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Hello Pleasure to meet you all, I hope we can get along. If you want to know something feel free to message me, I am always available and will try to reply asap.


A Crossover I decided to do between the BuddyFight Universe and MLP (blame my friends for making check out the new cards). Follow the Mane 6 as they make new friends, battle new enemies and find an unlikely hero. (Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images or characters. Credit is to be given to original and current owners.)

Chapters (10)
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............... :pinkiehappy: it has finally been made. this will be fun.

In Buddy Fighters's group I posted a forum about an idea I had. take a look if you're interested.

Finally there's an MLPxBuddyfight crossover!

I love that Asmodai is the first Monster everypony meets. Good job on this so far!

now this is fun!! yay!!!:pinkiehappy:

Glad to know I'm meeting expectations. Also sorry it took me so long I had to make sure the decks were the right ones to use based off character comparisons. I do intend for them to have their own Buddies and Deck styles though this is just their... Exhibition Match.

I under stand that much. jest make sure the impact cards really suit them ok.

I will do my best Impacts are in a way the embodiment of ones will so I may have to design new ones Luckily i have a group of people who help me keep things balanced.

great!! :pinkiehappy: keep it up then.

Quick question for all my readers of this story. Do you guys like the hyper links I am putting for the individual cards so you can see what they are if you don't know or forgot?

If your going to continue this could u please make spike buddies with Abygale or Cereberus

I am going to continue and I already have spikes buddy chosen for a happy shock

IT LIVES!!!!I was worried this story was not gonna keep going but I was wrong….. & i'm happy for it!

Im kinda working on it passively as more thoughts and stuff come to mind i write it down come back to and finish editing later I'm trying to get atleast 2 chapters a month on the 2 story lines im prioritizing

Well baby steps are good.

I do have to say this... Thank you for patiently waiting for its return it actually helps me when I see you guys act like this. :raritystarry::twilightsmile:

trust me I was a fan boy of the game when I saw its show on youtube. so to see it here is the best bones prize yet.

If you wish to add anything to the story (say an OC and his Buddy Cough Cough) please feel free to ask This goes for anyone else who has been enjoying what I have written so far.

wait...……… so lets say if I asked if you could add my oc in this story you would do it with a buddy of my choice??

As long as it not one i have chosen for any of my main characters yes (if you wish to continue this please feel free to DM)

:pinkiegasp: ……………….. ok...….. now that's a leash for this dog to grab hold...…… but not unprepared for...…….. so i'll wai till I get the info right.

Take your time and be descriptive please

oh I will. especially considering I still want my oc to be seen as a good dog. & the world I want him to play for.

A Diamond Dog huh... Sounds fun:trollestia:

Comment posted by Corsair49 deleted August 5th

yes. a diamond dog...……. with an artificial right arm to replace the one he lost.

I take back what I said I love it

Make your deck and buddy hes getting in for either one time or prevailant character

That I will do & hopefully he'll stay in the story like a good dog.

hey. I found a good buddy card & deck for my oc to use. would you like to hear it out??

Great. First of he uses a cobalt deck from the dungeon world with the cobalt demon lord as his main buddy.

Do you know of the Website to fight online? Its Buddyfightsim.myseeyou.com if you want to meet me on there so we can talk unobstructed(free to make an account no email blasts or anything) I am not advertising the site I am just letting people know it exists.

that or I can message you here on this site......

on a side note i love the concept a A good boy deck for a good boy

I already have a name & deck core case thought out for him. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

So ................ AWESOME!!!!!:raritystarry::raritystarry: but a little nitpick if I can say.

I'm so happy for my doggy!!!!

now this is something strange. wonder how this'll turn out.

who's the white bat pony????????

hey is this story ok or is it in righters block????

Its ok I live in florida so i was busy dealing with Hurricane Dorian

…………. ok then...………...:rainbowhuh:

A new dog in the house?? I hope my oc dog has a chance to face him.

dang...…….. talk about a dangerous dungeon. I hope no dog goes against it.

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