• Published 14th Jul 2012
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Equestria: Alexi's Journey - OJ Orbit

A sequel to Hooves and Hands: A Dimensional Crossing of Worlds. It follows Alexi's in Equestria.

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Desert Storm

Dear journal, It is my third day in Equestria, I am still trapped in this infernal desert. I have been walking since I arrived here, and still I have gotten nowhere. Only 1 thought has been on my mind since I arrived…Rainbow Dash. It is hot, dry, and I can barely move from exhaustion. I can only hope that I am going right way, on path to Ponyville where I can see her again…Sweet Celestia…if only I could travel faster…

For past few nights, I dreamt of these sands, of ways I could perhaps escape. It was hopeless…all I saw is endless sand, and more sand. If only I could rest, just for a while. I hope that Rainbow Dash can wait for me, because I have feeling I will not be seeing her for long time…

Alexi wandered the desert aimlessly, sweat dripping from his face. He wore his bloody, scorched trench coat, boots, and gloves, which only amplified the heat. He wanted to take them off, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. It was as if his conscious wouldn’t let him, like it had to be this way. He wandered, and wandered, and still no sign of civilization. He began to doubt, yet again, that he was in Equestria. Perhaps the Griffin he saw was just an optical illusion…

He continued on, hoping that he’d find something soon before he died of heat exhaustion, Celestia knows that he wasn’t used to heat, coming from Russia and all. He enjoyed the cold, what he would do to be sitting on snow right now…but he was in a desert, no chance of that.

Suddenly, there came a dot on the horizon, it was small, and very far away, but it was something that wasn’t sand for once. Alexi quickened his pace, hoping that he had finally made it out of that burning hellhole. As he got closer, the object came into view, it was a typical thing to see out in a desert. Alexi couldn’t believe his eyes, an Oasis, in the middle of the desert. He was certain it was a mirage, it was too good to be true. He walked passed the tall trees that surrounded a fresh water spring in the center. He examined the water carefully, removing his glove and dipping his hand in it a few times. He scooped some up, smelled it, poured it out of his hand, and watched the sand absorb it. It was water alright, it was real.

“Finally!” He yelled to himself, “Clean water and rest!” He drank from the spring of water like he was, in his own description, a greedy CEO grabbing money from an infinite hole. He drank till he could barely move, and with his thirst quenched, he went to rest underneath a tree, leaning up against it and shutting his eyes.

Who knows how long he was lying there, but it was enough time to where he actually forgot he was in Equestria. That is, until he heard a strange sound from behind a tree. His eyes opened, his ears perked up, and his hand slowly reached for his revolver. The sound emitted again, this time louder, and more obvious. It sounded like footsteps in the sand, but that couldn’t be, he was alone…

He drew the revolver and stood, aiming it towards the place he heard the strange noise. It continued to sound, getting increasingly more frantic and loud as he got closer. He walked slowly to the tree, and quickly rounded the corner, there was nopony there. “Great” he thought, “I must be losing mind…” he rounded the tree one more time to return to his rest, when he was stopped by a familiar face. A cyan Pegasus stood before him, nearly scaring him out of his boots. He looked at it for what seemed like ages. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

“AH!” He fell over from the shock. “What the…Rainbow Dash?”

“Who else?”

“My word, I cannot believe it! How did you find me?!”

“That’s not important right now.” She jumped up and hugged him, but something felt very odd about it, as if she was a ghost or something of the sort. The went over to the tree where Alexi rested, and they sat down together.

“You’re a tough guy to find you know.”

“Oh am I?”

she giggled. “Da”. Obviously not knowing what the word meant. She assumed it meant yes, or no, perhaps maybe. She never really bothered to ask him.

Alexi chuckled to himself.

“You are not so easy yourself little pony.”

In a playful manner, she kicked up some sand that blew right into his face. He spat it out and began to fling sand right back at her. They laughed and laughed as they played around. Finally she leaned in to kiss him, and he happily obliged. Although, it was sandy, too sandy, something was wrong.

He turned to see her flinging up more sand, constantly hitting him in the face and clothes.

“Argh! What on Earth is wrong with you!” He spat out the sand from his mouth, but more kept getting flung in his face. “Stop!”

“Why did it take you so long Alexi? Why this long?”

“What does that mean? AH!”

Sand got flung into his eyes, but as he opened them, he noticed that Rainbow Dash was gone, and he was covered in sand. There was sand blowing all around him, the trees were waving furiously, and he realized then…he was in the middle of a sandstorm.

He ducked, trying to find any sort of cover he could. How could he not have noticed this storm? How long was he out? His heart sank when he realized that the vision of Rainbow Dash he had seen was just a mirage. This cursed desert was starting to get to him. He ran for his backpack, hoping that something might be able to protect him. He searched frantically through the pack, finding nothing. Soon the wind picked up yet again, becoming even stronger. It began to lift him off his feet. He grabbed the backpack and strapped it back to his back before his feet completely left the ground. The storm lifted him up fast, giving him barely enough time to grab hold of one of the trees as he hung for dear life…

The wind picked up, becoming even stronger, and his grip began to weaken. He wrapped his arms around the trunk of the tree, giving himself a powerful latch onto the giant plant. Sand was still blowing in his face, blinding him temporarily. He couldn’t see, and all he knew was that he wasn’t on the ground, and he was probably going to be blown away by this unholy storm.

His arms slipped from their position, causing him to lose his tight grip, and he flew into the storm. He flailed around, trying frantically to grab something, anything to steady himself. He twisted and turned, flipped and flopped. In mid air he did turns and twirls, it nearly caused him to puke. Sick to his stomach, and momentarily blind, he sat there screaming, hoping somepony would hear him. Soon he flew outward, and hit his head on the ground, knocking him out cold…

He awoke to a headache, and a sharp pain in his arm, as if someone had stabbed him with a dagger. He proceeded to stand up and brush the sand off of him. The storm had passed, but now he was lost…again. He turned around to see a griffin staring strait at him.

“AH!” in shock he pulled the revolver out and pointed it directly at the griffin before him.

The griffin pulled back, surprised by the strange creature before it.

“Put that thing down man.”

“Not until you tell me your name”

“Relax, I want to help you. Idiot…”

“How do I know that? Hey, did you just call me idiot?”

“You’re not very bright are you? Just lower that…thing your holding and I’ll explain.”

“What is your name?” he said as he lowered the revolver.

The griffin looked him in the eye with an odd grin as she chuckled to herself.

“I’m Gilda…”