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Time has passed in Equestria and after years of fighting for Friendship, Twilight is the proud mother of a young colt called Bright Spark, a genius like his mother; but unlike Twilight he’s an evil genius. His goal? To become the greatest villain the world has ever seen, and with the help of his friend Luminosité (daughter of Rarity) and the Code of the Villains, nopony will stop him.

This story is a translation as the rest of my works, you can see the original here

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Could use a bit more editing for the bits of awkward grammar. Bit still not a half bad start.

loved it the idea of twilights child being evil perfect

Is Twilight child based of Sombra from overwatch? Also good story looking forward to more.

“But hey, if you don’t want to it’s okay. All you have to do is fail the test, in that school they don’t give second chances”

And in steps Twilight who REALLY wants her son in that school

:rainbowlaugh: Oh, if tia only who she was dealing with. She’d understand how and why those two could actually do a quarter of what they’ve done.

This story is really interesting and has great potential. Only thing I don't get is what their motivation is. Why do they want to be villains?

Is the the Code of the Villains based off of the Evil Overlord List?

Well, that’s ONE way to fence any stolen loot! Who’d EVER expect Flurry?

And here I thought Flurry would be joining their little group, oh well.

Sniff* :trixieshiftright:

Is that... Shipping I smell? :rainbowderp:

This story is so fast... though I love to see other M6 children

So that's Bright's villain origin story...

“Why? He just locked himself in his room shouting so I let him do as he pleased until he got tired and fell asleep and forgot at the next day. I bet the famous plan to be evil without consequences was never made”

:facehoof: Twilight, you are becoming just as stupid as Celestia! As for you Flurry, stop being delusional.

Oh this RICH! The baddies are in more a freakin’ panic than the ponies are! I am LOVING THIS STORY!

I find it rather amusing myself.

Lol now even the villains want to stop these guys. This is going to be awesome!

To be fair Bright was only five years old when this happened

So. little Dolly is using her “talents” for good? I can get behind that.:scootangel:

Sweetie’s Cooking! :pinkiesick: There is no greater evil.

Now that was a great chapter. I loved the introductions and the big confrontation. Can't wait for the next chapter...

First thing, EDITOR! or at least proof read.
Other than that, LOVED THIS CHAPTER!

Why have you only responded to one of the comments here?

Sorry, I'm not used to answer comments. But if you want to ask me something, I'll respond gladly

Nice. Way to kick things up a notch.

This was just priceless! Tirek FINALLY got a serious ass-kicking instead of the pat on the nose that he got in the show

I'm glad Luminosity still has enough sanity to realize she needs help, and that she still loves her mother despite all her psychological issues.

And effectively, he turned off the lights and with a faint purple light over him, he made an ironic smile; and put a hoof on his mane to make a perfect pose. Lumi sighed and tired of his stupidity, threw him a screwdriver to his head. Bullseye!

Um... I think you might mean iconic

Ironic has a whole different meaning

As one might say, "Because it's fuckin' fun!"

Oh poor Grogar, (the only villain besides Brights and Lumi that’s worth the respecting) While he will not get trounced he is about to get a real eye opener.
Also, way to go BRIGHTS!!!!! Fail that test, fail that test, fail that test! :rainbowlaugh:


Comment posted by Kaliann25 deleted Sep 26th, 2017

:rainbowlaugh: MY GOD! I LOVE THIS! And the way you have Grogar, I had kinda figured that by the end of the of this it’d be more along the lines of antagonist\protagonist\ultimate frenemy relationship between those three but this is getting even better than I had thought it’d turn out.

Radiation sickness\chemo therapy or is it chemo therapy\Radiation sickness either way there are only a few people that deserve to out like that while there are many that it is arguable. Grogar is one of the arguable ones as far as I’m concerned.
And the seriously believe that “Harmony” is their ally and friend, that stupidity is the saddest part of this whole thing

Now who would the bell choose?

I got nothin,


I love the story please make a Number 2 To the first one
oh I would love to see what happens next

There's sequel, but in Spanish. I haven't translate it yet because it's t finished yet, but here it is if you want check it out:


I agree, that was rather sweet of her.

I must say that I'm not liking your portrayal of Twilight. She's Seasons 6 & 7 levels of stupid.

Why do you say that?

But still her reputation would suffer for raise such a disrespectful and bratty child.

I'm beginning to see why Spike moved to the Crystal Empire.

“I guess Luna is right, send them to a psychiatric hospital sounds excessive, but we can start by confiscating the weapons. Where is your storehouse kids?”

You cannot be serious! :twilightangry2:

Maybe, but this story wouldn't work any other way. Besides, you have to consider Bright is only ten. I think is understandable why Twilight dobut he is really Mister Z.

Do you think Twilight would actually be in the dark for that long, or was that just necessary to make the story work?

This story hasn't impressed me overly much but this chapter was neat.

I really do wonder why nobody figured out that Grogoar has (what I assumed is) a magical fear aura and worked to mitigate it yet.

“No, no, no, I want to incapacitate alicorns; not fry them entirely! Damn it, how can I make this thing less lethal?”

Damn... this 10 year old kid is an ass hole... lol

Personally I would have liked to see Bright struggle with a different mental issue, but it’s good.

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