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Hello, Everyone.



Spike is not a Pony. He is a Dragon.

Spike has been raised as a pony, he is pony or that is what he thought. Until one day, when he finds out the truth he is not a pony.

*set before Twilight goes to Ponyville*

Disclaimer: MLP belongs to Hasbro and not to me. However I do own Storyline.

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What a beautiful story about identity and family...

Cute story, though I must admit it was a bit rushed. I would definitely like to see more from this in the future :twilightsmile:

What a very heartfelt story. It really does make you wonder if Twilight and Celestia tried to help Spike feel more like a pony as he grew up? It would make everything a lot easier. Especially since it is hard for a young kid to feel so different from everyone else.

The Griffon situation was very well played. I liked how first who encountered him really did try to keep a civil stance. The attempts to keep her sister from making situations worse were definitely felt. It's a great example of realizing some things should just not be said and how words do hurt.

I never thought of Spike's egg as a 'Dead Egg'. However your portrayal makes a lot of sense. The purpose of the Entrance Exam certainly made it very believable. It also does help to illustrate why Spike's scale color may be so close to Twilight's coloring along with why he doesn't have any wings. Perhaps Pony Magic was what gave him a sort of hybrid look? It could also explain how his fire breath has magical qualities, too.

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment and for reading :pinkiehappy:

Emotional, though there were a few errors. I do like the idea for Spike egg at the end

Thanks :pinkiehappy:, Could you tell me what the errors were?

Well for example  During my enterance there was a dragon egg, every student believed that we had to hatch it to pass the test bu-" it should be "entrance."

Also "Now where is my son." should probably end in a question mark and not a period/full stop. There are a few more if I recall, I may look at them later. Nothing major to worry about though. :)

Thanks for pointing them out :pinkiehappy:

A very nice story indeed, and a lovely entry to our Poniverse Contest, thank you very much for writing it and submitting it! Definitely more than a few misspellings and grammatical errors, but this was a very heartfelt story to be sure, and I particularly enjoyed Twilight throwing Equestrian law at Claws in her anger at her (even if the end result was admittedly a tad extreme). Overall, very nice indeed, I quite enjoyed reading this one. :scootangel:

Thank you for you comment :pinkiehappy:
It makes me really happy when people enjoy my stories.

But of course! Keep at it with the writing, you'll only get better and better the more you write. :twilightsmile:

Simple and nice story, I like it how 'childish' you made young Spike's mind seem. Also, apparently Twilight learned something at the court... and really nice theory of the egg you have there. :twilightsmile: However, there are also quite a lot mistakes - discontinuity of capitalization, troubles with punctuation in direct speech and missing question marks and also some typos (mixed up than/then for example).

Thanks for your comment and for reading. I will try to fix the mistakes.

You're welcome. If you want any further explanation or want to discuss them, feel free to do so.

Thank you for your offer :pinkiehappy:

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