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Rainbow Dash is now in university. This semester, her most important course doesn't fit nicely into her schedule, but if she wants to graduate, she'll have to adjust to the late night time slot.

Contains: D/s

Cover Art and Editing by: Autumn Bramble

Chapters (3)
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In the Doghouse.

What did Sunset mean to.....

Sunset drummed her fingers against the table. “So, twilight. Do you think we should tell them?”

What does D/s stand for?

So, I couldn't really get into this story. All it did was portray Fluttershy's and Rainbow's dysfunctional relationship as romantic. Now, I could've lived with that if it was actually brought up, and I thought it was coming when Rainbow kept arguing with herself about "Shy" and "Miss Fluttershy", but that just led to the bedroom scene, where Fluttershy flat-out says that they're not equals in the relationship even after Rainbow got Fluttershy off twelve times. Shy even controlled the number of times Rainbow could climax! And Rainbow was perfectly fine with it. That's not a healthy relationship, and I just couldn't get behind it.

On an unrelated note, make sure to capitalize proper nouns (like names) every time they appear. I've noticed that, with one or two exceptions, you didn't capitalize Rainbow's or Twilight's names when a character was speaking them. Part of me thinks there's a deeper meaning, but if there is, I'd still let context clues show it instead.

This is a D/s fic portraying a D/s relationship. Any errors in punctuation are intentional.

According to the author's answer to my comment, I'd assume Sunset is talking about sharing with their friends that she and Twilight are in a dom/sub relationship (although if you ask me, it really didn't mean anything to the story and could just as easily have been skipped unless there's a sequel about them in the works, in which case, fair enough). I just hope it's a better one than Rainbow's.

If you have questions about D/s I'd be happy to answer them.

I'm kinda familiar with it. For instance, I know that trust is pretty much the biggest foundation to it. I'm just put off by how unhappy Rainbow is with the whole thing. These relationships only work if both parties agree and consent to what's going on, and while I'm sure that's what happened when they became a couple to begin with, Fluttershy just seems to be overstepping some boundaries, forcing Rainbow to waste her precious time on inane classes. Yeah, being interrupted is annoying and rude, but that doesn't warrant behavior classes and withholding any sensuality for four months (and still controlling her sexually even after "graduating"). Fluttershy needs to remember that she's first and foremost Rainbow's girlfriend, not her taskmaster. I mean, Rainbow was terrified of answering a telephone, for heaven's sake! And she didn't calm down even when she heard that it was just Applejack, a mutual friend who Fluttershy really shouldn't have had business getting angry about (I'm not saying she did get angry about it, only that Rainbow shouldn't have been so dang worried).

That's when it hit me that Rainbow is not enjoying that relationship. She's not enjoying the submission. And after four months of getting the cold shoulder, I can't blame her. From what I've seen, Fluttershy doesn't want to be Rainbow's girlfriend; she wants to be Rainbow's master, and that's not a healthy relationship in the making. Fluttershy's behavior doesn't come off as romantic; it comes off as abusive. Why Rainbow didn't just invoke their safe word is beyond me.

I know I keep harping on about this, but I just wanted to get it out there why I feel what I feel about this story. I wouldn't be surprised if you're getting tired of reading my posts, so unless someone gives me a reason, I probably won't be going into it again. I hope my points here help out somehow.

Good luck in your future endeavors :twilightsmile:!

This is not a loving consensual D/S relationship. There was no communication, Fluttershy didn't once take Rainbow's feelings into account and there was no mention whatsoever of a safe word at all. It was heavily implied that Rainbow didn't have a choice. Fluttershy takes her money, makes her feel like she doesn't belong in her own bed and tells her she's unequal.

This is just abuse.

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