. Good thing she’s smart enough not to, right?


A retelling of the season one opener. Sunlight. Cover art by me!

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Why are Pinkie and Twilight nigga and Sunset and Rainbow latino?

well pinkie has super poofy hair and i always imagine it like an afro! and twilight is based off of me (im asian)

Twilight looks more Indian to me and I think there's a lot of the fandom who likes to portray her as such. I've also seen a lot of Dash being Brazilian because soccer. First time I've seen a black Pinkie but it could work.

thank you so much! lol you're the first comment that's not about anything to do with race :twilightblush: i appreciate it!!

This story is awesome! I got here as soon as I saw the photo on derpibooru. And is now in my favourite's :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

I noticed that. I got nothing against race or color. I came for the SunLight and I left satisfied so far. And as you can tell by my icon I'm a huge SunLight fan.

whoa thanks so much!!! im glad my drawing helped attract a reader or two :twilightsmile:

Hmm...I like it so far. It's an interesting take on everyone, and I want to see what happens next. What's Celeste's deal? What's with all the magical happenings? Why do seven girls have such strange names?

So yeah, safe to say you've caught my interest. :twilightsmile:

thank you for commenting!! and yes, what is the deal with celestia hmm...... :trollestia:

Ohh, the plot thickens...wasn't expecting Celeste to be trying to free what I presume is her sister. Though I expect some degree of a misunderstanding, if only because it's Celestia.

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