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After Mordecai and Rigby become bronies Skips creates a portal to Equestria. What adventures will the gang from Regular Show have in the land of Equestria with The Mane Six?

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Your grammar needs improving and the story is way too rushed. Besides, there are too much caracters from regular show in MLP. It would have been better if only a few went through the portal. Plus, everyone is OOC

I luv regular show, but.. srsly? bad grammar, rushed, spelling mistakes, etc. :ajsleepy::ajbemused::applejackunsure: after the first paragraph I almost cried:ajbemused:


all of your characters are OOC. this story gave me cancer!:pinkiesick:

i was pretty certain that Mordecai's feelings for margaret were ignored by her (margret).

Not even gonna bother with this one cause the author is a known trollfic writer.


a bunch of baby ducks, send em to the moon! really bad crossover fic, send it to the moon

Repeated information is repeated.


TC: This is a trollfic.
TA: This story is the most wonderful piece of literature ever created.

What the fuck am I reading?

This is a piece of shit trollfic.

Nuff said

I hate how troll fics get all the views when meaningful authors that really try to be noticed (me) fail and get pushed aside....:raritydespair:

1880917 i hear you man i hate trollfics too. they get in the god damn way

I was excite at spotting a Regular Show crossover.

My face when troll fic. :raritydespair:

...I'm not sure which is worse.

The choice of shows you decided to mix, or the fact that the ones from BOTH are EXTREMELY OOC.

Actually Rigby says in Diary that he thinks Eileen is hot without her glasses.


2537394 Why not? Are the constant downvotes too oblivous?

2623375 XD Just because you say no offence doesn't make it hurt any less.

2623375 You know who ELSE stinks? MY MOM!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Seriously though, this isn't the best story I've read. :facehoof:

I have never seen this many dislikes on this many stories! *reads all the stories* Ok now I understand why people hate it so much.

This is literally the second best fanfic ever written.

Seriously, mate -- stop it. Just... stop. You're just embarrassing yourself. :facehoof:

1882122 The ooc part, if you can make them act in character and still have them cooperate it can be considered a great crossover, unlike this story.

Good lord, are you STILL trying?

Points for tenacity, but minus every point you earned for your grammar and storytelling, including the fact that it's pretty much a description of the episodes that already happened "but teh regulr showz waz involved!!1!".

As such, I award you 0 points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I feel bad for some of these crossovers I came up with crossovers of TV shows I've watch but most of the time I only find the ones with more down reviews then positive ones

5908473 Ya I suck with story righting but when I tell it from my head to my friends it sound epic but trying to write it down or type I'm just like uh...

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