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I write stories. One day, I'll be really, really good at it. One day.


What else can you do when your life has already been decided for you? Set one thousand years into the future, this is the story of a Pony who has been chosen by none other than Princess Luna herself to avenge the now-defeated Equestria. But what may come if he does not wish to shed blood or put his life on the line for a dead country? These questions have never been asked. Thus begins the battle against destiny, during which the past history of the war and its aftermath become clear. And maybe - just maybe - life may return to the dying embers of a nation, extinguished by War, in the process. And so the legend of vengeance is brought to life after a country's death.

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Took a minute to find, as the I's don't look out of place.

Take a thumb mainly because you're brave enough to put deliberate errors in the description. Even more so for the idea behind the errors.

The pens mightier than the sword

I got bored, so I decyphered it :V. Not bad.

Might check it out. We'll see.

Maybe you should add accidental spaces in the description, because I thought the wods "pen" and "is" were the same :twilightoops:

You shouldn'T have given that hint at the end abOut the descriptiOn. That would have madE it fAr more satiSfYing a puzzle. :pinkiecrazy:


"I have to ask, Trebek, about 'The Penis Mightier.'" :rainbowlaugh:

A "fist" of vengeance?
'cough cough'

Very interesting. hope you keep the story up

The pen is mightier than the sword. It is very much so.

Why is this getting so many dislikes? D:

Well that was depressing. :fluttershysad:

I know you did something there, but it is 3 AM and I don't feel like braining right now. I'll be back tomorrow.

well :applejackconfused:, i must comment give in this story :scootangel:, the sotry is good and amazing :duck:

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