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Vice-Principal Luna is asked to investigate the student who has been at the center of all of the recent issues at CHS - Sunset Shimmer.

Rated TEEN

This fic will deal with some hefty issues such as: Mental Illness, relationships, poor choices, and how two damaged souls navigate the waters.

I wanted to keep the teen rating on this, mostly because while there won't be any explicit content, it WILL deal with some heavy emotional trauma, and I don't think that hiding that behind a "mature" tag will do anyone a service.

You have been warned.

Cover Art by the AMAZING Maddymoiselle

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 222 )

And the ship has sailed
Ty for this ship I've been wanting it since i've read some other sunset/luna interactions on either side of the mirror
Can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

I really appreciate it! Normally I write short stories for various.... adult oriented sites, this is my first venture into FanFic, but I LOVE the pairing, and my headcannon demands it be done.

Hmm...interesting concept.

Excellent. I hope to see more of this

I'm a little behind in the chapter this week, but I should have it posted tomorrow. I'm glad you enjoyed!

I knew there was a reason why I liked this story so much. I've been where Luna was. I'm still there to a degree. I sincerely look forward to reading more of this.

Uh, how dark are we talking about here?

I am glad that this speaks to you. I want to try to do some justice to the issue, and be honest about the truth about mental illness.

I believe that Luna has some severe mental illness issues, and I want to be honest with those who read about it. I don't want to make light of it. I am writing Luna as someone who suffers from Black Depression, self-harm tendencies, and Borderline Personality Disorder traits The bottom line is that I think that Luna is a more well rounded character when she is working through that darkness.

I like honest real life stories, stories that are perhaps a less than flattering mirror for reality. I like authors brave enough to write them.

8375219 Ah, okay. What is "black" depression? Meaning severe-type depression?

Black-depression is a term used for when depression ventures into self-harm territory.

8376474 Ah, okay. Never heard that term used for it before, but good to know.

uh sunset has a motorbike not a car

ok i just cant read this a authority figure dating a student is just wrong i tried to give it a chance i did but this chapter just made it clear how sick it is and you are aware of that and are just making jokes of it

Everybody can have an opinion. If the story isn't for you, that's just fine. I write from experience on some things. And your issue with the student/teacher relationship is actually addressed in a later chapter.

I hope you find something to your liking even if it isn't my story.

Does Celestia know anything of what happened to Luna?!

Well hope she learns everyting that happen, then she can SHUT UP on reminding Luna of her past deeds, want her to realize how badly she and thier family screwed her.

Did those peopel get away with everything in the end as well?

If, and I do mean IF (all in caps even), homosexuality is a mental illness, it still doesn't make an excuse for violence or treating the person as anything less than a fellow sapient being. That being said, let people be who they want to be, too much hate in the world as it is without making up new shit to hate too.

Honestly kind of amazed she could stand Celestia. Her telling their parents started the chain of events after all.

Wohoo! an update! I love it!

People anymore want to hear the same songs over and over

*All that people want anymore is to hear...

“How So?”


I feel that that lense


Hmmmm...this is interesting, but I'm getting worried about how Celestia's going to be portrayed in this story, since I really have a hard time for fanfics that villainize her. An important part of Celestia and Luna's conflict in the show was that both of them made mistakes, and both sisters learned from them. Here, the story seems a bit biased towards Luna...though, I guess it was a good idea to make it so that it wasn't Celestia's own decisions, just how she was raised, that might lead her to have a view like this. It's still a bit jarring though.

However, in any event, I'm still looking forward to see how this story goes on.

I agree that making her out to be the total bad guy isn't there way to go. However people do often have a very strict moral compass that can't be budged on certain issues.

Not to give anything away before it's time, but this particular issue is going to be resolved in the future. But we aren't to that point yet.

Interesting take on Sunset and Celestia's falling out. Rare is it I come across one where it is 100% Celestia's fault.

One could argue that it isn't 100% her fault, but more of an upbringing/social-norm issue. It will be explored further in coming chapters, as that is going to be a big thing to deal with moving forward... after all, you can't really date someone seriously and NOT get their family as well

Fair enough. Personally restriction of knowledge is anathema to me, so for me Celestia is clearly in the wrong.

Does Princess Twilight know of this at all?!

YES! an update waiting for me when I woke up! I love this story!

Platitudes aside, it was so refreshing to see Celestia at fault in Sunset's backstory. So often it's all on Sunset for leaving. Nice take. Keep up the excellent work!

Disclaimer!! I write this massive wall of text not to hate on the story but to give what I think is constructive criticism on a story i enjoy reading.
This is a unique origin story for the strife between Sunset and Celestia to be sure, but I think it has a few too many holes.

First off overthrow and start a revolt? If the mere research of turning a sufficiently powerful unicorn into an alicorn, not all ponies statistically probably a small amount depending on the requirements, was enough for Celestia to flip her lid I can't imagine how she reacted to Cadence ascending. This seems like Celestia the tyrant stamping out any possible competition, which is contrary to all that we know of her.

Second I don't see an "alternate universe" tag on this story so I'll assume it's attempting to stick to the established canon of at least the movies? If so then this explaination runs directly contrary to the reasoning Celestia gives in the movie for Sunsets decisions. This could be Celestia lying to Twilight in the movie to hide her actual guilt in Sunsets departure, but again that runs against what we know of Celestia.

Third this seems like terrible insufficient reasoning for Sunset to go off and steal Twilights crown like we see in the movie. If her initial research into alicornification was ultimately for the betterment of pomykind like it seems to be for, then her selfish stealing of the crown to give herself power seems contrary to her own stated motives.
I don't think it's a bad backstory overall, just slap an "AU" tag on the story and it'll be fine. Or if you are intent on keeping the story attached to the canon and movies then the backstory needs to at least line up with the information we are given in the movie.

I'm actually really enjoying the writing and the story so far, contrary to what this massive wall of text may give off the impression of. In the end it's your story and may do with it as you wish, but it's just something you should at least keep in mind.

Not to mention the fact that Sombra's curse over the Crystal Empire wasn't lifted by that point, in other words: How did Sunset found the Crystal Empire in the first place? Didn't Celestia had guards stationed in the artic north to keep track/warn her if the Empire ever returned? If yes, than how they didn't find either Sunset or the Crystal Empire during that time?

The story is indeed good, but I have to agree. There are too many holes in this backstory.

Currently no. Not yet sure if that is something that matters to the overall story or not though.

She should find out, Celeastia lying to her and all.

But maybe fo a sequel?

Thank you for the feedback! I really do like the constructive input.

A couple of things to note -

Traditionally, history is written by the WINNER of any conflict - and there are two sides to the story. In EqG, Sunset doesn't really go into much (if any) detail about the why of her leaving equestria. It creates a big opening for interpretation for sure.

As for the theft of the Element of Magic, the feedback is appreciated and that hole will be patched in a future chapter where I can gracefully do it.

As to the AU tag - we are limited to 6 major tags at the top. I debated using AU, but I felt that I was keeping close enough to canon that it was not as vital as the existing. Especially considering that the character tags, EqG, Human, and SoL tags are all pretty much required because of context, and I think that Dark is more apropos given the history that I wrote for Luna.

Thank you for the feedback, and if you see fit to provide more, I welcome it!!

Yes, there were guards stationed, that particular point I took a bit of artistic license with.

Alicornification needs to be a word!

You do raise some good and valid points though. Chief amongst them the Crystal Empire. It wouldn't have been present when Sunset Shimmer was studying under Celestia.

I agree that an AU tag is needed for this fic, but I do want to read more!

Hum... I see. Well, I am looking forward for the next chapters and I hope that any holes left in the backstory will be patched eventually.

I'm not really liking where you're taking this backstory.:applejackunsure:

It's not something too specific to this one, it's just that I'm really sick of reading stories that end up blaming things on Celestia or portray her as mostly in the wrong. Sure, she's not perfect, but neither are Luna and Sunset...and taking blame away from them actually weakens their characters a lot.

Both Luna and Sunset's characters revolve around redemption and getting over the fact that they went too far. If they were purely victims that were both screwed over by Celestia, then that part of their personalities just doesn't make sense.

Also, as a sidenote, I'm pretty sure the magic mirror was moved to the Crystal Empire once Cadence took over, while it was in the Royal Palace when Sunset ran off to the human world. The Crystal Empire didn't even exist at that point in time.

If there is some kind of payoff to this, or things are explained properly, then I'm looking forward to that, but as it is, this lore is kinda bothering me.

I appreciate the feedback! There will be much more to it for sure. Without giving away the major plot points I want to assure you that if you stick around the Celestia issue will be addressed. There is much more story to be had.

You bring up another point about the mirror as well. While the timeline of MLP is always vague we know Sunset was in the other world for a good chunk of time, cause of all the formals she won, while the crystal empire is barely around for a season before Twilight gets her wings. We also know that the first EQG movie happens sometime around when Twilight became a princess. We also know the mirror only opens every 30 moons. If by Sunsets own admission she only went to the human world once the crystal empire showed up... there just isnt time for all these things to happen. Too much time passed in the human world in the movie with Sunset there to make sense.
Again im not trying to pick the story apart but its just a story plot hole that derails the story for me.

MLP timeline is pretty vague in any case. We're never told exact dates of things in the show - I suspect this is done on purpose to be vague - but clues can be found. For instance, in season 1 we're told the Grand Galloping Gala happens once every year. We don't see another one till season 5, and that one heavily references the GGG seen in S1. So, little over 1 year has passed in MLP time.

As far as the once every 30 moons for the portal, this could be 2 and a half years, assuming 1 moon per 1 month.

Contrast that though to Equestria. Twilight is a fully grown adult mare when the show starts - 20? ish? - she became Celestia's student when she was very young, younger than the CMC, and she had no knowledge of Sunset Shimmer until EQG1. That means she never saw her in the palace.

Of course, the easy answer to all this is time flows at a different rate depending on what side of the portal you're on. Twenty years in Equestria can be 2 in the human world.

That said, I do eagerly await another chapter!!

I saw that you're planning on keeping things close to cannon, but if the tag limit rule is limiting you from using the "AU" tag, you don't need to use the "Human" tag. Since this is set in the Equestria Girls world and you have the "Equestria Girls" tag you don't need to use the "Human" tag. Just look it up in "tag information" in the "help" tab.

We saw her riding a dirt bike in a motocross competition. We haven't seen her ride or drive anything outside of that race. And we'd have to assume that the bikes used in the friendship games were provided to the competitors.

actualy some one on the writing staff confirmed she has a motorbike

Fun fact - Authors are allowed to take a little creative license with extremely minor details .
Additional fun fact - Nobody has ever said that Sunset DOESN'T also have a car.

I don't blame Luna for rejecting the church. While i'm relgious as well, the type of people that Luna was....forced to be with give reglion a bad name.
Worst yet Celestia and thier stupid parents no idea what was done to Luna.
I hope they find out the hard way, would leave them shattered, and make Celestia realize how bad thier sisterly bond is now, and hpw it was ruined, by the frantics that nearly destroyed luna.

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