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I'm your friendly neighborhood riffer. Except when I'm not. I also write pony words and review them. I hope to serve.


It's been almost twenty years after the apocalyptic Trainfall, and Equestria has changed in many ways. Ponies have changed, humans now live in many of the cities and the world has mostly adjusted to the new ways of life. However, there still exist others that do not enjoy the peace that Equestria has worked so hard to attain, and have many different ideas to destroy said peace forever.

Lost in the depths of Manehatten, a small colt by the name of Scarlet survives day by day. As the days go by, his secret becomes harder to find, and the ones hunting him draw ever closer. If he wants to survive, is only hope is to come to grips with his few forgotten memories, and what he already knows.

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the apocalyptic Trainfall

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