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It's my dream to make people laugh. If I succeed in doing that with one of my stories, it makes my day.


It was a day like any other at the headquarters of the Canterlot News Network. Which, to any outsider, means that they were reporting on the "news".

However, within the walls of the well respected establishment, trouble was brewing.

There was no coffee.

Now, it's up to Wolf Bitzer, Anderson Clopper, Jake Tapony, and Jim Acoltsta to find out where it's gone.

All in the name of the most respected name in news.

Edited as always by James Fire.

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Omg I'm so gonna read that later XD

I can smell some fake news

I warn everyone reading this that it may cause unintended side effects, including, but not limited to


Fake coffee for fake news is a fitting punishment.

camojeans #6 · Sunday · · ·

Haha love it:pinkiehappy:

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