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This story is a sequel to Know your Mare

It was the simplest of simple days when a mother gave her charming son a cookie. But what's one colt to do with a whole cookie?

One-shot fluff. Enjoy.

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Daw, so cute! :3

Adorable and amusing :rainbowlaugh:

But if you dance like the goat told you, you would be taking orders from a goat...

Could be worse. You could have a mouse eat your cookie.

D'aww. Oh, Pip. :twilightsmile:



Pip IS the best pony after all.

I wouldn't QUITE go that far, but he IS among the best younger ponies, and is the best colt.

This was adorable.

Cute... Although I question Chrysalis and Discord as the parents, but I can buy it for this story

It's part of the KYM Universe. Long story short, they adopted him. It's just a universe I use for pointless, nonsensical madness for the sake of pointless nonsense.

I can buy that.

If you can buy that, I'm not doing my job of making things too insane. :moustache:

Joking. It's whatever you make of it.

D'awwww, that was cute.

... Hah, sure, that were trying to 'maim' each other. *Eyebrow wiggle*

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