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I'm a writer, artist, and animation buff. I'm hoping to make my mark in the world by doing what I love most. My favorite characters are Discord, Luna, and Twilight Sparkle.


When Flurry Heart comes of age, she must take her missing mother’s place as the wielder of a special gem called the Heartstone, one of four mighty jewels the alicorn princesses possess. As she grows into her new role, Flurry learns there’s mystery and danger surrounding the princesses, her mother, and the gems. Based on Steven Universe

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Comment posted by Foxhelm deleted Aug 2nd, 2017

Well... that escalated. While not one who cares for Steven Universe... I am intrigued with this. Following it, Darling.

Will there be a character based off of Jasper?

We're never going to see her again are we?:fluttercry:

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