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Someone who's obsessed with all Pinkamena related things. Mostly focus on my Men and Monsters series, but I write other stuff sometimes. Buy me a coffee? https://ko-fi.com/perfectlyinsane


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Hurray, another chapter in the life of Pinkamena the Misanthropic Hulk!

And I want you to tell me everything about The Silent Killer

"Well ma'am, common literary convention would indicate that The Silent Killer is actually one of your friends. Advanced guessing techniques would point to Fluttershy for the strongest twist along with making the killers name a very fitting one."

Now Blake, I thought about, and I'm willing to give you a chance.

:pinkiecrazy: "You raped me and tortured me until I was pretty batshit insane, but I'm gonna be nice to you for some reason!"

You're right about the friend part, just not the right one. And It's not about being nice to him, she realizes that what he did was, to a point, necessary. Not just that, but he has a lot of connections, he's too resourceful, killing him would be a bigger loss than what it would be worth. But if he ever stopped being useful...

"That cocky little cunt! Does she really think she can just fo that to me? I'd like to see her smile when she's on the ground and I-"

I’m going to guess you ment it’s to say “Do” and not Fo

A+ chapter. I loved the first one and this is living up to my hopes so far. Can’t wait for more

Now to see the school drama unfold.....

Sorry to dissapoint, but it will probably be a bit before I upload another chapter for this. I've been reading Fallout Equestria lately, which has been taking up a lot of my time, and since school is so close to ending, I've also been getting a lot of test.
I haven't been typing as much as I like, but once I finish the story, they should start to come out more frequently.

No problem, I've got the patience.

Will this story have a happy ending?

I'm really liking this.

Oh. I’ve only just got stuff to reading this chapter and I was not expecting that end.
Bravo. I can’t wait for more of this

I'm pretty tired of that fake Igneou's arrogance....

Dude that was badass now I honestly wanna fight her see what happens lol


Oh shit we're going into Jojo land. Pinkamena versus DIO

You have no idea how glad I am that someone got the jojo reference.

You nearly had me with the Roman coffin because I was going to make a "He's still juicy" comment from the Mummy but pulling from the ocean and the Vampir sealed it for DIO.

The Mummy series was good, I really wish they hadn’t tried to bring it back with Tom cruise.

As for references, I have already made many in this one and my others to many things, quite a few Undertale references, for example. But a good amount from tv shows and movies/anime. I do intend to make as many as possible later on, I think it makes fanfics more interesting if there are references to pop culture and such hidden in them.

I can enjoy some of the stories having references to anime, games, and movies but if they're obscure then if no one gets them it is a waste.

Agreed on the Tom Cruise movie.

why and how did a Roman Sarcophagus get stuck at the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

I’ll give you a hint,

Both it, and what is inside it, were not put there by accident.

At some point in time.

I hate making you wait as much as I hate not being able to write as often as I'd like, trust me.

Glad you enjoy my story though. :pinkiehappy:


I mean, he has pretty good reason to be arrogant, Pinkamena literally can't touch him.

well time so wait so more. spy get me the chair.

Might not be waitng as long as you think. I'm actually working on a chapter right now that introduces a new character that will be pretty important to the story, and to the development of Pinkamena's character. And I don't intend to make the chapter too long.

....... scratch that. get the ambassader in case he lies. one bullet is all i need:ajbemused:

heck yes new update love this story!

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Review. {Tis your second recommended story, well done.}

I gotta catch up on thislol

I’m glad you like it, I try to update it as often as I can, almost done with another chapter rn in fact.

love them, just been out the loop

I can not confirm nor deny this, but I can tell you that the chapter I am currently working on will clarify something’s about Rainbow Dash.

“That doesn’t tell me much, but it's more than I came here with, I guess.” Pinkamena said as she stood up, walking towards the door. “Like I said, I’ll leave now, I have other things I need to do today. But you really should try to go back to school, I’m sure Applebloom and Scootaloo miss hanging out with you.”

Sweetie Belle

Break here.

Missed one.

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